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From children to adults, here is a switch that will unleash the “I want to try it!”

Amuse Inc.
From children to adults, here is a switch that will unleash the “I want to try it!”
~The key word is “all of the fun”. ”! To commemorate the pre-opening on Saturday, April 29, a start festival will also be held.

Amuse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; President and CEO: Masaki Nakanishi), together with BEAMS Co., Ltd. and Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. (address, etc. not listed), is engaged in activities at the foot of Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage site. From Saturday, April 29, 2023, the grand opening of the experience-based adventure facility “FUJI GATEWAY” (located in Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture) for enjoying nature and nature. We will pre-open. In addition, on the official website ( that will be released from April 11 (Tuesday), we will start introducing activities and booking various programs, and will be held from Golden Week. We are pleased to announce that the contents of special events have been released.
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FUJI GATEWAY, an experiential adventure facility that will pre-open on Saturday, April 29th, is about an hour and a half from the city center. “FUJI GATEWAY”, which was born with the concept of “an entrance to freely enjoy the foot of Mt. We will create
“opportunities” for new discoveries and interactions for children and adults alike, set in the great outdoors of the Fumoto area.
Above all, the entertainment camp field “FUJI GATEWAY CAMP FIELD”, which has started accepting reservations, has several “unlimited fun” switches that will unleash the “I want to try it!” from children to adults. did. In addition, there are a wide variety of devices that allow you to expand your imagination freely with your family and friends, and you can’t take your eyes off the “FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB” tour, which opens the door to adventure with a local cruise guide who knows the Fuji Hokuroku area inside and out. .
In addition, for a limited time, full-fledged lighting and sound illuminations will be used in the park at night, creating a new sensation of night entertainment “Night Walk-Cry no Mori to 6 Stars” that will keep your heart pounding and exciting. ~” will also be held! In addition, there will be a “CLUB HOUSE” where you can meet Yamanashi Prefecture’s local products, one of the prefecture’s largest outdoor bench-type wooden decks where visitors can relax, and the “FUJI GATEWAY Start Festa” as a ceremony event on Saturday, April 29th. We will welcome visitors with food marches using local ingredients, workshops, free monitor tours of FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB, and more. Looking ahead to the grand opening in July, FUJI GATEWAY will continue to host events such as camping events, marchés, and activity experience programs, as well as events where you can fully enjoy the World Heritage Site of Mt. We are planning a “switch” that will Please look forward to new ways to enjoy the foot of Mt.
We are looking forward to seeing you with your family and friends in the Fuji Hokuroku area, which will be even more exciting with the Golden Week season.
Facility/service details
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Whole map
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An entertainment campfield that everyone can enjoy, packed with “all the ‘fun’ of the Mt. Hokuroku area.”
Above all, we were particularly particular about “unlimited fun!” At “FUJI GATEWAY”, we have prepared a lot of switches that can release the “I want to try!” hidden in the hearts of children and adults. Among the accommodation plans that are being developed are the main part of the camp, and there is no shortage of “bonfire firewood (produced in Yamanashi Prefecture)” that can be used as much as you want, and you can drink the ultimate “special craft beer” while looking at Mt. Fuji and the starry sky. All-you-can-eat”, as well as the forest theme park “Fuji Subaru Land” where children can play to the fullest in nature, and the natural hot spring “Fuji Viewing Yu Yurari” where you can heal your mind and body with a view of Mt. Fuji and a bath. There is even an entrance ticket for.
In addition, for those who want a more experiential experience, we can also guide you to the FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB, a nature adventure tour that can only be seen here, such as the mysterious forest surrounding Mt. Fuji and the natural caves created by the eruption. is. At “FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB”, cruise guides who know the area thoroughly will customize it according to the weather, season, time of day, etc., and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that deepens ties with friends and family.
Don’t take your eyes off the camping gear rentals carefully selected by the BEAMS and AMUSE outdoor enthusiast staff!
Please enjoy the new camp field “FUJI GATEWAY CAMP FIELD” where you can enjoy nature and experience various ways of interacting and spending time.
All-you-can-drink special craft beer “FUJI GATEWAY CRAFT BEER” produced by Fujizakura Kogen Beer
We offer a service in each camp plan that allows you to drink craft beer brewed in FUJI GATEWAY without worry.
A craft beer that sparks conversation, creates bonds with people, and creates the best time.
