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Japan Chuo Juhan Co., Ltd. Japan Chuo Juhan Group Co., Ltd. held a “2023 Management Plan Presentation”.

Japan Chuo Juhan Co., Ltd.
Japan Chuo Jyuhan Group Co., Ltd. held the 2023 Management Plan Presentation. ~Announcement of becoming a holding company during the period~
Nihon Chuo Juhan Co., Ltd. (Location: Nara City, Nara Prefecture, President: Yoshinori Tanate), which provides “ a house that makes you happy just by living ” mainly in Nara Prefecture, will open on April 3, 2023 (Monday). 2023 Management Plan Presentation” was held at Hotel Ligare Kasugano.
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In the “Management Plan”, we announced that we will become a holding company within this fiscal year.
By adopting a group system, we aim to further develop the business of the entire group, foster successors, provide fine-tuned services, make decisions, and speed up execution, thereby further improving the corporate value of the group. It is our policy to strive.
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In addition, in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, the “Management Plan Presentation” has been held in a different form than usual in the past few years, but this year it was held in the same way as usual for the first time in a long time. . It is the first time in several years that employees have met together, such as wearing a mask, as it is left to individual judgment. I was able to start 2023 with a new feeling.
We plan to announce the change to a holding company again as soon as the system is ready.
≪Nihon Chuo Juhan Co., Ltd. Overview≫ Headquarters: Nara City, Nara Prefecture Representative: President and CEO Yoshinori Tanate Established: December 1, 1986 Capital: 80 million yen Business description: New detached house sales/buying/brokerage business /Rental business / Residential land development business / Custom building business / Renovation business / Interior decoration, furniture, lighting equipment sales / Asset utilization / Condominium business / Restaurant business / First home search consultation desk operation
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