JR West Japan SC Development Co., Ltd. A festival with the theme of “cute” will be held at Tennoji Mio!

JR West SC Development Co., Ltd.
A festival with the theme of “kawaii” will be held at Tennoji Mio! ~Holding a popular character collaboration event in addition to a limited-time shop produced by “Kawaii☆Stars”~

The 6th floor of the main building of Tennoji Mio, a large shopping center operated by JR West Japan SC Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Kita-ku, Osaka), has undergone a major renovation this spring. Festa” will be held during Golden Week.
Apart from Tokyo, not only do we have miscellaneous goods and accessories with the theme of “kawaii” that can only be purchased here, but on May 3 (Wednesday), Sanrio Co., Ltd. characters will win the 2022 Sanrio Character Awards. The collaboration items of “Cinnamoroll” and “Kawaii☆Stars”, which won first place, will be sold, and “Cinnamoroll” will actually visit Mio and hold an event. Please come to Tennoji Mio at this precious opportunity.
■ Overview of “Kawaii Festa”
[Period] ▶ Saturday, April 29, 2023 to Wednesday, May 3, 2023 [Place] ▶ Tennoji Mio Main Building 6F Spiral Square
[Opening stores]
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Kawaii☆Stars is a creator team that creates kawaii, produced by the influencer “Meichi” who spreads the world of cuteness. Kawaii specialists gather together to lead the Harajuku-style handmade industry, which has continued to seek and create kawaii that has not yet existed in the world. Based on the concept of “I want to put a little cute magic in your daily life (heart)”, we sell special cute accessories and miscellaneous goods. Beyond the barriers of genre, age, gender, etc., you can always find a kawaii that is perfect for anyone. With the hope that everyday life will shine brightly with your favorite items. . . (heart).
 Brand producer “Meichi” has been working as a reporter and as an idol, and now has his own talent activities.
(Twitter: @itoumei, Instagram: @itoumei)
(May 3 (Wednesday) “Cinnamoroll” will come to the store!)
[Image 2d30778-64-85b93532b44d5a80799a-1.jpg&s3=30778-64-9068c3a0ce5ad30a8e9bf077a4c65a67-1800x2700.jpg
・A fashion show and Instagram live will be held from 13:30 to 14:00. Cinnamoroll will put on a collaboration item with “Kawaii☆Stars” and Cinnamoroll, and the product will be introduced in the presence of the producer “Meichi”.
・From 15:30 to 16:00 and 17:30 to 18:00, collaboration with “Kawaii☆Stars” Cinnamoroll will greet customers who have purchased the product and won the lottery.
*On the first day of the event, April 29th (Sat/holiday) and May 3rd (Wednesday/holiday), when the Cinnamoroll collaboration products will be on sale, it is expected to be crowded, so purchase restrictions may be implemented and numbered tickets may be distributed for shuffle admission. increase. For details, please check the Kawaii☆Stars website or official Twitter.

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