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Economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” releases free prediction site for all 33 market conditions based o n AI news analysis

xenodata lab.
Economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” releases free prediction site for all 33 market conditions based on AI news analysis
– Predict trends in important indicators such as crude oil prices, economic indicators, and office vacancy rates –

(Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yojiro Seki, hereinafter referred to as “Xenodata Lab”), which provides the economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain”, analyzes news, etc. using AI to improve the economy. Today, we have released a free forecast site that summarizes the forecast analysis results of all 33 market conditions by forecasting xenoBrain.
[Image ・Steel prices ・Aluminum price ・Crude oil price ・Silver price ・Copper price ·Nikkei Stock Average ・Emerging Stock (Mothers) Index ・Dow Jones Industrial Average ・Domestic macro economy ・U.S. Macroeconomics ・European macro economy ・Chinese macro economy ・Japanese yen/US dollar exchange rate ・Japanese Yen/Euro Market ・Consumer Price Index ・Effective ratio of job offers to applicants ・Individual Consumer Confidence Index ・Tokyo Economic Trends Index ・Osaka Prefecture Economic Trend Index ・Aichi Economic Trend Index ・Fukuoka Economic Trend Index ・Automobile demand ・Semiconductor demand ・Demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment ・Demand for machine tools ・Smartphone demand ・Ethylene plant operating rate ・Restaurant sales ・Retail sales ・Housing starts ・Office vacancy rate ・Number of bankruptcies *The above indicators are part of the predictive analysis results of the indicators provided by xenoBrain, and similar analyzes are provided for approximately 30,000 indicators on the xenoBrain service. Other reports currently available for free
A free report summarizing forecasts of major economic trends in 2023, including the global economy, stocks, exchange rates, and resource prices, is available to the public.
・Supply and demand forecast comprehensive report ・Comprehensive market forecast report About the economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain”
An economic forecasting platform that predicts various economic information by analyzing economic news, corporate disclosure materials, and statistics with our own AI. By analyzing the
connections between economic events and providing forecasts of corporate performance, material prices, industry demand, statistics, etc., we support the management decision-making of business companies and the operational efficiency of financial institutions. We collect and analyze highly reliable information through partnerships with major media outlets such as Dow Jones and Jiji Press, and with Teikoku Databank.
・ Start of provision (official version): June 2019
Company Profile of Xenodata Labs
Company name: xenodata lab.
Location: Glocia Ueno 302, 3-10-4 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Date of establishment: February 12, 2016
Representative: Yojiro Seki, Representative Director
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