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Domestic at last! Apple leather “aplena” derived from discarded apples debuts from “LOVST TOKYO”, which develops leather items derived from plants.

Ravist Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Domestic at last! Apple leather “aplena” derived from discarded apples debuts from “LOVST TOKYO”, which develops leather items derived from plants.

The lifestyle brand “LOVST TOKYO” (Meguro-ku, Tokyo), which develops vegetable-based vegan leather items such as bags and wallets using Italian apple leather, is finally starting this spring. We will start developing products using domestic apple leather.
■ What is apple leather?
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Apple leather is a plant-derived vegan leather created by drying the squeezed residue (skin and core) of apple juice, which would normally be discarded, and synthesizing it with polyurethane resin, which is the raw material of synthetic leather.
By adding ingredients derived from discarded apples, the use of petroleum-derived raw materials is reduced compared to conventional vegan leather (synthetic / artificial leather), so it not only does not cause animal sacrifice, but is also environmentally friendly. is characterized by It has the advantages of being extremely lightweight and water resistant, similar to general synthetic leather.
■ Aomori Prefecture Apple Leather “aplena”
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So far, LOVST TOKYO has mainly developed products using Italian apple leather “Apple Skin”, but in order to reduce CO2 emissions in material procurement, we are exploring the use of local resources. rice field. Under such circumstances, with the cooperation of JA Aoren (Aomori Prefecture Rural Industrial Agricultural Association Association) and Kyowa Life Techno Co., Ltd., we started developing domestic apple leather “aplena”. Finally, we have realized the release of items that use domestic apple leather from this spring.
■ Background of the birth of “aplena”
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JA Aoren collects and processes about 20,000 tons of raw apples annually, of which about 6,000 tons are discharged as “residue” such as pomace.
The technology of Kyowa Life Techno Co., Ltd., which had the desire to “use carbon-neutral resources as biomass leather”, overlapped with this, and domestically produced apple leather was born.
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We are looking to create new added value by converting residue, which has generally been used as compost and feed, into synthetic leather.

■ Domestic apple leather “aplena” x “LOVST TOKYO”
LOVST TOKYO discloses the carbon footprint (the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in business activities) for all original products and promotes carbon offset initiatives.
Carbon offsetting is the idea of ​​absorbing carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” emitted in a certain place through human economic activities and lifestyles through afforestation, forest protection, and clean energy projects.
And the development of domestic apple leather this time will greatly reduce the carbon footprint in the procurement of materials and lead to the acceleration of carbon offset.
In the future, we will expand the lineup of items that utilize domestic apple leather and promote more environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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[Representative comment]
The development of domestic apple leather “aplena” was made possible through the dedicated cooperation of JA Aoren and Kyowa Life Techno. We sincerely hope that our actions and steadfast thoughts will lead to more successful cases and lead to the revitalization of the market as a whole. And I strongly believe that we will continue to value the form of “co-creation” rather than “competition” and increase the number of people with the same sense of purpose, including consumers, to create a great social impact.
Ravist Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kaito Karasawa

■ “LOVST TOKYO” future product lineup
Introducing some of the LOVST TOKYO product lineup starting this spring. ・Apple Rucksack
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[Apple Rucksack] Color: Off White/Black 26,400 yen (tax included) * Scheduled to start selling after the end of April
The popular “Apple Rucksack” has been updated to be made of domestic apple leather “aplena”. While maintaining the same design and functionality, the material has been renewed to further reduce the carbon footprint.
・Apple Canvas Tote Bag
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[Apple Canvas Tote Bag] Color: Black x Ivory ¥22,000 (tax included) *Engraving service + ¥1000 (tax included)
The brand’s first combination bag made of recycled cotton and apple leather. It features an elegant design that is not too casual, developed under the theme of “a canvas bag popular with adults”. In addition, by using the “engraving service”, you can engrave your initials on the charm, so you can use it as an item with a more special feeling.
・Apple Square Rucksack
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[Apple Square Rucksack] Color: Black/Brown 26,300 yen (tax included) A square rucksack released from the business line. Aiming for a unisex and easy-to-use item, it has a simple and minimal design.
It has great functionality as a work bag, such as a sleeve that makes it easy to put a laptop in, and a pocket on the back.
・Grape Vine Tote Bag
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[Grape Vine Tote Bag] Color: Black 27,600 yen (tax included) In addition, from this spring, an original tote bag using the brand’s first “grape leather” will appear.
“Grape leather”, also known as “wine leather”, is made by adding vegetable oil to grape pomace and blending it with water-soluble urethane, and the surface layer contains more than 50% natural raw materials. is included.
In addition, it features an elegant design with a mesh that is inspired by grape vines. With a large capacity that can easily fit a 13-inch computer, this tote bag allows you to smartly carry a lot of luggage.
■ Hold a POP-UP where you can see all new items
[Image 10d80170-16-d95ed5ab4a39ce33fff2-9.jpg&s3=80170-16-26605ccd58fd5d161cff893ea7fbad7d-1500x1000.jpg

As an opportunity to experience LOVST TOKYO’s plant-derived vegan leather items, a POP-UP will be held at “Nihonbashi Takashimaya” for 7 days from April 5th (Wednesday) to April 11th (Tuesday). At the POP-UP venue, we sell bags and leather accessories, including new products released this spring. (*Apple Rucksack is only on special display) By all means, we would appreciate it if you could actually hold the product in your hand and experience its charm, such as the good touch and lightness of the plant-derived leather.
■ Overview of POP-UP
Wednesday, April 5, 2023 to Tuesday, April 11, 2023 10:30-19:30 -place-
2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. Main Building 1F SPACE1-2
5 minutes on foot from JR “Tokyo Station” Yaesu North Exit
Directly connected to Nihonbashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Tozai Line
4-minute walk from Nihonbashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line ■ About LOVST TOKYO
A lifestyle brand based on the concept of “a good life that starts with upcycling”. We are developing apple leather bags and accessories derived from discarded apples, centered on “circulating manufacturing” that upcycles fruits and vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away.
Our goal is to create a product that satisfies the hearts and minds of people who live in the present, and ultimately lead to the realization of a sustainable society. We will propose a well-rounded life where you can face the future of the earth without being bound by the guilt of increasing things.
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