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Lightup Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 6580) Joint event 4/12 (Wednesday) 12:00- Lightup and DMM unveil online school know-how! (free webinar)

Light Up Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 6580)
[Joint event] 4/12 (Wednesday) 12:00~ Light-up and DMM will openly share online school know-how! (free webinar)
The online school market has grown rapidly due to Corona. How to make a business in online learning in the middle of the day?

Light Up Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Shiraishi, hereinafter Light Up)
is a limited liability company (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and CEO: Kameyama
We will hold an online seminar for lesson providers together with “Bellbird”, an OEM service for online communication operated by Keiji (DMM).
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After the 2020 corona disaster, the online lesson market has grown rapidly. While face-to-face classes and group training are restricted to prevent infection,
Online communication using video calls has become widespread. “Online lessons”, “online business negotiations”, “webinars”, “telework”… Not only in the education industry, but also in business, online has become “Atarimae”.
In 2023, as the corona disaster settles down and the world returns to normal life,
The demand for online lessons has not changed.
As in previous years, the market size is growing steadily.
This seminar has been held long before the corona disaster,
Two companies that have led the online lesson industry,
We will explain how to create a structure to grow your business. ▼ Click here for the application form
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This seminar is for those who:
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This seminar will satisfy those who have the following issues! How can I start online lessons?
How can I make running an online school easier?
How can I improve the quality of my lessons?
Does the online lesson business have growth potential and future potential? How much will it cost and how much will it sell?
Should I start as a new business?
Are there subsidies suitable for online lessons?
Founding member of “DMM English Conversation”, the No. 1 (*1) recognized online English conversation service,
We invite Mr. Keita Sudo to find out the secret to the success of online lessons.
The facilitator will be Moriyama, who is responsible for the lesson business of Light Up Co., Ltd.
Involved in launching more than 200 online schools.
Two people who know the light and shadow of online lessons,
From “difficulties” to “secrets of success” in the online lesson business Let me tell you.
It is a collaboration that can only be realized here!
If you have any problems with online lessons, please take this valuable information with you.
[Seminar Overview]
Is there anyone who thinks like this?
“You have money, so you hit the commercial, didn’t you?”
No, service success is not about having money.
“〇〇” that exists in every school is the most important!
Two companies that continue to grow online English conversation schools I will tell you with all my mouth!
Title: 60 minutes to understand the mechanism of online school success Date: April 12, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00
Location: Online (delivered via Zoom)
Participation fee: Free
▼ Click here for the application form
[About each service]
▼ Online communication OEM service “Bellbird”
[Image 4

“Bellbird” is about online communication,
This is a corporate service that provides various systems as an OEM. The most popular of these services is the “video call system.” Starting with DMM English conversation, the No. 1 online English conversation industry,
We have a track record of introduction in other industries, mainly for online lesson operators.
The video call system is easy to enter the room just by clicking on the URL. In addition to the recording function for operation managers, The customizability that can be equipped with teaching materials used by the company is also highly evaluated.
In addition, Bellbird also provides “DMM English Conversation Original Teaching Materials” on an OEM basis.
We will continue to expand our online communication system in the future. ▼ Online lesson reservation system “WTE”


[Image 5

WTE does not sell a “reservation system”.
We are selling “a system that allows you to run an online school by yourself”. Specializing in the operation of online lessons, reservations and payments, lesson management,
An all-in-one system for customer management and remuneration management. Since the start of sales in 2012, 200 online schools have
Used as a core system.
In addition, based on the experience of running a school in-house, We also provide online school management support such as attracting customers and hiring.
Those who are thinking of starting a lesson business,
If you are thinking of changing the reservation system, please let us know. [Seminar lecturer information]
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Keita Sudo
GK Bellbird Promotion Office Manager
Joined Plaza Create Co., Ltd. as a new graduate after graduating from university.
After working for 9 years, he embarked on a journey around the world to do what he wanted to do when he was 30.
After returning to Japan, he joined the current Demae-can Co., Ltd. Experienced MGR in sales department and new business department during 5 years of work.
Joined the DMM Group in 2012 to launch DMM English Conversation. Experienced DMM English Conversation, launching a Philippine corporation, and serving as CEO.
Currently, he is responsible for DMM English Conversation’s Bellbird business and human resources department.
His hobby is soccer, which he has continued since elementary school. [Image 7

Takashi Moriyama
Light Up Co., Ltd. Director of WTE・World Talk
Twitter: @wu_moriyama
With a catchphrase of “the person who made 200 online schools”, Provided support for the launch of online lesson services.
Launched as an initial member of World Talk in 2011.
We will sell WTE from 2012 and launch 200 online schools in Japan. From 2021, we will launch “KIRIHARA Online Academy” jointly developed with Kirihara Shoten.
I started my career as a web designer. He also works as an SEO seminar lecturer. [Inquiries regarding this matter]
▼Contact us
Light Up Co., Ltd. WTE Management Office (Moriyama/Okayasu)
TEL: 03-5784-0700
▼Company profile
Light Up Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Shibuya Cross Tower 32F, 2-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Securities code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market 6580
Representative Director and President: Takashi Shiraishi
With the vision of “making all SMEs nationwide profitable” and the motto of “continuing to provide as many services as the world desires at the lowest possible cost”, we continue to take on the challenge of new Internet-based businesses. increase.
Armed with a sense of stability based on our company history of nearly 20 years and a wide range of products and services, we will continue to do our utmost to “introduce IT to operations” and “support management.” “Make all SMEs profitable nationwide” is the raison d’être of an IT/Internet company.
Head office: 24th floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6224
Chairman and CEO: Keiji Kameyama
Operates, a comprehensive service site boasting 35.45 million members (*2).
Since its founding in 1998, it has developed more than 50 services such as video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, solar power generation, and 3D printing.
We have been involved in various businesses such as entering the aquarium business in Okinawa and running a soccer club in Belgium. In addition, since 2018, we have strengthened our support for young entrepreneurs, actively developing investment through “DMM VENTURES” and M&A. Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge of new businesses while repeating change and evolution with our corporate message, “A future that everyone wants to see.”
*1 Survey contractor: INTAGE, implementation date: April 2020, survey target: men and women aged 18-59 (1,085 people)
*2 As of February 2021

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