fitfit Co., Ltd. 10 years of planning! New release of the “Anatomic Sneaker” series for beautiful legs that pursues the comfort of the soles

fitfit Co., Ltd.
Concept 10 years! New release of the “Anatomic Sneaker” series for beautiful legs that pursues the comfort of the soles

Fitfit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Keiko Hayashi), which manufactures and sells women’s shoes that are gentle on bunions, has a midsole that touches the sole of the foot in a shape similar to the sole of the foot. From April 10th (Monday), we will release 3 products in the “Anatomic Sneaker” series that are comfortable to wear. Anatomic means anatomy, and unlike the type that supports the arch with an insole, it is a series that focuses on the comfort of the soles of the feet.
The three products, “Anatomic Lace Sneakers,” “Anatomic Lace Ballet Sneakers,” and “Anatomic Leather Ballet Sneakers,” will be sold at 54 directly managed stores nationwide, the fitfit online store
(, and online shopping. We plan to sell 12,500 pairs in the first year.
[Image 1d84401-87-dfaff06197b971843c23-0.jpg&s3=84401-87-db156575e59b37730c35c4493f6d71b5-1600x520.jpg
In this series, based on fitfit’s unique “foot design” concept, we have developed a new concept wooden shape to achieve a more
comfortable fit. The three-dimensional wooden mold that matches the original shape of the foot has the effect of lifting the arch of the sole that has collapsed due to aging and lifestyle habits, and supporting the spread foot to return to its original shape. The collapse of the foot arch often causes problems such as flat feet due to collapse of the lateral arch of the foot and collapse of the vertical arch, causing problems such as flat feet. , Not only does it fit your feet smartly, but it also promotes correct weight shift when walking, making it possible to achieve both a smart silhouette design and a comfortable fit.
-Original wooden mold that is gentle on bunions-
[Image 2d84401-87-76c867b6300d4152fc95-1.jpg&s3=84401-87-ebb71aa6cbb0bb025d56d8b71a67dacf-670x446.jpg
-Unique toe design-
[Image 3d84401-87-5b5711096c7ff7593df1-2.jpg&s3=84401-87-a5dda89de646772abb1b6489034a3adb-670x444.jpg
■Common product features of the “Anatomic Sneaker Series”
1. In order to achieve both a stylish design that makes your legs look beautiful and a comfortable feeling of openness, we developed a wooden pattern that supports the sole of the foot three-dimensionally rather than flatly, based on our thorough knowledge of the structure of the foot. The original three-dimensional structure of the foot, which is important for comfortable walking, has the disadvantage that it tends to collapse without support, but by reproducing the structure of the foot with shoes, both the foot and the shoe fit well, and the smart silhouette gives stress. It allows you to wear it freely and comfortably.
[Image 4d84401-87-aca305846009a68e4775-3.jpg&s3=84401-87-e8b9f7439059e3884f32cf34c20f578b-1618x904.jpg
2. Since the shoe itself has a three-dimensional structure, the insole uses a simple two-layer structure. The upper part is made of urethane sponge that feels good on the foot, and the lower part is made of EVA material that does not easily become thin due to the load.
3. The midsole is thick enough for a bouncy feel. In addition, the outsole is made of highly anti-slip rubber and has a block shape that firmly grips the ground when walking.
[Image 5d84401-87-78940e06dac9e8bbe70a-5.jpg&s3=84401-87-0733cd69dc28c65111dc22f22a9cb21a-1764x1764.jpg
4. Both the midsole and outsole have slits in the front, and while they are 4cm thick to enhance your style, they maintain high flexibility.
[Image 6d84401-87-0f73dc90be478e06cef0-4.jpg&s3=84401-87-002edd9bce9459e540d95be7b1c51c08-1529x1529.jpg
5. The overall form and silhouette, and the outsole design with kicks on the front and back, retain the attention-grabbing details of running-type sneakers, while also having a classy and elegant look that suits adult women.
