Hiramatsu Hotel “Kyoto Takenoko” enlivens spring in Kyoto. Introducing the secret of its deliciousness, “Yom i Hiramatsu. ~ Knitting the food of Kyoto ~” The spring issue will be released on April 26. The theme is “Spring is ba mboo shoots. ~ THE HIR

Hiramatsu Co., Ltd.
[Hiramatsu Hotel] “Kyoto Takenoko” enlivens spring in Kyoto. Introducing the secret of its deliciousness, “Yomi Hiramatsu. ~ Knitting the food of Kyoto ~” The spring issue will be released on April 26. The theme is “Spring is bamboo shoots. ~ THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO
Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisashi Endo; hereinafter referred to as Hiramatsu), a hotel brand HIRAMATSU HOTELS, provides digital content “Reading Hiramatsu. ” is set in the land where the hotel is rooted, and delivers various stories that connect people, ingredients, and things centered on Hiramatsu’s “food”.
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About 30 minutes from central Kyoto. Kyoto bamboo shoots grown in beautiful woodlands
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Oharano in Kyoto City is known as a famous production area for Kyoto bamboo shoots.
Kyoto is known for being close to nature in people’s lives. If you drive about 30 minutes from the central area of ​​Nakagyo-ku, where “THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO” is located, you will find a peaceful and beautiful satoyama. This time, we headed to Oharano, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, which is known as a famous production area for Kyoto bamboo shoots. For Kyoto chefs who use local seasonal ingredients to create dishes, the spring vegetable is “Kyoto bamboo shoots.” When the bamboo shoots begin to be harvested, it feels like spring is finally here.
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The bamboo grove of “Kyoto Yoshino”. The numbers written on the bamboo also have meanings.
In “Reading Hiramatsu. ~Knitting the food of Kyoto~”, the season we visited is expressed in terms of the twenty-four solar terms, and stories related to the “food” that we feel are most appropriate for that season, as well as ingredients to enjoy in season by the head chefs. We introduce dishes using In the issue of “Spring-Shunbun-“, which I will deliver this time, I have been looking forward to Kyoto bamboo shoots with Takami Tsutsui, the head chef of “Ristorante La Luce” of “THE HIRAMATSU Kyoto”, and I have spent more than 150 years in Oharano. We visited Mr. Yoshihiro Nose, owner of the bamboo farm “Kyoto Yoshino” that protects the bamboo grove.
Bamboo grove protected by manual stacking
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Tsutsui struggles with difficult harvesting work using a tool unique to Kyoto called “Hori”.
Mr. Nose, as the seventh generation owner of “Kyoto Yoshino”, grows a 9,000 tsubo bamboo grove. While he is extremely busy with the harvest season coming once a year, he told us the secret behind the
deliciousness of the bamboo shoots grown in Kyoto Yoshino. Kyoto bamboo shoots are soft without harshness, especially rare bamboo shoots called “Shirako”, which can only be harvested about 1 out of 100. There was an accumulation of manual work and hard work. Delicious food is created when the chef spares no effort in preparing the ingredients, but in order for the ingredients themselves to be in the most delicious state, in addition to the blessings of nature, how much effort and time the producers put into it. You can know from a single Kyoto bamboo shoot whether it is poured by.
Enjoy the blessings of spring, Kyoto bamboo shoots in Italian cuisine [Image 5

Shiogama-grilled bamboo shoots and marinated mackerel
It seems that Tsutsui, who experienced harvesting bamboo shoots for the first time in the bamboo grove of “Kyoto Yoshino”, understood the appeal of Mr. Nose’s bamboo shoots on a deeper level. Since its opening in March 2020, Tsutsui has introduced two dishes such as “Bamboo shoots grilled in salt” that Tsutsui has served in the course of Italian cuisine “Ristorante La Luce” every spring.
“Read Hiramatsu.”
~ Knitting the food of Kyoto ~

“THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO” is a 29-room hotel that was built in March 2020 by preserving and reconstructing a traditional Kyoto townhouse built around 1907. bottom. Once you step inside the building, you will be greeted by the front house that retains the atmosphere of an old kimono shop and the running garden unique to a townhouse. From the pine and bamboo courtyard, you can feel the aesthetics of people’s lives at that time, incorporating small natural scenery into their homes. I will give it to you. No matter where you are in the hotel, you will be surrounded by the traditions of Kyoto and the careful handiwork of craftsmen, and you will feel a high-quality comfort. Overview of “THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO”
Facility name: THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO [English notation] THE HIRAMATSU KYOTO Location: 361 Muromachi-dori Sanjo Agaru En Gyojamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Number of floors: 5 floors above ground Number of rooms: 29 Room types: Superior (54.8 square meters) x 3 rooms, Deluxe (60.1m2) x 6 rooms, Deluxe Premier (72.1~77.4m2) x 16 rooms Junior Suite (87m2) x 3 rooms, The Hiramatsu Suite (104.4m2) x 1 room Facilities: Restaurant (Italian cuisine, Japanese cuisine), lounge , Warehouse area: Building area 945.05 square meters, total floor area 3,999.29 square meters, land area 1,185.29 square meters Opening date: March 18, 2020 HP: https://www.hiramatsuhotels.com/kyoto/

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