JR East Planning Co., Ltd. Recruiting team members who see carbon neutral as “personal responsibility” and expand the circle of sympathy in the region!

JR East Planning Co., Ltd.
We are looking for team members who see carbon neutrality as “personal responsibility” and expand the circle of sympathy in the community!
JR East Planning Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President Ryoji Akaishi) is a trustee of Chuo-ku, Tokyo’s “Zero-Carbon Momentum Fostering Project”. We are looking for members of “Team Carbon Zero” who will think about, implement and disseminate their own efforts for decarbonization.
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“Team Carbon Zero” logo mark
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Workshop activity image You will have fun learning with your friends and working on actions that you want to try.
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Company visit image We will visit companies that are working on decarbonization. About “Team Carbon Zero”
Chuo Ward, Tokyo announced the “Zero Carbon City Chuo Ward
Declaration” in March 2021, aiming to achieve virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.
Young people in their teens and twenties, who will continue to play a leading role in society in 2050, will lead the proactive actions of residents and business operators toward decarbonization, and bring about ripple effects throughout the city. We believe that is the key to realizing a zero-carbon city, and we will implement the
“Zero-Carbon Momentum Fostering Project”.
“Team Carbon Zero” consists of ambitious junior high school students and younger generations in their 20s. While learning about climate change issues and problem-solving methods through fun workshops using card games, etc. It is a two-year group work team working on action. We are currently recruiting team members for “Team Carbon Zero” to work with us. Through the workshop, team members will first learn and become aware of what is happening on the earth today and the impact that individual actions will have on the future. After that, we will do group work to think about and implement actions that will involve people other than the members and create opportunities to expand the circle of empathy. The secretariat provides material for thinking about what should be done from now on for the future of Chuo-ku and the team members themselves, while at the same time, it is based on the ideas of the team members themselves, such as expression methods to expand the circle of empathy. We will respect and support proactive actions. In addition, we will incorporate activities that will lead to future interests and interests, such as a program to visit companies that cannot be seen normally and spotlight their decarbonization efforts.  Chuo Ward, where Japan’s economic centers such as Ginza and Nihonbashi are concentrated. From such a center, we are looking for team members who take carbon neutrality as “personal responsibility” and carry out activities to expand the circle of actions to be handed over to the future.
City official website regarding this project:
https://www.city.chuo.lg.jp/a0036/kankyo/20230411teamcarbonzeroboshu.html [Image 4

Ward official website
Activity date and time and activity details

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Application Requirements
Target: High school students to those under the age of 29 who live in Chuo Ward or commute to school or work
Recruitment period: April 11, 2023 (Tuesday) to May 12, 2023 (Friday) (*1)  Activity period: From June 2023 to March 2025 (*2)
 Participation fee: Free (transportation expenses are to be borne by each participant)
Capacity: about 16 people
*1 The application period may be extended. In addition, if there are many applicants, we will conduct a fair selection based on the application content such as motivation.
*2 This activity is scheduled to last for two years. In principle, we ask that you participate in all programs, but if it is difficult to participate due to your circumstances, please contact us separately. Participation application method
If you would like to participate in this event, please send an email to the secretariat using the form below.
(1. Read the QR code for sending the application email below, and select 2. “Click here for the email creation screen” to automatically create an email with the application items.)
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QR code for sending application email
Application/Inquiry Email Address: team-carbon-zero@jeki.co.jp “Team Carbon Zero” secretariat (JR East Kikaku Co., Ltd.)
[Items to be entered in the application email]
Email title “Team Carbon Zero member application”
the content of the email:
· Occupation (1. School name 2. Grade for students, 1. Affiliation 2. Position for working adults)
・Phone number, address, email address
・Relationship with Chuo Ward (living, attending school, working) ・ Motivation for application (please write in 500 characters or less, mentioning the environmental initiatives and communication methods that you are interested in)
・Do you have any experience with activities related to decarbonization and SDGs (if you answered “yes”, please describe your experience) *Those under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parents before applying. When you decide to participate, you will be asked to submit a parental consent form.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
“Team Carbon Zero” secretariat (JR East Kikaku Co., Ltd.)
 TEL: 03-5447-7790 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)
E-mail: team-carbon-zero@jeki.co.jp

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Recruitment flyer (table)
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Recruitment flyer (back)

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