Kazokutei Co., Ltd. Kazokutei soba and Japanese food production area fair “Echigo Niigata ‘Yorimichi’ Kanazawa Fermentation Tour” will be held from April 3rd

Kazokutei Co., Ltd.
Soba and Japanese cuisine Kazokutei Production area fair “Echigo Niigata ‘Yorimichi’ Kanazawa Fermentation Tour” to be held from April 3rd

~ Echigo Niigata / Yorimichi Kanazawa Tenzaru Soba, Yukimuro Aged Golden Pork Sauce Katsudon Set, Uonuma Kirizai Daiiki Natto Soba, etc. Products that you can taste Echigo Niigata and Kanazawa ingredients and fermented foods for a limited time from 4/3 to 5/31 sale. ~

Dear members of the press,
April 3, 2023
《Kazokutei Co., Ltd.》
Eight brands, including “Kazokutei” and “Kashunan” operated by Kazokutei Co., Ltd., will hold the “Echigo Niigata ‘Yorimichi’ Kanazawa Fermentation Tour” as a production area fair from April 3, 2023 (Monday). I will.
In addition to seafood and mountain produce, Niigata Prefecture is also home to many fermented foods with a long history that are unique to the snow country, such as materials aged in the snow room and methods of preserving ingredients. In Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, there are many soy sauce and miso shops, and the culture of fermentation has taken root. “Echigo Niigata “Yorimichi” is a place where customers can taste the fermented foods and vegetables and ingredients of Niigata Prefecture and Kanazawa City, and feel the feeling of traveling from Niigata to Kanazawa. We will carry out “Kanazawa Fermentation Tour”.
Sado Araumi salmon, snow aged Inca no mezame, Uonuma bunshimeji, maitake mushrooms from Niigata Prefecture, bok choy, sudarefu tempura and tempura rice bowl, natto soba using large power natto, snow room It is a fair where you can fully enjoy Echigo Niigata and Kanazawa, such as sauce katsudon using aged golden pork. Please take this opportunity to enjoy “Echigo Niigata ‘Yorimichi’ Kanazawa Fermentation Tour” at Kazokutei.
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*Some products may not be available at sales stores.
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■ Echigo Niigata “Yorimichi” Kanazawa Tenzaru
Tempura made with 6 ingredients. Six kinds of tempura using Sado’s “Araumi Salmon”, snow-aged “Inka no Mezame”, Uonuma Bunshimeji, Niigata Prefecture’s Maitake, Niigata Prefecture’s bok choy, and sudarefu with “sake lees salt”. Enjoy.
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■ Yukimuro Aged Golden Pork Sauce Katsudon Set
This menu allows you to enjoy B-grade gourmet food from Niigata Prefecture. Once you eat it, you will become addicted to the sauce katsudon, which is made with snow-aged golden pork, snow-aged Inca no mezame, Uonuma bunshimeji mushrooms, and maitake mushrooms from Niigata Prefecture and mixed with sweet sauce.
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Uonuma Kirizai Oiki natto soba
*Kirizai is a mixture of finely chopped vegetables and pickles. At a time when meat and fish were rarely eaten, people came to eat natto, a precious protein, with great care.
Our natto soba, made with dairyoku natto and kurizai using fresh water flowing from the mountains, is the perfect menu for when you’re a little hungry or just want to eat lightly. In addition, as a taste change, we will provide a set of “soy sauce moromi” from Yamato Shoyu Miso Co., Ltd. in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
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■Souvenirs from Echigo Niigata and Kanazawa are also available at the cash register.
“Kanazawa Sweet Potato” using “Goroshima Kintoki”, one of the Kaga vegetables, “Beaver” and “Curry Beaver” born in Kaga and raised in Hokuriku, “Echigo Tamari-zuke” pickles that are popular every year, “Wappa-iri Sasakushi Dango” made with bamboo flour from Niigata Prefecture, “Koshi no Murasaki”, a dashi soy sauce that can be used as an all-purpose seasoning, and Yamato Shoyu Co., Ltd. that can remove three types of bacteria: Aspergillus, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. We have prepared 7 kinds of souvenirs of miso’s “soy sauce moromi”. We have products that allow you to enjoy the feeling of traveling at home.
*Some products may not be available at sales stores.
〇 Title: Echigo Niigata “Yorimichi” Kanazawa Fermentation Tour 〇 Sales period: April 3 (Monday) to May 31 (Wednesday), 2023 〇 List of products for sale (partial excerpt)
・Echigo Niigata Yorimichi Kanazawa Tenzaru Soba/Udon (1,350 yen including tax) ・Snow room aged golden pork and Echigo vegetable tsukemen (1,210 yen including tax)
・Kuruma-fu and duck egg rice bowl set 1,210 yen including tax ・Katsudon set with snow-aged golden pork sauce 1,320 yen including tax ・Uonuma Kirizai Daiiki Natto Soba (1,210 yen including tax)
・Echigo Niigata Yorimichi Kanazawa Tendon Set (1,280 yen including tax) “dessert”
・Milk Ice Cream Soba Choco Parfait with Soy Sauce (480 yen including tax) ・Milk ice cream with soy sauce for ice cream 380 yen including tax “souvenir”
・Echigo Tamarizuke (420 yen including tax)
・ Beaver 280 yen including tax
・Curry beaver 280 yen including tax
・Soy sauce moromi (650 yen including tax)
・Koshi no Murasaki (340 yen including tax)
・Wappa-filled bamboo skewer dango (Kansai store is Tsubuan / Kanto store is Koshian) 750 yen including tax
・Kaga Vegetables [Gorojima Kintoki] Kanazawa Sweet Potato 180 yen including tax 〇 Sales store
“Kazokutei”, “Kashunan”, “Samboan”, “Sobashun”, “Soba”, “Udon nou”, and “Udon no Uta” stores nationwide
*Excluding Kazokutei Sapporo, Kazokuan Ario Sapporo, Kazokuan Surugawan Numazu Service Area, and Kazokuan Totsuka.
*Some stores may not carry some products or have different prices. *Sales may end without notice due to stock availability and weather. *Since the store handles soba, please refrain from eating and drinking if you are allergic to soba.
*Udon Nou and Udon Poetry stores sell udon instead of soba.
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