Kakuyasu Co., Ltd. A rush of price increases that hit household budgets Still, 45% “do not save money on alcohol” Questionnaire survey on utility price hikes-Kakuyasu survey

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Rush of price hikes that are a big blow to household budgets 45% still say they don’t save on alcohol costs Questionnaire survey on utility bill hikes – research by Kakuyasu
Review of household finances: 42% “thinking about reviewing” and 25% “already reviewing”, for a total of 67%. 45% said they would save or not save alcohol costs, while 31% said they would save money.
Kakuyasu Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Junichi Sato, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which sells and delivers alcohol, is targeting users of our company who are registered in the Kakuyasu mail magazine, in addition to the recent rise in prices. Regarding the increase in utility costs such as electricity bills and gas bills, we conducted a questionnaire survey on reviewing household budgets, saving techniques, and raising alcohol costs for drinking at home.
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Survey results topics
1. Review of household finances: 42% “thinking about reviewing” and 25% “already reviewing”, for a total of 67%.
2. 45% said they would save or not save alcohol costs, while 31% said they would save money.
3. A secret plan to enjoy alcohol even during the price increase rush. Questionnaire results regarding utility bill increases
Since last year, there have been successive increases in the prices of food, daily necessities, and even utility bills. With the immeasurable impact on household finances, we first asked whether households would review their finances in light of the rise in prices and utility bills. As a result, 42% said they were planning to revise it, far exceeding the 23% who said they had no plans to revise it. In addition, many respondents answered that they have already reviewed it, accounting for 25% of the total. That means 1 in 4 people have already reviewed their finances. Adding 42% of respondents who answered that they are “thinking about reassessing their finances,” the figure reached 67%.
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Next, when we asked all of them what they would save, with multiple answers allowed, the most common was “entertainment expenses” at 54%, followed by “utilities” at 52%, and “food expenses” at 46%. %, 40% for clothing and accessories, and 31% for daily necessities.
On the other hand, there were also voices such as “We will reduce what we can reduce at that time” and “We are considering the most effective category.”
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Next, we asked our users, who are many drinkers, whether they would save alcohol when drinking at home, even with utility bills rising. As a result, 45% answered that they do not save money, 14 points higher than the 31% that did save money.
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Then, how do those who answered “save money” save alcohol costs? When asked with multiple answers allowed, the most common answer was “reduce the frequency of drinking” at 49%, followed by “reducing the amount of drink per drink” at 47%.
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Also, because of the rush to raise prices this time, we asked for what you are doing to enjoy alcohol. As a result, the following opinions were collected.
“Mushrooms, which are good for health, are reasonably priced amidst these high prices, and I enjoy making a lot of snacks using
“Drink wine and beer together.
“We create new flavors by blending good and cheap sake.”
“Work hard, earn money, and enjoy drinking.”
“I try to savor everything I eat and drink slowly.”
Summary of questionnaire results
67% of respondents reconsidered their household finances due to rising utility costs, but 45% of respondents said they would not save alcohol.
Previously, when we conducted a questionnaire survey on what kind of existence alcohol is (*1), many people answered that it was “something that heals the fatigue of the day” and “a pleasure of life”, and that “it’s sad even when it’s fun”. There was also an opinion such as “best friends who are always together.” From this survey, I think you can see that alcohol is such an irreplaceable existence for drinkers. *1 Reference: A direct hit for alcohol lovers. A storm of price increases! ! Still, 37% say “I don’t save money!”-Everything is sake and Kakuyasu
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[Survey method] Internet survey
[Survey target] Users who have registered for the Kakuyasu mail magazine [Survey period] March 13 (Monday) to March 16 (Thursday), 2023 [Number of collected samples] 250
*Since the composition ratio figures are rounded off to the second decimal place, the sum of individual aggregate values ​​may not always add up to 100%.
About Kakuyasu Delivery
Kakuyasu Delivery, which is Kakuyasu’s own delivery service (*1), delivers alcohol, beverages, food, etc. on the same day, all year round, from approximately 200 delivery bases in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagasaki. Doing.
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1. “Anytime” same day delivery! You can choose your desired delivery time slot every hour.
2. “Anywhere” From your home to the office, outdoors, anywhere within the delivery area!
3. “No matter what” From a single bottle of beer to a large order for a banquet, we will deliver it for free!
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*1 Same-day delivery may be difficult depending on congestion and availability. *1 Business hours vary depending on the store in charge of delivery. [About Kakuyasu Co., Ltd.]
Established: October 1, 2020
Head office: 2-3-1 Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Junichi Sato
Business description: Sales of alcoholic beverages, food, etc. for restaurants and general households, “Nandemo Sake Ya Kakuyasu” and other store operations
URL: https://www.kakuyasu.co.jp/
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