Please enjoy the blissful craft beer made with German manufacturing technology and the rich nature and water of Mt.Fuji.
Unlimited use of bonfire firewood produced in the prefecture For camp field guests, firewood for bonfires made by local firewood craftsmen is available.
Spend the best outdoor time with your family and friends while enjoying the bonfire to your heart’s content.
Unlimited enjoyment of various activities
In the area, there is a forest theme park “Fuji Subaru Land” where everyone from children to families can enjoy with their
dogs.Furthermore, special cruise guides who know Mt. You can also experience “FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB (charged)”.
▼Plan details and prices here
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As a cruise program, we offer a unique experience that can only be experienced at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and a tour experience customized to suit your needs.
The basic plan includes versatile tools such as trail hiking, where you can enjoy lava zones and mountain paths with friends and family, and bicycling, where you can enjoy the wind while riding along paths and mountain paths. By multiplying , we have prepared the main program of “ OMAKASE CRUISE ” that can be customized according to the season, time of day, and weather.
Set in the nature and culture of the northern foot of Mt. Upgrade your family ties.
▼Introducing part of the FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB program!
■ Fuji Adventure Cruise
A 60-minute trail hike cruise where you can easily enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji. Along with a cruise guide, it is a full-fledged exploration cruise that puts on a helmet and lights and challenges a natural cave that was created with the eruption of Mt. Fuji. While feeling the breath of various creatures in the sea of ​​trees, you will enter “inside” Mt. Fuji and feel the source of Mt. Fuji’s power with your body. ・Duration: about 60 minutes
・Participation fee: 8,800 yen for adults / 4,400 yen for children (elementary school students and younger) (tax included)
■ Fuji Retreat Cruise
The mysterious forest that surrounds Mt. Fuji, the sound of the fallen leaves being stepped on, the sunlight filtering through the trees, and the sound of the wind blowing down from Mt. Fuji.
Step by step, step on your own feet and breathe deeply for the finest meditation time.
Sharpen your five senses and experience a retreat where you can feel Mt. Fuji and nature from the bottom of your heart.
While drinking coffee and herbal tea prepared for this purpose, brewed with spring water from Mt. Fuji, away from the daily hustle and bustle,
Please experience the finest non-daily life seeking relaxation. ・Duration: about 90 minutes
・Participation fee: 11,000 yen for adults / 5,500 yen for children (elementary school students and younger) (tax included)
■ “When I was a child” Cruise
An outdoor play experience that runs through nature on an e-Fatbike. This cruise is an e-Fatbike cruising where adults can return to being children, where participants can play innocently and enjoy getting their clothes dirty, just like the childhood that everyone has experienced. .
Experiences such as off-roading and driving through the woods, which are usually off-limits, create moments for adults to return to their childhood.
・Duration: about 120 minutes
・ Participation fee: 18,700 yen (tax included)
▼ Click here for program details and reservations
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There is a lounge where you can relax with friends while gazing at the vast forest surrounding Mt.Fuji, a shop that sells original goods, and a reception desk for the FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB, an experience tour where you can fully experience the activities of Mt.Hokuroku. A clubhouse with food and drink counters.
You can also taste the freshly brewed “FUJI GATEWAY CRAFT BEER”, a special craft beer brewed in the facility by the world-renowned “Fujizakura Kogen Beer”. Outdoors, we have installed the largest bench-type wooden deck area in the prefecture. It is a community space full of “fun” in the Fuji Hokuroku area where everyone from children to adults can relax while feeling nature.
4. New attractions at Fuji Subaru Land!
A new permanent attraction “PUMP RIDERS” has appeared in the playground “Fuji Subaru Land” surrounded by nature. Mr. Daiki Takahashi, a professional MTB rider who represents Japan, designed a full-fledged pump course where children can enjoy mountain biking and kick biking with a smile and coolness. A full-fledged MTB is also available so that you can easily experience it empty-handed. Enjoy a new adventure experience in nature.
In addition, a workshop-type activity for parents and children “Morimori Experience vol. hold. Based in the forest in the depths of Fuji Subaru Land (Juka no Mori), you can face all kinds of “why?” through creating a secret base with guides who know this area, and enjoy new learning and experiences that can only be experienced here. Enjoy.
