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FiiT Co., Ltd. A personal training gym “Diet Partner Fukuyama Store” will open on May 20th, a 5-minute wal k from Fukuyama Station!

FiiT Co., Ltd.
A 5-minute walk from Fukuyama Station, a personal training gym “Diet Partner Fukuyama Store” will open on May 20!
Personal training gym “Diet Partner Fukuyama Store” opens in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. We aim for the highest price satisfaction in Fukuyama City.

FiiT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President Taiga Tanida) has started accepting new free trials at the personal gym “Diet Partner Fukuyama Store”, which aims to produce the number one successful dieter in Japan. We aim to be number one in the cospa industry by setting prices that aim for the highest price satisfaction in the industry, and achieve our mission of “making dieting a commonplace in the world.”
About Diet Partner
[Image 1

“I want to provide a suitable service for a personal gym at an appropriate price”
With the above thoughts, I was able to launch a diet partner. In order to achieve the philosophy of “producing the number one successful dieter in Japan”, we offer personal training at the [best cost performance rate in the industry].
Therefore, even those who have not been able to afford a personal gym until now due to high fees will be able to attend personal training at a monthly fee that is easy to afford.
As the name suggests, Diet Partner not only provides “diet”, but also for those who have completely lost their exercise habits due to the coronavirus, or for those who have been to the gym but have not been able to keep up with it. By doing it, you can train efficiently and get into exercise habits even if you don’t like it, it’s a gym that supports you with all your might!
Let’s work hard together to maintain our health! It is especially popular with women♪
4 reasons to choose a diet partner
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1. Fee structure aiming for the best cost performance in the industry We offer the lowest coaching unit price and monthly fee in the industry. Many customers switch from fitness clubs and 24-hour training gyms because they want to go to a personal gym that seems easy to continue one-on-one.
2. Partner power to commit to diet success
Even if you have failed to diet alone or have no exercise habits, it’s okay! If you are a diet partner, the trainer will continue to be your partner and motivate you, and as a result, we will do our best to become a partner that realizes “what you want to be”.
3. Create a body that is difficult to rebound
We also provide dietary guidance, but at our gym, we do not limit carbohydrates, and we teach weight loss methods by limiting fat. By doing so, you will be able to follow a “healthy diet”, and we will support you in creating a beautiful and healthy body in a way that does not leave any damage on your body, which is important to you for the rest of your life!
4. Diet continues with a mechanism to improve motivation
Unlike other personal gyms, Diet Partner thoroughly researches “mechanisms and motivations for continuing diet and exercise”. We are still improving, but I promise to welcome you cheerfully and energetically and support you with all my might so that we can motivate you together!
About Diet Partner Fukuyama
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・Store name: Diet Partner Fukuyama store


・Address: 3-6 Imamachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Ohashiya Building 2F ・Access: 5 minutes walk from Fukuyama Station
・Business hours: 10:00-23:00
・ Free trial: Reservations are being accepted from the following
[Equipment information]
・Completely private space
・Equipped with power rack and dumbbells
・Trainer and one-on-one
[Training details]
・We will support training in 1 course 30 minutes.
*Create a custom-made training menu according to your purpose [Price details]
・ Membership fee: 16,500 yen / month ~
・Enrollment fee: Uniform 11,000 yen
◆Payment method:
・Credit card withdrawal
·Direct debit
In our gym, we have set a monthly fee so that as many members as possible can use it.
◆ Membership fee menu
・Light member [4 times a month] / From 16,500 yen a month
・Standard member [8 times a month] / From 33,000 yen a month *All displayed amounts include tax.
◆ Option menu
・ [Registered dietitian x AI] Daily dietary guidance
・[Fatigue recovery/Pelvic correction] Stretching *May not be available depending on the store.
Diet partner Fukuyama store flow until admission
[Image 4

[1. Free trial application]
First, sign up for a free trial. Please send us your preferred date and time from the link below.
[2. Reservation date and time adjustment]
We will coordinate the above candidate dates with the trainer and will contact you by email to confirm the reservation date.
[3. On the day of reservation]
Please come to the store at the reservation time. Please bring training clothes and water for training.
[4. Counseling]
We will thoroughly listen to your worries and concerns.
[5. Experience training]
We will provide the best training based on the concerns you have heard during the counseling session.
[6. Enrollment]
The trainer will guide you to join. If you feel good, please join us. Diet partner reviews received so far
■ Shimura Sakaue store members
I joined 4 times a month from September and upgraded to 8 times a month from October.
In the past, I repeatedly went to the gym on and off for the purpose of dieting, but I didn’t get any results, but this trainer is one-on-one, so I can train with the correct use of my body, and after the training, I will make a reservation for the next time. It seems that you can do it without throwing it out on the way.
He is a serious and friendly trainer, so I enjoy talking with him about various things.
There are no facilities such as toilets and showers, but the price is much cheaper than other facilities, so I think I can continue for a long time.

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