Hatendo Online Shop “Cream Pan Shine Muscat” and “Salt Butter Bread” appear in the April set of “Fun Box” that you can enjoy every month

Hattendo Co., Ltd.
[Hatendo Online Shop] “Cream Pan Shine Muscat” and “Salt Butter Bread” appear in the April set of “Fun Box” that you can enjoy every month Date: From 17:00 on Friday, April 7, 2023

Hattendo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Takamasa Morimitsu) has started selling the “Fun Box” April set at the Hattendo online shop from April 7, 2023 (Friday).
The “Enjoyment Box” has been renewed since last month, and has been upgraded to two types: “Cream Pan Fun Box” for those who want to enjoy only cream bread, and “Variety Fun Box”.
In addition to the fixed products whose contents you can see, the main products are replaced every month, and in April, “Cream Pan Shine Muscat” and “Salted Butter Bread” will appear. You can enjoy Hattendo’s sweet bread in the “Fun Box”, which can be used for everyday use or as a gift.
Hattendo aims to create and contribute to the smiles of customers, people who shine through their work, and a richer society with “sweet bread” that combines “bread” and “sweets”.
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[Hatendo Online Shop] “Omobi Box” April Overview
Period: Scheduled to be accepted from 17:00 on Friday, April 7, 2023 to 16:59 on Monday, May 8, 2023, and the contents after that will be sold on a monthly basis
*The reception period is subject to change.
Sales: Hattendo Online Shop https://hattendo.jp/product/random_box/ ■ Fun BOX
1. Cream Bread Fun Box *Shipping included (April)-Delicious support for your new life! That refreshing cream bread too! ~
Price: ¥3,980 (tax included)
Contents: 10 cream buns delivered randomly
* 7 cream buns (custard, fresh cream & custard, matcha, ogura, chocolate), 3 seasonal products
Shine Muscat is always included this month
2. Variety Fun Box *Shipping included (April)-The saltiness is addictive! Deliver salt butter bread and sweet bread recommended for spring! ~
Price: ¥3,980 (tax included)
Contents: Randomly deliver 7 popular products
*2 cream buns, 1 loaf of bread, and 1 French toast are always included. This month we always have salted butter bread, Singaporean muffin matcha, and cream bread custard.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/61362/table/93_1_d62072e2e1e7be0b7f7038dd72f1173b.jpg ]
* Delivered frozen (must be thawed before eating)
Set product pickup for April
■Cream Pan Shine Muscat (included in the Cream Pan Fun Box)
A cream bread made with Shine Muscat Jam, which has an elegant and gorgeous aroma harvested from the Hattendo Vineyard.
The smooth cream brings out the juiciness of the Shine Muscat Jam, which is juicy and fleshy.
[Image 2d61362-93-026518157ac661789aa5-1.jpg&s3=61362-93-19c60e2ca179f6a48616a1e020920ddc-3000x2000.jpg
“Cream Pan Shine Muscat (image)”
■Salt butter bread (included in variety fun box)
A flavorful loaf of bread with plenty of butter kneaded into the dough and accented with salt.
Because it is fried with butter that melts from the dough during baking, the crust of the bread has a crispy texture and you can enjoy it deliciously.
*The holes in the bread are made by melting butter during baking. [Image 3d61362-93-9aab24e87f987b16a04d-2.jpg&s3=61362-93-339512c892555dc3bddb8a9809f83136-2400x1600.jpg
“Salt butter bread (image)”
About Hattendo Co., Ltd.
Hattendo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1933 as a Japanese sweets shop in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Over its long history, it has changed its business from a Japanese confectionery shop, to a Japanese and Western confectionery shop, to a bakery shop, depending on the times. I’m here.

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