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Introduction of limited-time events
[FUJI GATEWAY HELLO Fest. (Hello Festa)]
On Saturday, April 29th, we will hold the “FUJI GATEWAY HELLO Fest.” to commemorate the first day of FUJI GATEWAY!
Centering on the huge bench-type wooden deck in front of the “CLUB HOUSE”, there are workshops that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, a kitchen car using local ingredients, and a monitor experience program for the guided cruise program “FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB”. An experiential market event. Why don’t you enjoy the first day of Golden Week with “Nice to meet you” at “FUJI GATEWAY”?
Details of the event will be announced on the official website ( as needed.
Date and time: Saturday, April 29, 2023 9:00-17:00
Venue: Special venue near “CLUB HOUSE” in “FUJI GATEWAY”
Admission fee: Free *Activities such as workshops, entrance fees to Fuji Subaru Land, etc. are not included.
[“Night Walk-Cry Forest and 6 Stars-” & “Cry Panic-Smile Rescue Operation”] [Image 11

Completely different from the daytime, explore “Fuji Subaru Land” at night. New adventures using digital technology “Night Walk-Cry Forest and 6 Stars-” and “Cry Panic-Smile Rescue Operation!” It will be held for a limited time.
– Held at night – “Night Walk ~ Cry Forest and 6 Stars ~”
By making full use of full-fledged lighting, sound, and illumination, the park at night in Fuji Subaru Land will be a fantastic, thrilling and exciting space that is completely different from the daytime. Participants will challenge the mission of “sealing” suspicious clowns (AR characters) released all over the park with a tablet device, a new sensation adventure experience that can be enjoyed by children and adults.
Dates: April 29th (Sat) to October 29th (Sun)
Hours: 18:30-22:30 (Last entry 21:30)
-Held at noon- “Crypanic ~ Smile Rescue Operation! ~”
At “Fuji Subaru Land” in the daytime, “Cry Panic ~Smile Rescue Daisakusen!~” will be held, where you can experience the story of “Night Walk ~ Cry Forest and the Six Stars~”, which will be episode zero, with an original animation while moving your body. do. Dates: April 29th (Sat) to October 29th (Sun)
Business hours: 10:00-16:00
▼Program details (reservations, etc.) here
[Overview of FUJI GATEWAY]
[Image 12d2883-491-fd00ad52e32461ca1eca-0.jpg&s3=2883-491-b7c3132c8f2532a6708f37de6990966d-828x1382.jpg
“FUJI GATEWAY” is a gateway to Yamanashi and the Fuji Five Lakes area, where you can not only experience nature, activities and camping, but also gather local information and products unique to here, and serve as a base for excursions to the northern foot of Mt. Fuji. A hands-on adventure facility where you can fully enjoy the Hokuroku area. Fuji Subaru Land, a camp field, a tour guide desk, and shops are also located within the FUJI GATEWAY. We plan to further expand facility functions and activities in the future.
Facility description: FUJI GATEWAY
Address: 6663-1 Kenmaruo, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301
Official site:
Instagram: @fuji_gateway
▼ April 29th (Sat) pre-opening contents
Opened CLUB HOUSE as the gateway to FUJI GATEWAY, and opened a huge bench-type wooden deck in front of the facility, as well as lounges and shops inside the CLUB HOUSE. In addition, in order to fully enjoy the great nature of the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, we will start the entertainment camp field “FUJI GATEWAY CAMP FIELD” and the tour program “FUJI GATEWAY CRUISE CLUB” as a base for staying.
▼ July grand opening details (planned)
As a base that connects Yamanashi Prefecture and the Mt. Hokuroku area and as a gateway for experiencing activities around Mt. increase. In addition, using FUJI GATEWAY as a hub, events unique to AMUSE and BEAMS, such as outdoor activities, music and entertainment, will be held. From FUJI GATEWAY, we will enliven the great nature, including Mt.
~”FUJI GATEWAY” message~
What should I do if it’s sunny tomorrow?
To connect the “new excitement” of the Fuji Hokuroku area
It is a device that creates a trigger.
Nature, culture, people and things.
Starting from all the attractions of the Fuji Hokuroku area that FUJI GATEWAY sends,
Let your imagination run free and edit your own “special experience”. A place where “you can do anything”, not “I can do this”.
Only an hour and a half from the city center,
The moment you pass through the gate of FUJI GATEWAY,
I am sure you will understand everything.
Enjoy all the “fun” in the Fuji Hokuroku area
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