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Japan Best Support Co., Ltd. “Notice of expansion of operation and management support services for hotels and inns”

Japan Best Support Co., Ltd.
“Notice of expansion of operation and management support services for hotels and inns”
~ Sightseeing, Accommodation & Regional Development Support Service
Japan Best Support Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yoshihiro Moriya, hereinafter referred to as Japan Best Support)
In order to support the operation of accommodation facilities, which have been hit by the revitalization of the local economy and the corona crisis, while keeping an eye on a significant recovery in tourism demand in the future, we will expand support services for accommodation facilities and operate A support team was established. [Image

In terms of “expansion of support services for accommodation facilities”, we support the establishment and introduction of a personnel evaluation system in the field of organizational development as a stabilization of human resource employment and retention measures. In addition, we are expanding new services such as team building training in the opening preparation room and coaching for core members in the new opening of accommodation facilities. In particular, we have received many inquiries about supporting the conversion of lodging facilities to DX for local inns and hotels, and we also provide operational support for high added value for lodging operators.
In addition, we will utilize our unique network and knowledge that we have established over the past 15 years to support the operation of inns and hotels in Japan and overseas, as well as support for regional revitalization. Support. We also build networks (including financial institutions, investment funds, consulting companies, etc.) and support schemes as necessary. In addition, we are actively working to revitalize the local economy of accommodation facilities, including maintaining employment at accommodation facilities.
For consultation, please contact the operation support team by e-mail or telephone.
■ Best support in Japan
Nihon Best Support makes it possible to comprehensively support the market research, planning, management system strengthening, and human resources services that are necessary for the accommodation business. The staff consists of people from the accommodation business, travel agency business, system development business, and financial industry, making it possible to produce results in all phases of the hotel business, from analysis to planning and execution.
 The company has a capital and business alliance with JTB Research Institute, the think tank of JTB, the largest travel industry, and has a system that enables market analysis and joint research using a wide range of tourism data.
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[Consultation desk for various services and operational support] Japan Best Support Management Support Team Hayashida Mail: / Tel: 03-5211-8500

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