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Marvelous Co., Ltd. Full-fledged online RPG for smartphones “Logres of Swords and Magic: Ancient Goddess” <GW special gift ★ 100 gacha tickets present! >

A full-fledged online RPG for smartphones “Logres of Swords and Magic: The Ancient Goddess” – A special gift for GW ★ 100 gacha-ticket gifts! –

Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President: Suminobu Sato / Location:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch a full-fledged online RPG for smartphones “Logres of Swords and Magic: Ancient Goddess” on April 26, 2023 (Wednesday). We are pleased to inform you that we have updated the sales of GW Gacha and the holding of “Logres
Mukashibanashi-Important Bonds and Gutsugutsu Onigashima-“.
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2023 is Logres 10th Anniversary Year! As a special gift for GW, 100 golden gacha tickets will be given when you log in for the first time during the period. After receiving it from the gift, go to the ticket gacha that has a lineup of limited-time weapons such as “Haken Yamato”, “Spirit Sword Magatsu”, and “Ruche Metal”! [Period] Until maintenance on 5/24/2023 (Wednesday) Encounter with your partner and the beginning of your adventure “Logres Old Tales ~Precious Bonds and Booming Onigashima~” is being held!
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Hunters who decided to perform a play for children. Get Kizuna P, a limited avatar “Young Warrior Armor”, gacha tickets, and more while performing old tales about exterminating demons! If you collect Bond P, you will receive a limited weapon avatar “Narikiri Dorataro” as an exchange reward and a total of 40 magic crystals as a cumulative reward. From 00:00 on 5/3 (Wed.), a quest where you can get the materials necessary to create the limited avatar “Princess Warrior Armor” will appear! looking forward to! [Period] Until 2023/5/23 (Tuesday) 23:59. “GW Gacha by Job” now on sale!
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Up to 5 times the probability of popular exclusive weapons and ancient machines, including “Chronos”! “Deus Machina”, “Ars Nova”, and “Celestia” are also lined up with double probability! Get the weapon you want on this occasion with a job-specific gacha with bonus gifts! [Period] Until 2023/4/30 (Sun) 23:59 Get the popular weapon that everyone chose! “Selected 10 consecutive gacha” now on sale! [Image 5

A lineup of popular weapons chosen by everyone, such as the 1st place “Haken Triton”, the 2nd place “Ancient Machine Izayoi Hizuki”, and the 3rd place “Reito Yohime”! In addition, the bonus gift is a super deluxe version, such as a ticket that can be exchanged for “Loki’s Majinki (Magic Gun / Haso / Rasetsu)” at the 100th time, and a ticket that can be exchanged for one of the top 50 weapons at the 600th time. increase. Don’t miss the special gacha! [Period] Until 2023/5/24 (Wednesday) 10:59 Super powerful limited model with both offense and defense! “Job-specific Haken Yamato/Sacred Sword Magatsu Probability Up Gacha” now on sale!
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“Haken Yamato” is a limited-time model of “Haken Ajida Haraka”, and “Reito Magatsu” is a limited-time model of “Reito Rakujin Masakado”. While keeping the performance of the base weapon as it is, the first special skill will increase the durability by giving 2 guts and physical toughness / skill shield, and the second time will strengthen the firepower! Get super powerful limited-time weapons that combine attack and defense! [Period] Until 2023/5/24 (Wednesday) 10:59 Support Hunter’s adventures! “Golden Campaign” is being held!
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We will support Hunter’s adventures with up to 15 times the skill level increase probability and GW commemorative equipment sets. A fashion show will also be held! The theme is “Golden Week” [Period] Up to 15x chance of skill level increase, etc.: Until maintenance on May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) GW commemorative equipment set: Until May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) 10:59 Logless fashion show : 2023/5/9 (Tue) until 23:59 ■Other events! ★ Get up to twice as many magic crystals and a limited avatar that can ride Panda Sun! “Magic Gem Purchase
Campaign”★A quest to get a large amount of Master Job EXP is now available! “Trial & Gem Fever! Plus”★ Get Limipla Medals every week! “Rimipla Challenge” ★ Increase your luck with limited weapon avatars! ? “Grab it! Lucky Carp Streamer”★ Get the goddess’ exclusive weapon, an ancient machine, and an artifact! “Gift from the Goddess” ★Shupatto Don! 100 million damage! “Suddenly Lv120