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Economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” releases free forecast reports for all 43 industries based on AI n ews analysis

xenodata lab.
Economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” releases free forecast reports for all 43 industries based on AI news analysis
~Predict market size growth potential by industry such as
semiconductors, industrial machinery, and communication services~
(Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yojiro Seki, hereinafter referred to as “Xenodata Lab”), which provides the economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain”, analyzes news, etc. using AI to improve the economy. From today, we have released a free industry forecast report that summarizes the forecast analysis results of all 43 industries by xenoBrain.
▲ Industry forecast report screen image
Contents of the Industry Forecast Report
1. Market size forecast
2. Industry player positioning
– Domestic market share
– Operating Profit Forecast Growth Rate Distribution
– Competitor comparison in major products and services
– Competitive comparison of products and services other than main products 3. Significant changes in the market environment that will occur in the future – Comprehensive evaluation by category
– Comprehensive evaluation by sub-category
– Comprehensive evaluation by sub-category Major scenario analysis 4. Future growth/decline products/services related to this industry (top 8 items)
– Growth potential distribution of industry-related products and services – Scenario analysis on future growth/decline products and services related to this industry
Target industries and URLs for free public reports
・Industrial machinery manufacturers ・Beverage makers ・Medical care and welfare ·leisure ·recycling ・Electronic electronics store ・Hotels and inns ・Fashion miscellaneous goods manufacturer ・Game software maker ・Rubber product manufacturer ・Cleaning/Beauty/Bath service ・Computer shop ・House maker ・Electronics manufacturer ・Glass product manufacturer ・Event management ·broadcast ・Real estate development ・Semiconductor manufacturers ・Agriculture, forestry and fisheries ·Drug store ·Software Development ·Supermarket ・Comprehensive Logistics Group ・Recruitment and temporary staffing ·trading company ·Pharmaceutical company ・Automotive parts manufacturers ・Miscellaneous goods retail ・Automobile retail ・Air transport ・Sports goods manufacturer ·convenience store ·Advertising agency ・Finance ・Metal industrial parts manufacturer ・Mobile phone retail ・Educational services ・Daily necessities manufacturer ・Road transportation ・Electronic materials manufacturer ・Railway transportation ・Communication service *The above industries are part of the predictive analysis results of the industries provided by xenoBrain, and similar analyzes are provided for about 20,000 industries on the xenoBrain service. Other reports currently available for free
We have released a free report summarizing forecasts for major economic trends in 2023, including the global economy, stocks, exchange rates, and resource prices.
・Supply and demand forecast comprehensive report ・Price forecast comprehensive report About the economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain”
An economic forecasting platform that predicts various economic information by analyzing economic news, corporate disclosure materials, and statistics with our own AI. By analyzing the
connections between economic events and providing forecasts of corporate performance, material prices, industry demand, statistics, etc., we support the management decision-making of business companies and the operational efficiency of financial institutions. We collect and analyze highly reliable information through partnerships with major media outlets such as Dow Jones and Jiji Press, and with Teikoku Databank.
・ Start of provision (official version): June 2019
Company Profile of Xenodata Labs
Company name: xenodata lab.
Location: Glocia Ueno 302, 3-10-4 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Date of establishment: February 12, 2016
Representative: Yojiro Seki, Representative Director
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