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Ichiro Furudate’s sense of values ​​changed completely, NewsPicks Studios new program “SAKIDACHI” started di stribution

Ichiro Furudate’s sense of values ​​changed completely, NewsPicks Studios new program “SAKIDACHI” started distribution

NewsPicks Studios Co., Ltd. will deliver a new program “SAKIDACHI”, which envisions the future standard 30 years from now, from April 30 (Sun).
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The sluggish Japanese economy has been called the “lost 30 years.” At “SAKIDACHI”, we aim to light up hopes for the future of Japan with the concept of “unleash MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)”. We will take up the challenge.
The program MC is Ichiro Furudate, who has been on the front line of current affairs news for many years and has cut into it from his own perspective. We will explore future standards while breaking the common sense of Mr. Furudate, who represents the senior generation. Would you like to introduce new businesses and future concepts at “SAKIDACHI”? In the program, we are looking forward to sponsorships from companies with hot thoughts for the future. For the first time, we invited Mr. Anju Ishiyama and Mr. Takashi Sabetto as guests in a tie-up project with Panasonic, and conceived a “future standard of living” that will spread home appliance sharing and multi-site living. Performer profile and comments
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After graduating from Rikkyo University, Ichiro Furudate joined TV Asahi in 1977 as an announcer. After being assigned to the New Japan Pro-Wrestling live broadcast program “World Pro-Wrestling”, he became popular due to the professional wrestling commentary described as “Furudate-bushi”. While specializing in live sports broadcasts such as Fuji Television’s F1 broadcast and Keirin (currently: GI) finals, he was also selected as the host of TV programs such as “NHK Red and White Singing Battle”. He has been a caster for TV Asahi’s “Hodo Station” for 12 years as the face of the program. In April 2019, he became a visiting professor at the Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University.
Thirty years ago, I myself would have never imagined things like e-commerce, self-driving cars, and electronic trading, which are now commonplace. Thinking about the future 30 years from now, which is the concept of this program, is a good opportunity to raise your own metabolism.
Anju Ishiyama, Takashi Sabetto, and Yusaku Ota from Panasonic, who co-starred in the first recording, offered new ways of thinking about living, and it felt like my own scale had collapsed, and it felt great.
It goes without saying for young people, but I think people in their 60s and 70s, who are the same age as me, will be able to see the antiquity of their own thinking through me.
“SAKIDACHI” Program Overview
Distribution start date Sunday, April 30, 2023
Distribution media ・NewsPicks website and app ・NewsPicks official YouTube channel
Appearance MC: Ichiro Furudate
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