Greenwich Co., Ltd. Announcement of “”FITTING ROOM” vol.2 Fox Umbrellas & Billingham”

Greenwich Co., Ltd.
Announcement of “”FITTING ROOM” vol.2 Fox Umbrellas & Billingham” SHOW&TELL online store offline event 2nd

This event is the only event where you can see the full lineup of items handled by the EC site operated by Greenwich Co., Ltd. and the SHOW & TELL online store where brands that can be used for a long time are lined up! Tokyo: 5/20 (Sat)
You can purchase your favorite products on the spot.
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A fitting room is an offline event where you can freely try on items handled by the official online store SHOW & TELL (hereinafter referred to as Showtel) operated by Greenwich Co., Ltd. and purchase them on the spot from the EC site.
From this time, you can now take home the products you purchased on the spot. The second issue is Billingham, a British bag brand that has its roots in FOX UMBRELLAS and camera bags, which are loved by the British royal family and celebrities around the world. This event is the only opportunity to see everything from the brand’s standard products to new products this season. * Products may not be available depending on the stock status of the online store. Please note.
Brand Overview Fox Umbrellas Fox Umbrellas was founded in 1868 in the city of London. For the first time in the world, we adopted U-shaped cross-section steel ribs and used nylon for the umbrella fabric for the first time. The beautiful thin umbrella is still used by celebrities around the world as well as the British royal family. Since our founding, we have consistently made handmade products, and each one is assembled by skilled craftsmen.
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Fox Umbrellas Fox Umbrellas
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Fox Umbrellas Fox Umbrellas
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Fox Umbrellas Fox Umbrellas
Billingham was founded in 1973 in Birmingham, England. Its history can be traced back to the camera bag handmade by his wife, Ross
Billingham, for her husband, Martin Billingham, who enjoys photography as a hobby. BIllingham’s unique functionality is incorporated into the design style based on traditional British fishing bags. It is also known for its long-standing collaboration with luxury camera manufacturer Leica Caemra.
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SYSTEM-1 System One
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Water-repellent fabric of 65% polyester and 35% cotton is used for the outer material, and lightweight polyester fabric is used for the lining. The handles and straps are made of British bridle leather, giving it a classic British appearance. It is produced in a modern factory, which is rare in England, with computer-controlled sewing machines and cutting machines. In addition, a QR code is attached to each product, and the production time, shipping time, shipping destination, sales destination, etc. are all managed.
[Schedule] Date: 5/20 (Sat) Time: 12:00~19:00 (CLOSE) Place: Greenwich Showroom|Uchida Building 1F, 5-11-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo [About reservations] Complete reservation system You can make reservations from the dedicated site below. Reservation URL Tokyo: . Please be aware that if you arrive before your reservation time, you will have to wait until your scheduled time.

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