■ Product Features of “Anatomic Lace Sneakers”
[Image 7d84401-87-4fbc26759579c2ba50ae-6.jpg&s3=84401-87-8c6f3679686b6830d40f39a4919151ea-1600x320.jpg
A lace-up type with an impressive use of different materials. The shoelaces are made of thin glossy rubber, so you can put them on and take them off without untying the knots. In addition, the thin belt, which is also a design point, holds the foot on the instep, so you can walk comfortably for a long time. All colors are chic and easy to coordinate with other outfits, and the combination of nuanced colors and material accents create a mature and mature look.
○ commodity specification
Product name: Anatomic lace sneakers
Color: White x Beige, White, Black, Light Khaki, Mint Green
Size: 21.5cm-25.0cm
Upper material: Synthetic fiber, goat leather, synthetic leather Heel height: 4.0cm
Shoe width: 3E
Price: 15,290 yen (tax included)
Release date: April 10 (Monday)
Available stores: 54 directly managed stores nationwide, fitfit official website (, online shopping, etc. ■ Product Features of “Anatomic Lace Ballet Sneakers”
[Image 8d84401-87-cc02f817dce3fae0f8ea-7.jpg&s3=84401-87-e95006e502660b446c1acc40eb4409c8-670x628.jpg
These lace-up sneakers have a delicate and feminine design with a shallow instep that can be worn like ballet shoes. Shirring on the side enhances the fit as the instep does not hold the foot. In addition, in order to create a soft and gentle impression, satin and suede are used for the upper material, and sporty ripstop nylon, which is often used for outdoor products, is thin and light. Although it is a sneaker, it has a lightness like ballet shoes, so it goes well with a skirt style. In addition, the sparkle of the sword tip metal fittings gives a gorgeous impression.
○ commodity specification
Product Name: Anatomic Lace Ballet Sneakers
Color: Gray x Silver, Pink Beige, White x Gold
Size: 22.0cm-25.0cm
Upper material: Synthetic fiber, goat leather
Heel height: 4.0cm
Shoe width: 3E
Price: 15,290 yen (tax included)
Release date: April 11 (Tue)
Available stores: 10 of our stores, fitfit official website
(, online shopping, etc.
■ Product Features of “Anatomic Leather Ballet Sneakers”
[Image 9d84401-87-1f88fcd5f6df856afb31-8.jpg&s3=84401-87-cc0bb8581352e65ac305216542f5ed44-670x628.jpg
A ballet-type sneaker with a thin belt. In order to ensure a sense of security when walking, the belt is designed to hold the foot firmly while the instep is shallow. In addition, the belt is designed to run diagonally across the instep, which also has the effect of making your bare feet look beautiful. The belt design and the combination of high-quality leather and stretch fabric give you a neat look while wearing sneakers.
○ commodity specification
Product Name: Anatomic Leather Ballet Sneakers
Color: blue gray, lame black, silver
Size: 22.0cm-25.0cm
Upper Material: Goat Leather, Synthetic Fiber, Synthetic Leather (Blue Gray) Goat Leather, Synthetic Fiber, Sheep Leather, Synthetic Leather (Lame Black, Silver)
Heel height: 4.0cm
Shoe width: 3E
Price: 15,290 yen (tax included)
Release date: April 11 (Tue)
Available stores: 10 of our stores, fitfit official website
(, online shopping, etc.
●Structure of shoe tree
The toes are wide and wide enough to allow you to walk as if you are gripping the ground. fitfit’s unique “foot design” that is gentle on bunions.
[Image 10d84401-87-8b303adfcc3474eb3435-9.jpg&s3=84401-87-3a07b0263902e27ec5969b0b0dec00da-670x446.jpg
What is “Achiari Design”?
Based on ergonomics, the shoe base of fitfit shoes is an original “foot design” that swings the center line toward the thumb. By bringing the center line closer to the toe than normal shoes, the forefoot is not widened, and the toe can be straightened.
● About fitfit Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2011 with the aim of creating “pumps that are reasonably priced, gentle on the feet, comfortable to wear, and allow you to enjoy your femininity while running.”
It is supported by many women as a brand that “energizes women from the feet up”.
We want each and every woman to be able to look forward and continue to live their own life with shoes that fit their feet perfectly. We put this wish into the brand theme “Walk, walk me,” and valued “both fashion and function.” We are making shoes.
For details, please visit the fitfit corporate site
* “fitfit” and “Walk me” are registered trademarks of fitfit Co., Ltd. *The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice. Please note.
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