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Infinite Co., Ltd. April 13, 2023 ON AIR TV animation “My lily is my job!” Shift.02 “Let’s all start serving?” Outline and scene photos released!

Infinite Co., Ltd.
April 13, 2023 ON AIR TV animation “My lily is my job!” Shift.02 “Let’s all start serving?”

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Shift.02 “Shall we all start serving?”
Without understanding the concept of the café, Hinome exchanged vows with Mizuki. Her classmate Kanoko, who is the only one who knows about Hinome’s Sotozura, secretly visits Ribe Girls’ High School because she’s worried about him, who has been acting weird lately. Under the direction of Mai, the store manager, in order to protect the concept of the store, Hinome serves Kanoko in a first-time performance. Kanoko, who doesn’t know the circumstances, panics because she thinks she’s been rejected by her beloved Hinoe. Kanoko hears about the situation from Mai in the backyard…
Script: Naoki Hayashi
Storyboard: Ikuro Morimoto
Directed by: Takahiro Majima
Chief animation director: Taisuke Iwasaki, Rondo Minakami, Haruka Hinata Animation directors: Yosuke Kobashi, Yoshi Sato, Zearth Sato, Takuro Sakurai WEB notice: Shift.02 “Let’s all start serving?”
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music information
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TV animation “My lily is a job! ] Opening theme “Secret (Heart) Melody” released on Wednesday, April 19, 2023!
The ending theme “Yume ga Awakenemo” will be recorded as a coupling song [Watayuri board] will also be released!
For details, please check the official website of Yui Ogura.
radio information
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[Program name] TV anime “My lily is my job!” WEB radio “With love from Cafe Ribe Jogakuen”
[Main Personality] Yui Ogura as Yome Shirasagi / Sumire Uesaka as Mizuki Ayanokoji
[Distribution] Scheduled to be distributed every Friday on Internet Radio Station -Onsen-!
[Program hashtag] #Watayuri Radio
Radio HP:
Original information
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Original: My lily is a job! Author: Mihata
Popular serialization in “Comic Yurihime”!
Volumes 1 to 11 of the comics are now on sale!
Cumulative circulation exceeded 600,000 copies! (*Including e-books) The latest volume 12, official comic anthology will be released on Wednesday, May 17!
-Original Comics Official Site-
-Original Official Instagram-
High school girl Shiraki Youme has a dream. That is to marry a millionaire and ride a palanquin.
For that reason, Yangme made full use of her acting skills and behaved so that she would be loved by everyone.
However, one day, due to carelessness, she injures the manager of the cafe, Mai, and instead, she becomes a clerk at a concept cafe called “Ribe Girls’ School”.
It was a salon where clerks disguised as students of a young lady’s school became sisters and served cleanly and beautifully.
At that point, Harume called one of the female students, Mizuki, “onee-sama”… Work information
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Shirasagi Yome/Yui Ogura
Mizuki Ayanokoji/Sumire Uesaka
Kanoko Amamiya/Mimi Tanaka
Junka Tachibana/Makoto Koichi
Mai Mikoshiba/Yukari Tamura
Nene Saionji/Asami Seto
Director: Sanpei Hijiri
Assistant Director / Takashi Ikebata
Series Composition: Naoki Hayashi
Character design / Taisuke Iwasaki
Art director: Yukako Ogawa (KLAS) Yuri Takagi (KLAS)
Color setting / Arisa Komatsu
Director of photography: Suguru Shiga (Studio Twinkle)
CG Director/Yoshikazu Suzuki
Acoustic Director/Ryosuke Naya
Sound effects / Katsuhiro Nakajima (Swara Pro)
Music / Megumi Ohashi
Produced by infinite
Animation Production / Passione x Studio Rings
Production: My Yuri is a Production Committee!
“Welcome to Cafe Ribe Girls Academy!”
This is a fictitious girls’ school.
Your life as a waiter begins, where acting (Sotozura) and real intentions bloom in profusion!
A salon where clerks become sisters (Schwester) and serve customers cleanly and beautifully.
Hinome, who always tries to behave in a way that everyone will love her, decided to serve as a student at Ribe Girls’ High School. He met a female student, Mizuki Ayanokoji, and casually called her “onee-sama”…?
Your life as a waiter begins, where acting (Sotozura) and real intentions bloom in profusion!
-Broadcast information-
-AT-X- Every Thursday from 22:30
*Repeat broadcast Weekly (Monday) from 10:30 / Weekly (Wednesday) from 16:30 -TOKYO MX- Every Thursday from 23:30
-BS Fuji- Every Friday from 24:30
-BS NTV- Every Saturday from 23:00
Pre-delivery on DMM TV every Thursday from 24:00!
-Music information-
OP song: “Secret (Heart) Melody” Yui Ogura
ED song: “Even if a dream wakes up” Shirasagi Yome (CV. Yui Ogura) & Mizuki Ayanokoji (CV. Sumire Uesaka)
-Various details-
Original: Mihata “My lily is my job! ] (Comic Yurihime/published by Ichijinsha) Anime official website:
Anime Official Twitter: @watayuri_anime (Hashtag #My lily is my job #Watayuri) Original official Instagram: @watayuri_1
Anime Official TikTok: @watayuri_anime_official
(C) Miwa Ichijinsha / My Yuri is a Production Committee!
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