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Houseboat Club Ocean Scattering Houseboat Club and Ayagawa Funeral announce franchise agreement Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa service begins

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Ocean Scattering Houseboat Club and Ayagawa Funeral Announces Franchise Agreement Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa Service Begins
Houseboat Club Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Masatoshi Akabane, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), whose main business is ocean scattering “Blue Ocean Ceremony”, is Ayagawa Funeral Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ayaka, Kagawa Prefecture). Gun, Representative Director: Yusuke Ito, hereinafter “Ayagawa Funeral”) has signed a franchise agreement and will inform you that the service will start on April 7, 2023 as “Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa”. ■ Increased demand for graves that do not require a successor According to a survey conducted in March 2023 by “Ii Grave” operated by Kamakura Shinsho Co., Ltd., regarding the type of grave purchased, only 19.1% of the total purchased a general grave, and the remaining approximately 8 The result is that some people chose “tree funeral” or “charnel”. In addition, when asked about the inheritance of the purchased grave, the answer “I purchased a grave that does not require an heir” increased by 4.1% compared to the previous year, followed by “No successor” increased by 0.5%. , ▲ 4.8% of those who “have a successor”, and it turns out that attention is focused on graves that “do not require a successor”.
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Source: Kamakura Shinsho Co., Ltd. “The 14th National Grave Consumer Survey (2023)”
The “ocean scattering” handled by our company does not need to be inherited like a grave, and it is a burial method with less burden in terms of succession issues and costs. According to the previous survey, the number of people who wish to have their ashes scattered at sea is increasing year by year, such as those who are worried about their successors and those who want to “return to nature”. The number of ashes scattered is 1,718 in 2021 and 2,387 in 2022, an increase of 1.38 times compared to the previous year.
We want to provide a wide range of free options for those who are worried about where to hold a memorial service after the funeral. Ayagawa Funeral Service undertakes all aspects of funeral services, and at the same time, is a funeral service provider that puts a strong emphasis on after-sales support, including post-funeral procedures, sales of Buddhist altars and fittings, and Buddhist memorial services. While developing various services, such as working on a tree funeral cemetery that allows pets regardless of religion, we have concluded a franchise agreement with our company as one of the support related to burial. Today, April 7, 2023, we will start the ocean scattering service as “Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa”, and our first departure base and franchise store will open in the Shikoku area.
Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa will be the fifth franchise store following Blue Ocean Ceremony Hokkaido, Blue Ocean Ceremony Niigata, Blue Ocean Ceremony Wakayama, and Blue Ocean Ceremony Miyagi. In the future, in addition to the establishment of the “Witness Powdered Bones Room” where customers can witness the powdering of the ashes, we plan to hold the first Kagawa (Takamatsu) joint scattering of ashes on July 1, 2023. .
■ Ayagawa Funeral Co., Ltd. Representative’s comment
Until now, we have been working with a one-stop spirit as an ending company, such as funeral business and burial service business (monument, tree funeral). This time, by forming a business alliance with Houseboat Club, we are able to offer a new proposal to our customers as an option for burial services: “ocean scattering”. “Ten people, ten colors of life = ten people, ten colors of farewells” We will continue to listen closely to the voices of our customers. [Image 2

Ayagawa Funeral Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yusuke Ito
■ Houseboat Club Co., Ltd. Representative’s comment
We are very pleased to announce the opening of Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa, our fifth store and first franchise store in the Shikoku area. Recently, Ayagawa Funeral has been focusing on tree funerals in addition to the funeral business. A conclusion has been reached. The departure point, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, is an area that is attracting worldwide attention as a travel destination. The Seto Inland Sea, with its scenic views of floating islands, is one of Takamatsu’s great attractions. In addition, we are planning to build a witnessing powdered bones room, which is one of the strengths of the Blue Ocean Ceremony, in the near future. In addition, with the know-how of our company, which has a track record of over 4,000 cases since its establishment, we will provide our proud ocean scattering ceremony in the Kagawa area. We hope that all locals will use the Blue Ocean Ceremony Kagawa.
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Houseboat Club Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Masatoshi Akabane
◇ We are looking for partner companies who want to start a marine scattering business ◇
Please feel free to contact us for details.
Blue Ocean Ceremony: 0120-365-352
■Company Profile
Houseboat Club Co., Ltd.
Since its founding in 2007, it has continued to grow as a frontrunner in the marine ashes business, with its main business being the Blue Ocean Ceremony. On February 1, 2022, we will take over the farewell party production business “Story” of Kamakura Shinsho Co., Ltd. and strive to spread new “farewell parties / remembrance parties” as a funeral production company. In addition, from March 9, 2023, we will start the “En no Tabi” service, which produces memories for the end of life. Through various services, we will help you design your own “personal” end and provide opportunities to connect with your loved ones.
[Established] February 15, 2007
[Representative] Masatoshi Akahane, President and CEO
[Address] 1-16-13 Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Lead Sea Sumiyoshi Building 3F [Employees] 19 (as of April 2023)
[Business description]
[1] Planning and operation of ceremonies using steamships and various cruises [2] End-of-life support and consultation services
[3] Planning and operation of various events related to life ending [4] Travel business based on the Travel Agency Act
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Houseboat Club Co., Ltd.
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