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Game theme song, commercial song singer Rian’s 2nd album “melodie” produced over a year and a half will be released on April 22nd.

Game theme song, commercial song singer Rian’s 2nd album “melodie” produced over a year and a half will be released on April 22nd. The first original album that challenged the arrangement and composition of all songs.

Singer Rian, who participates in vocals and writes lyrics for game works and commercial songs, has decided to release the 2nd album “melodie” on April 22nd.
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Singer Rian, who participates in vocals and provides lyrics for game works, commercial songs, and game machine works.
In the past, he was in charge of guide vocals (singing the main song) and chorus work at the stage before the release of numerous hit songs, and even now, while there are many vocal works where his name is not disclosed, he has spent many years in the professional field. After working hard behind the scenes, she has finally completed an album that expresses a view of the world that she is satisfied with. This is the distribution release of the 2nd album, which can be said to be the first original album full of thoughts that participated in the lyrics / composition / arrangement, and also worked on the jacket production. We will introduce all 7 recorded songs with comments from Rian herself.
It will be provided through music distribution services such as the iTunes Store, Apple Music, and Spotify, so please check it out. About the 2nd album “melody”
The feelings put into this album “melodie” are deep, and it took a year and a half to complete.
Until now, she has expressed herself by singing the given songs, but since this is her first original album, she has created arrangements for all songs and is also challenging herself to compose them. For about 15 years, Rian has been doing sales, planning, promotion, production and dissemination in a way that can never be said to be dexterous while fumbling. Inspired by her straight forward passion, this album features the participation of famous Japanese artists who are active around the world, as well as composers who work with national idol groups.
Also, at a next-generation artist discovery event, there was a scene where the fans who saw her pushing forward while hitting the wall many times pushed Rian to the Grand Prix and sang it on terrestrial TV. With the policy of “I want to get close to someone through singing”, I am an artist who expresses her own story through songs while showing her life.
She has been running for a long time, but she hit a big wall in the last three years.
Feeling the limit of continuing everything alone, experiencing the departure of a close friend who was an emotional support, and being unable to breathe due to overwork and falling into the symptoms of not being able to speak for the first time, I always challenge positively. Although he continued, he says that these three years were days of fear of life and death.
This album was produced with the thought that it might be the first and last time that I wanted to make it by all means in the situation where I was not sure if I would be able to live today.
I want to sing to my father who left me when I was little, so I want to be a singer because I want to convey that I am healthy through singing. I wanted to show the fans who found Rian and fell in love with her that “If you work hard, you can achieve your goals.” We continue our activities while switching to energy.
With the feeling of “I like singing”, I completed a piece that is unique to me. “Music” is everything in life.
The album title “melodie” is a one-sentence description of Rian’s life. A gentle singing voice echoes from the first song that starts without an intro. Arrangements that incorporate club sounds such as Chill step and electro pop, and songs that are easy to get close to with songs are also included.
At times, it is a heartbreaking album that gives you a glimpse of her heart and makes you want to support it, but you can also feel the strength of your core.
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Album overview
2nd album『melody』
■ Online pre-sale December 12, 2022
 Product number: FLCD-23120
Price: ¥2,500 + tax
■ Distribution release Saturday, April 22, 2023
Price: ¥1,785
■ Delivery store
iTunes Store/Apple Music/Amazon/Amazon Music Unlimited/ STORE/Oricon Music Store/Spotify/KKBOX/Utapass/Recochoku/mora/YouTube Music/LINE MUSIC/AWA/SMART USEN/
Music/mysound/DEEZER/Chakushin Uta♪ by
■ Recorded songs
gentle breeze
Lyrics/Composition: waka.t
The song I sang when I was helping a composer with a demo recording is one that I can’t forget even after many years have passed, and I sent a love call and became one of the original songs.
I arranged the demo song into a chill step, and sang the delicate lyrics gently and painfully.
