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Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. Do not walk! Do not climb! Don’t overdo it! Once I started shooting, I was hooked. Shizune Kuno “Creative Photography in Camera: Tokyo Nakano Classroom” Free Tour Available

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
Don’t walk! Do not climb! Don’t overdo it! Once I started shooting, I was hooked. Shizune Kuno “Creative Photography in Camera: Tokyo Nakano Classroom” Free Tour Available
Held on May 8th (Monday) and 10th (Wednesday) at Kenko Tokina, a 7-minute walk from Nakano Station

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Toru Yamanaka) aims to spread knowledge of photography equipment and provides a seminar room for the purpose of providing a place for photographers to play an active role. increase.
On May 9th (Monday) and 11th (Wednesday) from 13:00 to 17:00, we will hold the “Creative Photography in Camera Tokyo Nakano Classroom” by the leading creative photographer.
Participation fee is 3,500 yen (participation only once) Annual membership fee is 30,000 yen
However, the first free tour is OK, so if you are interested, please apply to the host, Mr.
[Image 1

Photographed by Shizune Kuno using Tokina SZ 300mm PRO Reflex F7.1 MF CF Do you know that “creative photography in the camera” is attracting attention now?
Don’t walk! Do not climb! Don’t overdo it! Once you start taking pictures, you will be fascinated by them, and you will be able to keep taking pictures in the same place for 3 or 4 hours.
You can take pictures that impress people in nearby places such as gardens and parks without looking for a superb view.
When you say “multiple, composite”, it is compared to the creative photos of computer software, but the creative photos in the camera have a hand-made feeling made on the shooting site, and you can bring out the individuality of each person.
I can’t go far for various reasons.
If you feel that your photos are getting stuck in a rut and are worried that you cannot express your individuality, why not take a peek into the world of creative photography?
In the classroom, we project the work of the instructor and members, and learn correction and shooting techniques every month.
For those of you who want to take unique photos of yourself! Shinzo Creative Photo Association Web ( If you find it interesting and fun, why don’t you come to the “free tour” held every month? We look forward to.
Lecturer: Shizune Kuno (mobile: 090-4193-0554)
[Tokyo Nakano classroom]
Kenko Tokina Nakano Head Office
KT Nakano Building, 6-68-10 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8616 [Seminar content]
In-camera creative photography technique course, photo correction, how to use Kenko Tokina lenses, filters, photographic supplies, etc., explanation of new products, etc., joint photo exhibition, photo session, in-camera creative photography instructor training advice, contest work correction・Personal exhibition, photo book creation consultation
Born in Nagoya in 1942.
2004 Member of the Japan Photographers Association (JPA)
2005-2008 Filming activities in China
From 2008 to now, he resides at Lake Shirakaba Hotel Seimeiso and holds creative photography seminars every month at Lake Shirakaba. Cultivate a large number of in-camera creative photography enthusiasts by devising a number of unique photography techniques
In 2021, the Shinzo Creative Photo Association was established and is being published on the web. Up to now as a representative of the Shinzo Creative Photography Association
■ Books (Nihon Shashin Kikaku)
“Shooting techniques that no one teaches”
“Your picture changes in a day”
“Your photos will become more personalized”
“Shinkanso Illusion Photography Collection”
by Shigeru Kuno
Tokina SZ 300mm PRO Reflex F7.1 MF CF
Examples of creative photographs used
[Image 2d8859-1239-4d995f19629150fac861-0.jpg&s3=8859-1239-7296d718dce05c16a1aad12b41d8345c-800x533.jpg
[Image 3d8859-1239-26094e8592d5ab05b3e2-0.jpg&s3=8859-1239-447c318c814593357671bcc7993c4ef1-800x533.jpg
[Image 4d8859-1239-3461c1dc4c74b3ca19ad-0.jpg&s3=8859-1239-d4e1b2722fa587882db17c718a399b00-800x533.jpg
[Image 5d8859-1239-e0aecb306fcfcf7219a5-0.jpg&s3=8859-1239-29334576e16989f15ae5ca43b15fa7a0-800x533.jpg
[Image 6d8859-1239-9d130bef1fe0fc0ab81a-0.jpg&s3=8859-1239-b6771b7a40f4b8391291b029adf2047c-800x533.jpg
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Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
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