Java Corporation Co., Ltd. From “la.f…”, which proposes a simple and basic style that is not trendy, the second edition of the masterpiece Kiwami series 2023 SPRING & SUMMER is now available!

Java Corporation Co., Ltd.
From “la.f…”, which proposes simple and basic styles that are not trendy, the second edition of the 2023 SPRING & SUMMER masterpiece [Kiwami] series is now available!
We would like to introduce new items that we would like you to experience this spring and summer from La F’s popular luxury series [Kiwami], which is particular about comfort, silhouette, and materials.

The women’s brand “la.f…” operated by Java Corporation (Chuo-ku, Kobe / President Nobuhiko Uchino) will develop new items from the masterpiece “Kiwami” series this spring and summer. . (Official online store:
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The ultimate in La F…We propose a simple and basic style that is not trendy. These masterpieces are made with great care and passion, with unparalleled comfort that you will want to wear for a long time now and next year, silhouettes that show off your style, and the high quality of the materials. .
*Lsize items are ¥1,100 more than regular size items, including tax. [Image 2d25473-138-90057185329b4213e5ac-1.jpg&s3=25473-138-8f5fbb190caa6807e129e35f8ae76889-750x750.jpg
◆ No.01 Isko Denim
“Stress-free 4-way stretch denim”
Denim pants using material from Turkish denim fabric manufacturer ISKO (Isco), which is striving for innovation.
We have adopted 4-way denim that stretches in all directions to achieve a different dimension of wearing comfort among ISKO. Compared to the existing 2-way, the design emphasizes vertical stretch that responds to human movement more, and the hold feeling obtained from this is likened to a second bare skin. It is a new generation denim that allows you to experience stress-free.
Pants: ¥24,200 (L sizes available)
[Image 3d25473-138-d1fe7c15f5fb935c60d7-2.jpg&s3=25473-138-ca99221d4d081134b8a6f25e84e10785-3260x2126.jpg
The shape line is set at a higher position to create a design that makes the leg line look beautiful.
Pants: ¥24,200 (L sizes available)

[Image 4d25473-138-e649351b8392b3a425a4-3.jpg&s3=25473-138-301e3921c9992232585e3ce1d79f5e25-750x1150.jpg
◆ No.02 Leofine
Easy care original shirt
A shirt material that combines the soft and supple texture of cupra, the refreshing feel of linen, and the wrinkle-resistant, easy-care properties of recycled polyester.
La F’s original striped pattern fabric is tailored to a relaxed and cool design. In addition to 3/4 sleeve shirts, gorgeous T-blouses are also available. Shirt: ¥22,000 (L size available)
Pants: ¥24,200 (L sizes available)

[Image 5d25473-138-21eaa0303773979582c0-4.jpg&s3=25473-138-69c74c733f673545822c99432345d91a-800x800.jpg
◆ No.03 Royal Ramie
High-quality ramie full of charm of natural materials
Shirts and blouses made from high-quality ultra-fine ramie. Ramie, a type of hemp material, is characterized by a delicate slub feel and moderate firmness that cannot be expressed with linen, and has a natural and elegant luster that is unique to natural materials. The lineup includes two types: a minimalist skipper shirt and a feminine pintucked blouse.
Blouse: ¥ 20,900 (L size available)
Shirt: ¥20,900 (L size available)
[Image 6d25473-138-c302bfde3354dccf5023-5.png&s3=25473-138-7b47a2fb7fef4704797e88fb3d34f460-897x621.png
A summery bright yellow color brightens up your face.
                  Shirt: ¥20,900 (L size available)
                  Pants: ¥24,200 (L sizes available)
[Image 7d25473-138-44bbbef60d82d0dedb66-6.jpg&s3=25473-138-ca4216e35459cc97d0c5b6ea7729ba60-750x1150.jpg

◆ No.04 Triacetate Slab Stretch / TA Slab Stretch
Stretch material with a natural look and light comfort
Natural-textured triacetate made from natural pulp. It is a stretch material that uses slub thread that is purposefully uneven in thickness.
While it has a natural look, it also absorbs water and dries quickly, and is wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. A short sleeve blazer, a tailored design gilet, and center press pants are available for a beautiful look that is unique to this season.

[Image 8d25473-138-fa832806803135901d59-7.jpg&s3=25473-138-90b57b2eaac112b7c03c5427646d8b97-800x800.jpg

Long slub yarn with different shades creates a natural unevenness and depth of taste.
Jacket: ¥ 30,800 (L size available)
Knit: ¥18,700
Pants: ¥20,900 (L sizes available)

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Java Corporation Co., Ltd. develops the brands of Lautreamont, Essen.Lautreamont, La F, Droit Lautreamont, Mason Gray, Biagjo Blue, Vicky, Queen’s Court, and Kety.
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