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Educational corporation Kawaijuku Information site “Kei-Net Plus” for teachers and educators opens today

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Information site “Kei-Net Plus” for teachers and educators opens today ~ Kawaijuku “Kei-Net” with an average monthly PV of 5 million, easy-to-understand for educators ~

Kawaijuku Educational Corporation has opened an information site “Kei-Net Plus” for educators from today.
Among the university entrance examination information site “Kei-Net” that has been operated so far, we will enrich and provide
easy-to-understand contents useful for “entrance examination information” and “subjects and career guidance” that are in high demand by educators such as high school teachers. .
■ Site overview
Immediate access to the latest educational information, such as changing entrance exams and revisions to the Course of Study! [Image 1d30937-25-d59334b29c3b97b77814-1.png&s3=30937-25-6910bc6c647135462893b6c0af0ab39a-966x683.png
A collection of information necessary for educators
Until now, the university entrance examination information site “Kei-Net” has been widely used by disseminating information on admission and entrance examinations for examinees, parents, and educators (monthly average of 5 million PV). .
We have launched “Kei-Net Plus” to provide information of particular interest to educators, such as changes in the university entrance examination system and revisions to the Course of Study, in an easy-to-understand manner.
From now on, we will actively disseminate useful information on this site. All content is free and freely accessible.
It can be used by people involved in education in a wide range of situations, such as student guidance and subject research.
▶ Site for educators “Kei-Net Plus”
Accessible via URL or QR code.
[Image 2d30937-25-4efcc90d6518d05e2a93-0.png&s3=30937-25-bd3031944311dd405f5322cbd8e3b694-209x208.png
Access the site from this QR code
▶Main content
▪University entrance examination information: The latest university entrance examination information, data, and analysis, such as entrance examination trends and yearly comparisons analyzed from the Zento mock exams taken by 2.77 million people each year, as well as information collected from each university and government, are posted.
▪Reports: Reports on education and entrance examinations, higher education essays by university officials, and interviews with educators.
▪Events and Training: Information on events and seminars for Kawaijuku schools and teachers.
▪Surveys/research: Reports on various surveys/research on education, such as the “Survey connecting schools and society,” and the results/results.
▪Products/Services: An overview of the products and services provided by Kawaijuku for schools and examples of their use.
▪Information magazines and books: Includes information magazines and books edited and published by the Kawaijuku group, such as
“Guideline,” an information magazine for high school teachers. \Newsletter registration accepted on site/
If you register your e-mail address, we will inform you of site update information and event information as soon as possible. Please take this opportunity to register so that you do not miss the latest educational information.
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