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I want to solve the physiology of leotard competition! PlayS, a water-absorbing shorts for sports, has developed a new work with gymnast Aiko Sugihara. Pre-sale starts at Kurafan

azuki Co., Ltd.
I want to solve the physiology of leotard competition! PlayS, a water-absorbing shorts for sports, has developed a new work with gymnast Aiko Sugihara. Pre-sale starts at Kurafan
“88.9% of experiences with important matches overlapped with menstruation” Menstrual item problem that athletes such as gymnastics, figure skating, ballet, etc. worry about

PlayS, a brand of water-absorbing shorts for sports and athletes, has collaborated with Aiko Sugihara, who has participated in consecutive world gymnastics competitions, and the gymnastics club of Mukogawa Women’s University, where Mr. Sugihara serves as a coach.・Developed high-leg beige type high-performance water-absorbing shorts that can be used for ballet, etc. Pre-sale started on April 5th on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”.
In recent years, water-absorbing shorts have been released by various brands, but azuki Co., Ltd. sells water-absorbing shorts specialized for “sports” from 2021, when they were first released. Pursuing more “who is in trouble in the sports world”, we arrived at this “high leg beige for sports”.
Even juniors who are reluctant to use tampons and pills can wear water-absorbing shorts that are easy to use, and it is expected that they will become popular in leotard competitions.
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Aiko Sugihara said, “Because of the nature of the competition, I have to spread my legs, so I’m worried about leaks and stuffiness even if I’m wearing a napkin during my period.”
Mr. Sugihara is not the only one. Leotard competitors such as gymnastics, trampolines, figure skating, and ballet…
■ Won’t the napkin protrude?
■Isn’t it slipping and leaking during intense exercise?
■Tampons are a resistance among young people…
Athletes in aesthetic sports, who are required to express beauty and delicacy, face such problems on a daily basis.
That said, there are some athletes who have a hard time taking the pill, or just aren’t comfortable with it.
Meanwhile, Mr. Sugihara tried on the water-absorbing shorts PlayS for athletes developed and sold by azuki Co., Ltd. (Osaka City) a year ago.
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“PlayS absorbs a lot of water and has a high deodorizing effect even if you don’t wear a napkin, so even if you suddenly get your period, it will absorb it if you put it on. I think it will become more effective,” and realized its effectiveness.
However, the PlayS “normal type” at that time protruded from the leotard and could not be worn in the game.
So, together with Mr. Sugihara and the Mukogawa Women’s University Gymnastics Club, PlayS’ new work “High Leg Type” was started. [Image 3

[Image 4

Since around spring last year, we have been trying on prototypes and making improvements based on the opinions of club members. While maintaining the high functionality of the conventional PlayS, the silhouette has been changed so that it does not protrude from the leotard. Adopted a beige color that does not stand out even if it protrudes.
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[Video 2:] ■ Currently on sale from April 5th on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE” Based on the idea of ​​“I want to solve the problem of physiology in leotard competition! There is also an option of shorts.” We aim to spread the choice.
Kurafan site is here
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■ 88.9% of respondents said that their periods overlapped with an important game.
According to a PlayS survey of athletes, nearly 90% experienced menstruation and a “fogging” during an important competition. In addition, 90.9% of respondents said that they had experience of having an impact on the competition due to the discomfort or discomfort of the napkin.
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About the water absorbing shorts PlayS (play shorts)
Daisuke Sakaue, a representative who worked in the TV industry, felt that “athletes are the most troubled with menstruation” in the interview, and started selling water-absorbing shorts for sports athletes in June 2021.
In advance crowdfunding (CAMPFIRE), we achieved 129% of the target, 1.29 million yen.
In addition to being quick-drying, sweat-absorbing, and antibacterial and deodorizing, it is particular about the quality of water absorption, and the concept is that it can be used by top athletes in matches. Supporting 30 top athletes + 1 team.
In addition, we hold “physiology problem solving seminars” at schools and teams where athletes convey their own menstrual solutions and current femtech information. It has been well received.
[Product information]
Regular type: 20ml water absorption 5,000 yen (tax included) Available on the official website, etc.
High-leg type: 15ml water absorption 5,500 yen (tentative) Currently on pre-sale at CAMPFIRE *Delivery around June

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