Huckleberry Co., Ltd. The “regular purchase” app has been adopted by the online pet goods shop “perromar t,” which aims to “make pets and humans closer to each other.”

Huckleberry Co., Ltd.
The “Regular purchase” app has been adopted by the online pet goods shop “perromart,” which aims to “make pets and humans closer together.”
“Subscription” app. Easy to use with support in Japanese!

Huckleberry Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando, ​​hereinafter “Huckleberry”) provides a high-performance, support-rich Japanese subscription “regular purchase” app that enriches the pet life. It has been introduced in the online shop
( of perromart.
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Introduction comment from “perromart”
-perromart regular service-
Our company handles food, which is indispensable for the lives of dogs and cats. Due to the nature of the product being eaten every day, we have decided to introduce a regular purchase system so that you do not have to purchase it each time.
By introducing this regular purchase, we feel that it will lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and sales, such as campaigns limited to regular purchases and the delivery of continuous benefits. -About the “Subscription” app-
The most important thing was the ability to support Japanese. There are not many shopify apps that support Japanese, but they support in Japanese and respond quickly.
In addition, the system allows customers to change the products and quantities, adjust the date and time, etc. by themselves, so it is possible to respond without having to intervene with inquiries, so it is helpful without having to increase the staff at the time of introduction.
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About “perromart”
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Based on the mission of “bringing the lives of pets and humans closer together”, perromart has launched the online pet goods shop
“perromart” and its own brands “HEKA”, “NAMA” and “PawMade” for dogs and cats. developing.
For those who live with pets, pets are irreplaceable.
That’s why we want you to spend every day comfortably, conveniently, and healthy together.
For that reason, we think about what we can do every day, and we are particular about satisfying products from the perspective of pet parents, and we select, plan, develop, sell, and operate products. [Regular purchase of perromart]
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With “perromart regular purchase”, you can purchase our own brand products at a discount, and you can easily change the type, amount, next order date, etc., making it easier to continue purchasing good products for a long time. It is
perromart official online shop:
perromart Official Instagram:
perromart official LINE:
perromart magazine:
-perromart regular service-
Full refund system and popular continuation benefits are also available on regular flights
■ About the “Subscription” app
More than 2500 introduced companies, Shopify’s regular purchase app Japan’s No. 1 Shopify app “Regular purchase”
Intuitive and simple setting screen
Customer support system highly rated by customers
A development system that speedily realizes custom development and function requests
It is also possible to measure the results of advertisements etc. (Installing measurement tags requires a separate application and editing of Liquid files)
Install the subscription feature to your theme
Subscription plan setup
Flexible discount settings such as the first time of regular purchase and specified number of times
Sample product sales function
Subscription orders, customer management
Membership rank function that allows you to change the discount rate according to the purchase amount
Product addition/change/deletion and upselling function on My Page Full customization of My Page, etc.
-More than 2500 introduced companies, Shopify’s regular purchase app No. 1 in Japan-
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We will continue to update this app and develop necessary functions such as adding marketing / CRM functions according to Japanese regular purchasing business practices.
In addition, Huckleberry, as a leading company in Shopify site construction / application construction, will continue to support merchants (operators) by releasing applications that can be easily and safely introduced to support long-term sales.
-Click here for easy subscription consultations and inquiries-
[About Huckleberry Co., Ltd.]
A team that plans, develops, and operates services related to improving e-commerce sales, with the mission of “creating a normal lifestyle that is unique to that person in the digital society”, aiming for purchasing that allows everyone to have a comfortable and exciting experience. is. It consists of veterans such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers with extensive startup experience, and PdM graduates who have been involved in the open innovation field for a long time, as well as highly motivated young people, and supports the improvement of Shopify store sales.
Headquarters location: 2-6-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Mikan Shimokita B block No. B401
Representative: Yusuke Ando, ​​President and Representative Director Business: Development and provision of Shopify apps. EC site construction support. Launch of co-creation business in EC/SaaS area URL:
Huckleberry is looking for members to work with!
[About the service provided]
■ Shopify App “Marutto Attracting Customers”
\ Fast-Growing App Developer of the Year Award at Shopify Japan App Awards / With the motto “Easy to attract customers to Shopify”, tag
introduction that normally takes two weeks is “no engineers required”, easy introduction with one button in the app, no submission of review documents, etc., all application from the management screen can be completed.
We cooperate with 7 ASPs such as Value Commerce,, Access Trade, Ameba Pick, etc., which are major domestic ASPs. You can publish with linked performance rewards.
■ Shopify app “All in gift (You can send gifts on LINE and Instagram!)”
\ Fast-Growing App Developer of the Year Award at Shopify Japan App Awards / It is the definitive gift app that supports not only regular gifts but also e-gifts, options for Noshi and wrapping, multiple deliveries (multi-ship), and catalog gifts. You can create new encounters with customers through gifts, which leads to an increase in the purchase rate.
Since it is a service made in Japan, all management screens can be used with Japanese support, so you can use it with confidence. ■ Shopify App “Regular Purchase”
\ Fast-Growing App Developer of the Year Award at Shopify Japan App Awards / A subscription made in Japan with all the functions necessary for increasing sales and operation. App settings are thoroughly supported by the CS team led by EC professionals who are Shopify experts and have extensive experience in supporting major companies. Furthermore, you can acquire continuous customers with the regular purchase function and improve and stabilize the sales of the store!
■ Web media “EC Magazine | Know-how magazine for successful EC”
[About App Unity]
Shopify is growing in usage in 175 countries around the world, but the number of merchants (operators) is also increasing rapidly in Japan. On the other hand, there are still not many domestic apps that provide functions that are compatible with domestic business practices, and when multiple apps are installed, it is difficult for business owners and support to investigate and eliminate interference between apps. There are some issues with the app, such as being a big burden on the company. In order to contribute to the further spread of Shopify in Japan by solving these problems, Feedforce, Huckleberry Co., Ltd. (location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando), Rewire Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo, Tokyo) Ward, CEO: Yoshihiro Okada) have established a corporate alliance “App Unity”.
App Unity service site:
Details about this release:

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