Mr. Baccarat village explains! “Latest edition! How to do scalping taught by Mr. Baccarat village ” Online seminar will start at 19:00 on April 14 (Friday) Co., Ltd.
[] Mr. Baccarat village explains! “Latest edition! How to do scalping taught by Mr. Baccarat village” Online seminar will start at 19:00 on April 14 (Friday)
No pre-registration required! Participation fee is free! [Smartphone viewing OK] “Latest version! “How to do scalping taught by Mr. Baccarat village” will be held on Friday, April 14 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Jun Takeuchi) will hold a free online seminar “Latest version! We would like to inform you that we will hold a scalping method taught by Mr. Baccarat Village.
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Latest edition! How to do scalping taught by Mr. Baccarat Village Mr. Baccaratmura, a super-talented FX specialist trader who has won the world championship of FX trading, has appeared!
How do professionals interpret charts and develop trading strategies in times of high volatility?
This is your chance to learn practical techniques.
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International Federation of Technical Analysts/Certified Technical Analyst Mr. Baccaramura
International Federation of Technical Analysts Certified Technical Analyst. Won the 2015 Trade World Tournament forex category. Won the 2017-18 Trade Japan Tournament. Good currency pairs are all dollar straights such as dollar yen and euro dollar. Although he is based on day trading, he flexibly uses swing trading and scalping based on sharp analysis backed by his abundant knowledge and experience. His approach, cultivated from studying the market for more than 12 hours a day, has attracted the attention of not only individual investors but also many market players.

Held tomorrow, April 14th (Friday) “Latest version! About “How to do scalping taught by Mr. Baccarat village”
●Date and time:
April 14, 2023 (Friday) 19: 00-20: 00 (access time 18: 30-) (planned) ●Participation benefits: The following benefits will be presented by lottery from those who have answered the questionnaire.
○ Amazon gift card worth 1000 yen 3 people by lottery
Participation benefits are provided by Co., Ltd. Amazon does not accept inquiries about participation benefits. Please contact ( This seminar is hosted by Amazon does not accept inquiries regarding this seminar. Please contact for inquiries.
Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
●Participation qualification: Anyone can participate. [Participation fee is free]
● How to participate: No prior application is required.
[April 14 (Friday) after 18:30] You can move to the viewing screen by selecting “Seminar screen” or “Watch seminar” on the linked page below.
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Voice of students
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About Co., Ltd. has surpassed 580,000 accounts for
over-the-counter FX “Gaika Next Neo” and “Raku-Raku FX Accumulation”. Under the theme of “making foreign exchange more familiar”, we have opened an owned media site “Mane-iku Channel” that disseminates information related to foreign exchange, and hold various seminars according to the level of beginners to intermediate and advanced users. , we are developing services that are close to investors. In addition, for four consecutive years (2019-2022), we have been ranked among the top three in the HDI ranking benchmark “web support” and “contact desk (telephone)” by HDI-Japan, the Japanese base of the world’s largest support service industry membership organization HDI. got a star.
・[] Website:
・[Gaika Next Neo] Open an account: ・ [Maneiku Channel]:
New smartphone app “Gaika Next Neo ‘GFX'”
It is a smartphone-only application for using our FX service “Gaika Next Neo”. It is the latest FX trading tool with functionality and simple operability that can be completed with a single smartphone. We have completed a FX trading application that meets the needs of a wide range of customers, from beginners to advanced users.
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Learn more:
■ “Raku-Raku FX Accumulation” allows you to make accumulation investments through FX
It is an FX trading service that allows you to purchase foreign currencies on a regular basis by setting the currency pair, amount, leverage, and frequency in advance. In addition to immediate purchase and sale, it is possible to place a “regular purchase order” in which the Company automatically places an order according to the details set by the customer in advance.
Orders can be placed in units of 1 currency, and you can start saving in FX from around a few hundred yen, so it is a service that proposes medium- to long-term asset management that is easy for beginners to start easily.
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Learn more:
■Company profile Co., Ltd. (
Location: 2-8-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Atsushi Takeuchi
Business description: Over-the-counter derivative trading business via the Internet, etc.
Capital: 778.5 million yen
Registration number: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 262 Membership association: Financial Futures Trading Association (member number 1509)
・Please note that we may introduce and explain FX (Foreign Exchange Margin Trading) at our seminars.
・The purpose of our seminars is to provide information, so please make your own final decisions regarding investment policies, timing, etc. ―――――
Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading and over-the-counter currency binary option trading do not guarantee the principal or profits, and losses may occur due to market fluctuations and interest rate differences. Please fully understand the contents before making a transaction, and work on your own judgment.
-“Gaika Next Neo” Transaction form: Over-the-counter foreign exchange deposit transaction Customer deposit: Set at a deposit rate of 4% or more of the transaction amount calculated based on the base rate of each currency Alternatively, a security deposit equal to or higher than the higher of the amount obtained by multiplying the transaction amount by the assumed exchange risk ratio for each currency pair calculated by the Financial Futures Association is required. (Calculated using the quantitative calculation model stipulated in Article 117, Paragraph 31, Item 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc.) Trading commission: 0 yen “Raku-Raku FX Accumulation” Trading form: Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading Customer deposit: 100% (1x leverage), 50% (2x leverage), 33.34% (3x leverage) (For corporate customers, only 100% (1x leverage)) Transaction fee: 0 yen [Note] Customers There is a possibility that you will lose more than the security deposit because you will trade with a transaction amount that exceeds the security deposit you have deposited. In addition, there is a difference (spread) between the selling price and the buying price in the transaction rate. –
-“Gaika Next Binary” Trading form: Over-the-counter currency binary option trading (European type that automatically exercises the option at the time of maturity) Purchase price: About 40 to 999 yen per lot Trading fee: 0 yen [Note] Over-the-counter currency binary Option trading is a transaction with a fixed term, and the underlying asset price fluctuates due to factors such as market fluctuations. If the relationship between the exercise price and the judgment price is profitable for you, you will receive a payout amount by automatic exercise, but if it is a loss, the entire purchase amount will be determined as a loss due to the extinguishment of the right. There is also a difference (spread) between the option purchase price and the sale price. –
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