Matsurika Co., Ltd. Matsurika Japan’s first (* 1) release of “DealPods (β version)” in the digital sales ro om area, a new sales tech that is attracting attention overseas | All-in-one business negotiation platform that makes bo th sales and purcha

Matsurika Co., Ltd.
[Matsurika] Japan’s first (* 1) release of “DealPods (β version)” in the digital sales room area, a new sales tech that is attracting attention overseas | All-in-one business negotiation platform that makes both sales and purchasers happy
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Matsurika Co., Ltd. released “DealPods (β version)” (hereinafter referred to as this service) in the digital sales room area, which has been attracting attention in recent years in North America, the cutting edge of sales tech, on April 11, 2023 (URL: https: This service will be expanded to other languages ​​and regions in the near future as a platform that streamlines both sales and purchasing activities and maximizes customer engagement and sales performance. *1: Refer to ITreview’s “B2B IT/SaaS Chaos Map April 2023 Latest Edition”
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■ Development background
With the spread of the Internet, the amount of information available to purchasers has increased, and the difficulty of purchasing activities in companies has increased. purpose.
By 2025, 80% of interactions between sales and buyers are expected to be digital (*2). We believe that the problem is the current situation where it is difficult to accumulate knowledge on purchasing due to structural reasons.
This product aims to create a win-win situation through equal collaboration between sellers and buyers.
*2: See “The Future of Sales” by Gartner
■ What is a digital sales room?
A digital sales room (DSR) is an online space for sales (sellers) and purchasers (buyers) to share business negotiation information and sales content for efficient sales and purchasing activities. Digital sales rooms allow sellers and buyers to chat in real-time or interact online via chat, video, and document sharing, allowing sales reps to engage with buyers in ways never before possible. to be able to hold something.
This streamlines the sales/purchasing process, making it faster, easier and more effective than ever for both buyers and sellers. [Image 2d15189-86-d5488eeaad08bb492cd0-1.png&s3=15189-86-960a7cd989b63ae4971622c3f2c8c268-1701x901.png
Features of DealPods (β version: personal plan)
DealPods is a platform that centralizes business negotiation information and communication, and allows sellers and buyers to collaborate to progress deals.
Until now, sales (sellers) have
email and chat tools
PC file folders and cloud storage tools
documentation tools and notepads
Task management tool and schedule book
SFA activity history
I managed them separately.
It is possible to significantly reduce the work of such “business negotiation information management outside business negotiation hours” by consolidating it into DealPods. Not only that, you can get hints about when, who, and with what kind of content you should contact them, and increase your contact points with customers.
Purchasers (buyers) will be able to manage a large amount of information provided by the sales department without burying it in emails and file folders. There is no need to look for the minutes of the first business meeting, and there is no need to explain again from scratch to the boss who participated in the review halfway through. In addition, communication stress is reduced because you can ask questions and contact sales representatives by chat more quickly than by e-mail.
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1.Deal Room
It is a dedicated site personalized for each buyer.
A dedicated Deal Room, personalized for each customer, is an invite-only, highly secure collaboration platform. Communication within it will transform your sales and buying experience and set you apart from the competition.
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2. Sales content library
A library that securely manages sales materials on the cloud. Content for business negotiations can be stored in the cloud, and the number of times each material is used and viewed by customers can be measured to measure the effectiveness of the content.
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3. Buyer engagement analysis
Engagement analysis report for customer support.
What is happening in your client’s company right now? Who, when, what content, how much they are watching, and where they stumble. What is the key person thinking? When was it escalated and who is involved? Engagement reports, which visualize information that could not be grasped until now, enable advanced customer purchasing support with advanced information.
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4. Mutual task management
Mutual task management function to support matter progress.
In business negotiations, the seller and the buyer work together to move forward while completing the tasks of both sides. Are the negotiations moving forward or are they stagnant? Who will complete what for the next action by when? DealPods will support that task management.
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■ Company Profile
Matsurika, whose mission is to “make the world a festival,” will create a more free, creative, and fulfilling work life in this world by combining the power of people and technology. Currently, we are developing and providing the cloud sales support tool “Senses” and the digital sales room “DealPods” for users in the sales field, who urgently need to eliminate individualization.
・ Company name: Matsurica Co., Ltd. (
・Head office: 2-2-1 KANDA SQUARE 11F, WeWork, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: CEO Eiji Kurosa
・Established: April 30, 2015
・ Business: Operation of cloud sales support tool Senses, consulting services in sales activities, development and operation of other Internet infrastructure businesses

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