IoT inventory management and ordering automation solution SmartMat Cloud Started providing CSV download function for custom items

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IoT inventory management and ordering automation solution [SmartMat Cloud] Started providing CSV download function for custom items Enables smooth cooperation with purchasing sites and other systems
Smart Shopping Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Directors: Takayuki Shiga / Hidetoshi Hayashi), which operates “SmartMat Cloud”, a solution that visualizes everything on-site with IoT and automates and DX inventory management, SmartMat Cloud We have started providing a function to download CSV data with custom items set above. This will enable smooth data linkage with purchasing EC sites and other systems for inventory and ordering managed on SmartMat Cloud.
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CSV download function that enables smooth system cooperation Inventory management and ordering on SmartMat Cloud can be linked with purchasing EC sites and various other systems via CSV data downloaded from the SmartMat Cloud management screen. At this time, in order to enable smoother data linkage, you will be able to download CSV data with custom items and formats.
Free setting of output CSV data format
Add your own data items (e.g. JAN code)

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SmartMat Cloud is a simple automation and DX solution (SaaS) for inventory management that visualizes the actual inventory of all things on-site with IoT. Inventory that used to require a lot of manpower, advanced quantity management such as grasping actual inventory in real time, which was not possible manually, and even ordering are fully automated to realize labor saving and
sophistication. Since the start of business in the winter of 2018, it has been adopted by a wide range of customers, including medical institutions, in addition to the manufacturing and service industries. It has already been used for inventory and order management for more than 1,400 customers.
Smart Shopping Co., Ltd.
Aiming to make the daily flow of goods super smart, we developed inventory management automation and DX solutions using IoT weight scales. For B2B such as manufacturing industries and medical institutions, we have developed SaaS “SmartMat Cloud”
( that automates all inventory management, inventory and ordering. For consumers, we are developing “SmartMat Lite” ( that automates troublesome daily necessities shopping and realizes zero-click shopping. Company name: Smart Shopping Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th floor, Planet Building, 2-1-22 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takayuki Shiga / Hidetoshi Hayashi
Established: November 2014
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