Korea’s No. 1 self-gel nail brand “ohora” will release a limited-edition Japan limited “Suncatcher collection” from May 12th!

Guruga Japan Co., Ltd.
Korea’s No. 1 self-gel nail brand “ohora” will release a
limited-edition Japan limited “Suncatcher collection” from May 12th! [Ahead of the summer from your fingertips! 2023 summer trend nails]
Gurga Japan Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director Yanagimoto Hyun) self-gel nail brand “ohora” (hereinafter referred to as ohora) is a foot inspired by a sun catcher that shines under the summer sunshine. 4 types of nails will be released on the official website from May 12, 2023 (Friday).
[Image 1d77997-36-8a866bc5e3d000e458be-0.png&s3=77997-36-60c4a68c51e7e22003a1c3c7d3e5ead9-1666x460.png
When you feel the summer sunshine, the season for sandals has arrived! 2023 Summer Trend Nails
This time, the collection is full of brilliance, like a suncatcher that is said to “attract good luck”, creating a beautiful prism while bathing in the light of the summer sun.
Based on the “dull and pale” color that is loved by ohora users, each design featuring popular shell art and sparkling glitter can be easily finished to salon quality even by yourself, and can be used in various moods and scenes. It will update the fashion of your feet.
With ohora’s summer nails that coolly color the hot season, feel the pleasant happiness that shines beautifully every time you look at it, like a sun catcher that brings happiness.
List of Suncatcher collection designs
[Image 2d77997-36-eb3092b468443fe91d97-5.png&s3=77997-36-1edf8f2868f2ae2dbfa7bc29b0d0ce5a-1000x500.png
P Suiheisen ¥1,826 (tax included)
A sophisticated navy pedi that looks like a collection of sea objects. The combination of navy x shell and silver glitter is designed with the image of the sea, such as shells, waves, and wind. Adds glamor to a calm atmosphere and creates mature feet.
[Image 3d77997-36-e14d898eb10c8773285f-6.png&s3=77997-36-aac538d7ce6af0a8c02cc2fe0c36298b-1000x500.png
P Kumononami ¥1,826 (tax included)
A mint color pedi that carries a cool breeze.
A refreshing design that combines mint colors with different tones. Accented with glittering shells and gold leaf, it attracts attention at the seaside and poolside.
[Image 4d77997-36-15adc930c0ae4863243c-7.png&s3=77997-36-f9dd78b2211ce2b8d49737358dbd88f4-1000x500.png
P Hizashi ¥1,826 (tax included)
Luxurious shell pedi studded with brilliance.
The shell point nails and glitter nails sparkle under the bright sunlight, giving off a glamorous appeal. It is also recommended when you want to dress up with sandals with heels.
[Image 5d77997-36-c8afd7e861188ae9a62c-8.png&s3=77997-36-246387d21f5b07611d45123858cd226c-1000x500.png
P Sunahama ¥1,826 (tax included)
Sand beige pedi that makes you feel harmonious.
Combining shades of beige, art with golden foil, shells and lines. Despite its modern design, it can be used for any occasion, from natural to dressy styles.
What is “ohora”
Landed in Japan in 2021 with the concept of “Easy self-use” semi-cure gel “, which is very popular in Korea!”
After landing, it has received attention, such as winning the best cosmetics in each domestic media. “Semi-cure gel” is a gel nail in which only about 60% of 100% of the actual liquid gel nail is cured, and this unique technology has been patented in Japan, Korea, China, the United States, and Europe.
The difference from conventional nail stickers is that they are soft and stretchy, making them easy to fit on nails of any shape and size. (*A gel lamp is required for finishing) The 3-layer gel structure of base, color, and top achieves a more vivid color and gloss, and a plump and voluminous feel unique to gel. It is a new sensation item that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the finish unique to real gel while maintaining salon quality and ease of use.
Brand overview
Name: ohora
Official website: https://ohora.co.jp/
SNS: Instagram: @ohora_jp (https://www.instagram.com/ohora_jp) Twitter: @ohora_jp (https://twitter.com/ohora_jp)
YouTube: ohora_jp (https://bit.ly/3gq6cjt)
Details about this release:


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