FANTASTICS Yusei Yagi’s first program & first MC The son of a son entertains guests while enjoying what he wants to do!? An unusual talk variety has started!

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FANTASTICS Yusei Yagi’s first program & first MC The son of a son entertains guests while enjoying what he wants to do!? An unusual talk variety has started!

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While the MC “Soji” entertains the guests, this spring, BS Asahi will start from April 15th a unique talk variety where you can enjoy chatting and playing games to your heart’s content! A slightly selfish but lovable scion, along with his “relatives uncle”, “secretary”, and other gorgeous guests, enjoy various projects in a luxurious mansion. As a son, the guest will be Yusei Yagi, a member and vocalist of the popular dance and vocal group “FANTASTICS”. Recently, in addition to artist activities, he is also very active as an actor. In 2021, he starred in the serial drama “Beautiful He”, which gained popularity both in Japan and overseas, and season 2 and theatrical version were also released. Yagi, who has a strong presence in a wide range of genres, will be the MC for the first time in his first program, “Yona Yoru na Fushigi no Yakata At -Invitation from the Scion, Yusei Yagi-“. The regulars are the comedy duo Speedwagon’s Kazuhiro Ozawa, who sometimes supports and sometimes scolds Yagi, also known as the scion who is unfamiliar with the MC business. In addition, Ari Iwata, who is attracting attention for her mimicry on TikTok and YouTube, appears as a “secretary” who seems to be obedient to the scion and uncle, but is actually rolling in the palm of her hand (?).
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The memorable first guest was singer Thelma Aoyama. When Yagi was a child, he was fascinated by Aoyama’s overwhelming singing ability, and for many years he admired him as an artist. This time, their wish came true and their first co-starring was realized. First of all, as the scion wants to do, we will challenge the physical fitness test together. Yagi says he does 100 push-ups every morning when he wakes up. He also had a part-time job as a personal trainer when he was a student, so he generously showed off his well-trained biceps and cracked abs! Then, Aoyama said, “Even though it’s a baby face and has a cute atmosphere like ‘I eat pancakes every day’, my abs are too amazing!” ! Yagi has absolute confidence in his physical strength, but as he progresses through the physical strength test and the Chanbara game, which is played blindfolded and hides his presence, an unexpected event occurs…!
Next, Aoyama, who is looking for a hobby, tried ikebana, which he has been interested in for a long time, with Yagi and Ozawa. Yagi’s amazing talent blooms here…? However, upon seeing Yagi’s ikebana, Aoyama makes a shocking statement! ? The full 30-minute content is full of highlights.
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Yagi, who finished the first recording, said, “With everyone’s help, I managed to finish the first recording happily! During the recording, Mr. Ozawa told me that it would be nice if this program could become my growth story. I will do my best to make it happen!” commented with a cheered up face. In addition, not only Aoyama, but also the program staff exclaimed, “Oh!” Along with Ozawa and Iwata, who are regulars, how will Yagi treat guests and liven up the program? Please look forward to Yagi’s struggle as an entertainer, which will be shown in “Night at Night at the Mysterious Mansion ~Invitation from Son Yusei Yagi~”!
● Comment from Yusei Yagi (FANTASTICS)
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“During the recording, Mr. Ozawa said, ‘I hope this program will be a story about the growth of the scion.’ I was able to work on various projects with Ms. Thelma Aoyama of FANTASTICS, and it was fun to get to know many different aspects of me.Mr. ) When I found out that Sota Nakajima would co-star with Mr. Ozawa on the show, I was so envious, so I’m going to brag to the fullest (laughs).I hope the members of FANTASTICS will also come as guests in the future.I’m sure there will be an interesting chemical reaction. Also, I’ll show you anything, even my abs (laughs)!
I’m very happy to have the title program, but I wasn’t confident about the talk, so the offer of this program was a surprise! In the program, I was called ‘Scion, Scion,’ and it made me feel a little better (laughs). When I shot the title call, I felt both elation and a strange feeling. In the future, I would like to continue to create fun programs while maintaining good communication with the guests without forgetting my gratitude.”
● Kazuhiro Ozawa (Speedwagon) Comment
“When I’m the MC, when the guests leave, I value that they think ‘It was fun.’ I think I was able to pull the “gacha” of this program.I think that the staff of this program chose Yagi-kun as the MC, knowing that he was an unknown number.That’s why Yagi-kun did what he wanted to do. Do whatever you want!”
● Iwatama Ari Comments
“I usually post imitating videos or certain videos in the Kansai dialect, which is blazing fast. Playing the role of a calm character as a secretary is still difficult because there are some parts that I am unfamiliar with, but I am getting used to it over time. , I will do my best to become a “famous secretary”!
● Comment from Thelma Aoyama
“Yagi-kun has a soft air, a gentle voice, and most of all, he’s handsome! I think the viewers will also be healed by this program. It’s a very rich 30 minutes, so please look forward to it.I think Yagi-kun’s charm is that he’s not yet stuck in a mold, so I want you to enjoy various projects freely and freely. I’m rooting for you.” [Program overview]
■ Title
“Night at Night at the Mansion of Wonders ~ Invitation from the scion, Yusei Yagi ~ supported by Genshin”
■ Broadcast
BS Asahi: April 15th (Sat) start Saturday 23:30-24:00 (broadcast twice a month) ■ Contents
An old-fashioned building in a remote location. ――The scion (Yagi Yagi) who lives there has tremendous power. The scion is a little selfish and lonely! Therefore, I love talking to people, playing games and playing.
This program is a selfish talk variety in which the scion who has too much time invites his friends to the mansion night after night with his relative’s uncle (Kazuhiro Ozawa) to chat and play games. Every week, the scion invites interested people and close guests to the room and develops a talk in a relaxed atmosphere. And at the end, it will be exciting with Genshin!
For the first time, Thelma Aoyama, who has been admired for her singing ability since childhood, will be the guest, and will challenge physical fitness and flower arrangement. Deepen friendships and friendships!
Relative uncle Kazuhiro Ozawa (Speedwagon)
Secretary Iwatama Ari
First customer Thelma Aoyama
Production: BS Asahi, Wood Office
Producers: Yutaka Sasaki (BS Asahi), Takako Yamaya (Wood Office), Masayuki Koga (Jump Corporation)

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