Lyrics: Rian Composition: Makoto Oshida Arrangement: Mars (Paraele Stripes) Brodia is a plant of the lily family, and I named it because it has the flower language of “protection” and “preserving with care”. It is a work that expresses the feeling of generous love for a girl who has a broken heart for someone other than herself.
The song was composed by Makoto Oshida, who also works on songs for national idol groups, and arranged by Mars (Paraele Stripes) for chill step arrangement.
sleeping cat night
Lyrics: Rian Composition: Makoto Oshida Arrangement: Mars (Paraele Stripes) I made an uptempo song that will get you pumped up at a live performance. It’s a cute and fun song that incorporates electropop. I drew the feelings of a boy who is at the mercy of a girl (cat) who doesn’t show his heart.
The cuteness of the cat, who is in love with each other but also has elements of a small devil, is overflowing.
You should be able to feel that boys are kind and warm.
The music was composed by Makoto Oshida, who also handles songs for national idol groups, and arranged by Mars (Paraele Stripes). Discord
Lyrics: Rian Composition: ZALA from Mish-Mosh
I drew the frustration of passing by someone I’m dating.
A heartrending medium ballad.
The wavering heart is expressed not only with vocals but also with sound. fragility
Lyrics/Composition: Rian Arrangement: Mars (Paraele Stripes) A dear friend departed and made it with a crying heart.
It’s my first time composing. I put my heart into each and every sound. Tears fill my eyes every time I listen to it.
Mr. Mars (Paraele Stripes) cooperated with the arrangement, and I was able to complete the work I wanted to express.
This is a song I would like you to listen to.
Lyrics: Rian Composition: ZALA from Mish-Mosh
Mr. ZALA from Mish-Mosh, who works on the music of famous Japanese artists who are active around the world, cooperated with the composition, and it was a song that was produced over a year and a half after many detailed meetings.
Thinking of a friend who left for another world, I expressed the cycle of life and death that everyone experiences, and depicted a figure walking forward.
Please also pay attention to the world that is attractive with oriental arrangement.
spinning of life
Lyricist/Composition: Masako Okazawa
We arranged and covered the original song “Inochi no Tsunagi” by Masako Okazawa, a pianist and musician who has performed with world-class musicians in classical, pop, and Japanese music, arranged in a fantastic Japanese tone. .
The arrangement was recorded as a bonus track with the cooperation of Mr. Mars (Paraele Stripes).
I want to deliver this song to many people, so that it can be sung and passed down to many people. I thought I should go, so I chose the song.
artist profile
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Singer, Lyricist, Composer
Studied Electone from the age of 4. Aiming to become a singer from the second grade of elementary school, he showed his talent after receiving many auditions.
In 1999, he won the CM song audition and made his debut as a vocalist in the FM802 radio commercial.
He sent demo tapes directly to the composers himself, and received calls from all eight of the artists he approached.
In charge of participating in omnibus CDs, singing
pachinko/pachislot/purikura machine BGM, commercial songs, and game theme songs. We also provide lyrics.
In addition, he participated in singing and chorus of many famous major artists. The Works Collection Album released in 2016 was selected as the best work of 2016 by Tower Satellite.
In 2018, he won the Grand Prix twice at the next-generation artist discovery app event and made his terrestrial debut on TV Tokyo. Not only singing, but also planning and sales by himself, working as a free artist. He sings and writes lyrics, and has a reputation for being addictive with his unique, beautiful, sweet, and ephemeral singing voice, with the policy of “wanting to get close to someone through singing.”
Aiming to acquire TV tie-ups even in freelance activities, I want to increase the number of voice works where my name is announced, and I will continue to actively continue my artist activities so that more people will know about me. The eyes that speak are always full of sparkle.
This album is on sale at the online store.
While coloring the moment, sweet and ephemeral vocals and messages remain in the heart,
Please listen to the warm words and singing voice of Lian, who has been pushing forward for a long time.
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