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Limited company A joint drama project by “DMM TV” and Asahi Broadcasting TV has started! Exclusive distribution of the first work “Subsuku Kanojo” from May 7th

A drama joint planning project by “DMM TV” and Asahi Broadcasting TV has started! Exclusive distribution of the first work “Subsuku Kanojo” from May 7th

The comprehensive video distribution service “DMM TV” developed by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as DMM) is Asahi Broadcasting Television Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President Shinya Yamamoto, Asahi Broadcasting TV) and joint planning of the drama has started.
We are pleased to inform you that the first work will be “Subscription Girlfriend” and will be exclusively distributed on DMM TV. At the same time, we will introduce comments from the project managers of both companies and information on the work of “Subsuku Kanojo”.
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About the joint project with Asahi Broadcasting Television
This time, “DMM TV” has collaborated with Asahi Broadcasting Television, which has produced numerous hit dramas, to plan dramas. , It will be delivered on “DMM TV” through exclusive distribution. The first work of the joint project was decided to be “Subscript Kanojo” based on Yamamoto Junior High School’s manga, which depicts a love affair drama of women who have become “girlfriends” for a monthly fee. From May 2023, it will be broadcast on Asahi Broadcasting TV and will be exclusively distributed on “DMM TV” from the same day. Including the same work, three jointly planned dramas will be broadcast on Asahi Broadcasting TV and others, and will be exclusively distributed on “DMM TV”.
[Comment from Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Content Development Department Director Kazuyuki Shimizu]
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In the Kansai area, if it were broadcast only on terrestrial waves late at night, there would be very few opportunities for people to watch it. As a creator, I think it’s a great thing, because it opens up the possibility of reaching out to people who couldn’t reach it. With this as an opportunity, I would like to sit down and work on it for about a year, and create a work that impresses me with the “ABC x DMM TV” character.
“Subsuku Kanojo” is a work that successfully combines the young people’s views on love and modern sadness, and I think that both men and women will be interested in it. Moreover, I feel that it is a work that matches the current viewing environment of watching it personally on a subscription rather than watching it in the golden time of terrestrial broadcasting.
▼Kazuyuki Shimizu Profile
Joined Asahi Broadcasting in 1996 and transferred to Fuji TV in 2005. Transferred to Asahi Broadcasting again in 2021. During the Fuji Television era, the main works in charge were “Nodame Cantabile”, “CHANGE”, “The Best Divorce”, “Hirugao-Lovers at 3 PM on Weekdays-“, “Problematic Restaurant”, “Papa-katsu”, and “Buying a Boyfriend on Loan”. Ta”, “Tokyo Love Story (2020)”, etc.
[Comment from Tetsushi Kubota, content strategy and original production manager of Premium Division]
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The late-night dramas of Osaka-based TV stations, which continue to take on various challenges through trial and error to differentiate themselves from other stations, have the most momentum at the moment, and are exactly what we wanted to offer to “DMM TV” users.
In order to differentiate ourselves among the many SVOD services, we would like to quickly establish the “DMM TV-likeness” that is loved by both viewers and creators, so that projects and works will continue to gather. It is reassuring to be able to take a step forward together with ABC TV.
The main target of the original work is men, considering the history and compatibility of DMM’s video business so far, but this time I wanted to make a work that resonates with women. In a sense, I think that “Subsuku Kanojo”, which depicts the troubles of modern women, is a challenge.
▼Tetsushi Kubota Profile
Joined Fuji TV in 1995 and worked in drama production and overseas business, and in 2019 moved to Amazon Studio as Head of Scripted Originals. With the launch of DMM TV in 2022, he transferred to and assumed his current position. During the drama production at Fuji TV, he was in charge of “Iryu”, “Divorce Lawyer II”, “Tokyo Tower”, “Muko-dono”, “Hito ni Yasashii”, etc. Responsible for “One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky (Korean Version)” during overseas business, and “No Activity” and “Homestay” during Amazon. About the drama “Subscribe Kanojo”
For some reason, the main character, Tomo (Ayaka Konno), is only liked by men who have girlfriends. Tomo realizes that men in the world are immersed in “emo (sentimental) love” against men who are weak when they say “I like you” and are wanted, but when they say goodbye they are indecisive. . On the other hand, I was also disgusted with myself who could not break up once and for all.
I get asked out on dates only when it’s convenient for me, but in the days when I can’t become my favorite girlfriend, I came up with the idea of ​​becoming a “subscriber girlfriend” myself. If you don’t “exploit” your romantic feelings with the word “like” and become a girlfriend with a flat monthly fee, you won’t be swayed by love. Tomo gathers women in the same situation on SNS and starts “subscription girlfriend”.
However, just then, Tomo is confessed to by Kosuke, a local male friend who is single-mindedly in love with her! However, Tomo, who can’t be honest because of her complicated romantic feelings, proposes to Kosuke, “Let’s go out.
[Cast comment] Starring: Ayaka Konno (role of Tomo)
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The original work is based on the unexpected combination of subs and love. First of all, please tell us your impression of the title. When I heard the title, I was surprised because I couldn’t think of a connection between subs and her.
◆What was your impression after reading the original work?
Subsk and her, I was very surprised at the setting at first, but as I read on, I felt the emptiness and bitterness of thinking about the other person even though I vaguely knew that Tomo would not be chosen as the favorite. I got the impression that there are a lot of girls who can relate.
What is your impression of “Tomo” you play? Also, please tell us what part of her you wanted to express in particular.
I thought she was a pure child with a very strong desire to become someone’s favorite.
Precisely because she is pure, I thought that she might have chosen the path of becoming a subscriber and not being the favorite. I would like to express the emptiness and bitterness of Tomo, who is too straightforward and stubborn.
◆Even if you don’t say “subscription girlfriend”, what subscription service would you like to use if possible?
I wish there was a film camera subscription.
I like film cameras, but some of them are expensive, so I would be happy if I could easily try them out.
◆Finally, what do you want the viewers to see (message)?
Many characters other than Tomo have their own troubles.
I think that not only women but also men can sympathize with people of all generations, so I hope you enjoy watching it! Stay tuned for the broadcast!
▼Ayaka Konno Profile
Born June 24, 1999. “non-no” exclusive model. Major appearances include “Kamen Rider Zi-O” (TV Asahi), “Graduation Time Limit” (NHK General), “Futari no Uniform Number 4” (ABC TV), “My husband is-” That girl’s lover-” (TV Osaka / BS TV Tokyo), movie “Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST” etc.
[Original author’s comment] Yamamoto Chugaku (“Subsuku Kanojo” / Nihon Bungeisha)
◆Please tell us how you felt when it was decided that the live-action adaptation was going to be made, and what points of the work you hoped to reach the viewers.
I heard about the live-action adaptation from the person in charge of the publishing company, and I was really surprised when it was decided!
The straight title of the story, “Subscribe Girlfriend,” is actually a bit confusing…
It is a story that includes aspects of the human mind that are not easy. I can’t wait to see how the real-life actors will act and how the viewers will feel!
◆Mr. Konno, what are you looking forward to in playing the main character Tomo, or what are you looking forward to?
The main character, Tomo, is a girl who looks different depending on who sees it.
I think it’s difficult in many ways to be played…!
Thank you for playing Tomo.
Ayaka Konno, please do your best, I’m rooting for you!
ABC TV (Kansai): Starts on May 7, broadcast every Sunday from 0:55 *Scheduled to be broadcast in other regions
DMM TV (exclusive): Starts May 7, every Sunday at midnight 0:55 ~ Latest episode added
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(C) Yamamoto Junior High School / Nihon Bungeisha ABC
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