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Kobe Earth NASA Randoseru (R) will participate in the “2024 Randoseru Expansion Reservation Event” (4/19-4/24) at Daimaru Kobe.

Ikeda Earth Co., Ltd.
[Kobe] Earth NASA Randoseru (R) will participate in the “2024 Randoseru Expansion Reservation Event” (4/19-4/24) at Daimaru Kobe. [Benefits for signing a contract] An original name key holder for the Earth NASA school bag (R) will be given as a gift!

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Ikeda Chikyu Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo: Representative Director Koichi Murao), which plans and sells school bags, will hold a special event on the 9th floor of the Daimaru Kobe store from April 19 (Wednesday) to April 24 (Monday). We will participate in the “2024 school bag expansion reservation event” held for a limited time. At the randoseru event, the Earth NASA randoseru (R), which uses the shock-absorbing material Temperfoam (R) developed for NASA, will be the centerpiece, as well as the WWF model using sustainable materials, and a collaboration with Shufunotomosha, which released a new product this year. We will exhibit and sell about 30 items such as school bags. You can actually experience the shock absorption power of Temper Foam (R).
The earth NASA school bag (R) is not only “cool and cute” but also “friendly for everyday use”, featuring a simple and stylish design and functionality that can be used safely for 6 years. We hope that you will visit us with your family, actually carry a school bag that suits you, and consider it from various angles such as comfort,
functionality, and color. Customers who purchase a randoseru at the time of their visit will receive a set of Earth NASA randoseru (R) original tools and a name key holder.
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[Event details]
Period: 4/19 (Wed.) – 4/24 (Mon.) *Closes at 18:00 on the last day Place: Daimaru Kobe store 9th floor special venue (next to the escalator) Address: 40 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
TEL: 078-331-8121 (representative)
[Contract benefits]
Earth NASA school bag original name key holder
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[Introduction of lineup]

Earth NASA school bag (R)
Support, protect and encourage children’s dreams and growth. That is Earth Ikeda’s “Earth NASA Randoseru (R) Series”
The Earth NASA school bag (R) incorporates a shock-absorbing material called Temperfoam (R) developed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to reduce the burden on children who carry a lot of luggage every day, making it child-friendly. It is a school bag. By combining the experience and technical capabilities we have cultivated over the years with the latest technology, we are making school bags that no other company has. In addition to pursuing cutting-edge science, we aim to use eco-friendly materials and materials to create school bags that are friendly to both the earth and children. [Image 5

[Popular model for boys]
[Image 6

spaceland over the romance
■ Spaceland Over the Roman
It is a special model full of functions such as new function space pocket (open pocket), tablet correspondence, omnidirectional reflective material, high cushion shoulder belt, safety buckle. ■ Bicolor
Earth NASA school bag (R) popular NO1 series has been upgraded with a new outfit! ! Lightweight model that is resistant to scratches. Increased strength by changing the core material and shape. A simple and timeless model.
[Popular model for girls]
[Image 7

spaceland moon
■ Spaceland Moon
It is a special school bag full of functions such as new function space pocket (open pocket), toughlet compatible, omnidirectional reflection, high cushion shoulder belt, safety buckle.
■ Liberte balloon
The earth NASA school bag (R) girl’s maximum capacity model. Le ciel de la liberte Let’s flap our wings towards our dreams! Because there is a sky in front of me where I can fly freely. The new model has a balloon motif. Fly freely in the big sky. Like a bright and hopeful departure.
Earth NASA school bag (R) WWF model
Aiming for a future where people live in harmony with nature The Earth NASA school bag (R) WWF model is a school bag made with consideration for the global environment and children’s bodies. We hope that it will be an “opportunity” for children to think about the “global environment.”
It is an eco-friendly school bag that uses “Cordley (R)” made from recycled PET bottles as the main material.
Earth NASA Randsel (R) x Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. Collaboration Randsel
Randoseru lovingly crafted by an editor with child-rearing experience Randoseru technology cultivated by Ikeda Earth over its 100-year history. The knowledge I gained while making magazines for moms and books for children. A collaboration school bag made by mobilizing the two! While incorporating the opinions of working moms who actually raise children in elementary school, we have created something that makes you think, “I want my child to have such a randoseru!” – – – – –
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[Ikeda Earth]
It was founded in 1922 as “Earth Bag Manufacturing” with the dream and desire to spread it to every corner of the earth. Since then, with the motif of “Earth full of life”, we have earned a great deal of trust from a wide range of fields with our high-quality, conscientious products. We have been involved in randoseru for about 50 years, and what we have cherished there is “manufacturing that is heart-to-heart with people who use it.” What makes children happy and what makes them feel safe as a parent? We want to protect children through randoseru and nurture their dreams. It was an encounter with the shock absorption technology adopted by NASA that reduces the weight of school bags that made such a dream come true. The Earth NASA school bag (R) is still popular with many customers as a child-friendly school bag. In addition, we are working on SDGs to protect the future of children, and have started making sustainable school bags using recycled materials. We believe that the future can be created from school bags, so we deliver the future of children in each school bag. – – –
Chikyu Ikeda “Earth NASA Randoseru”
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