Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo x Phoenix Seagaia Resort Started a project to provide animals with leftover lettuce and unconsumed bread from the cooking of the garden buffet “Pine Terrace”

Phoenix Seagaia Resort
[Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo x Phoenix Seagaia Resort] Started a project to provide animals with leftover lettuce and unconsumed bread from the cooking of the garden buffet “Pine Terrace”

At the Phoenix Seagaia Resort (hereinafter referred to as Seagaia) and the Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo (hereinafter referred to as the Zoo), lettuce, etc. served during cooking at the restaurant garden buffet “Pine Terrace” at the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort operated by Seagaia. We are working to provide zoos with scraps of leafy vegetables and unconsumed bread to use as food for animals.
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Waterfowl corner European goose
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Pine terrace salad corner
This initiative was implemented on a trial basis from November last year, but was temporarily suspended due to the spread of the bird flu epidemic. It will be implemented in earnest when it resumes on Thursday, April 27, 2023.
At Pine Terrace, we do not provide customers with 1 or 2 outer pieces of lettuce that are lined up in the salad corner of the buffet as “offcuts”, and the amount is 2 bags of 45 liter plastic bags every day. It was.
[Image 3d17658-173-9408b8d2bb728d55983b-8.jpg&s3=17658-173-d05b84864d4e915b58c0cd1bccd622e0-1110x1236.jpg
Chimpanzee Kenta ♂
Similarly, some of the bread, rolls, and other breads that are served at the buffet are not consumed in the end, so Seagaia has started studying ways to utilize them from the perspective of “reducing food loss.” When I consulted with the Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo, they said that lettuce offcuts should be eaten by waterfowl, peacocks, and other animals that prefer leafy vegetables, and bread and rolls should be eaten by elephants, chimpanzees, and waterfowl. It was decided that it would be possible to utilize it, which led to this initiative. In the future, we will also consider providing root vegetables.
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At Seagaia, based on our Sustainability Vision, “Towards a resort that invigorates people and the earth,” we have set three priority issues: “products/services,” “people,” and “environment,” and are working to achieve each goal. is. Going forward, we will continue to promote initiatives in cooperation with related companies and local residents, in addition to in-house initiatives.
Comments from project members
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Ms. Yosaki Setoguchi, Waterfowl Manager, Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo The waterfowl are very happy to receive a certain amount of fresh and juicy lettuce and bread every day. I am happy that the amount I am receiving is consistent with the amount I need to feed my waterfowl. Previously, it took about 30 minutes to cut 16 kg of cabbage and Chinese cabbage for waterfowl every day, which has led to a reduction in work. Also, bread is made into crumbs in a food processor and sprinkled on leafy vegetables, which makes it even more enjoyable. [Image 6d17658-173-0907d7be1206c2f144b4-2.jpg&s3=17658-173-065d578e8a7b09f761599c5c69331ea3-864x1000.jpg
Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo
Chimpanzee charge Kenichiro Kori Deputy Director
Chimpanzees mainly eat plants, but they also love bread and are very happy to be fed occasionally.
We adjust the feeding amount for health management, but we also feed it as a reward or surprise to stimulate. Also, if I put cold medicine or other medicine that I don’t like in a piece of bread, it will eat it with the medicine, which is very helpful.
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Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Garden Buffet “Pine Terrace” Chef Yuta Saiga
At the buffet restaurant “Pine Terrace”, we have been making various efforts to reduce food loss. I am happy to be able to work with everyone in the community to “rejuvenate both people and the earth.” [Image 8d17658-173-ffc2bfc72145a2a414ee-2.jpg&s3=17658-173-96ac19cdd1b3947c0893e149f587ebf8-864x1000.jpg
Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo
Director Masato Takeda
Before the adoption of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at the United Nations Summit held in 2015, zoos cooperated with facilities in Japan and overseas to provide visitors with the protection of animals and the conservation of the environment surrounding animals. I have been suing. It can be said that we have put into practice the 17 goals of “15 Let’s protect the abundance of land” and “14 Let’s protect the abundance of the sea”. In addition to these activities, this initiative to reduce food loss with Phoenix Seagaia Resort is exactly the form of putting into practice “12 Responsible Consumption and Production” and “17 Partnerships to Achieve Goals.” I would like to continue to promote as many initiatives as possible in the future. About Phoenix Seagaia Resort
[Image 9d17658-173-bf1b35a00eab7f3f8b29-7.jpg&s3=17658-173-13fc7a30eb54740aa82607bd0f6892ab-1200x664.jpg
Phoenix Seagaia Resort is surrounded by vast black pine forests along the Pacific Ocean. The Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, which is located in the center, has an ocean view with all rooms facing east. There is a hot spring facility “Shosengu” nestled in the space of pine trees, Asian spa brand pioneer “Banyan Tree Spa”, and a variety of
restaurants and bars that offer Miyazaki’s rich cuisine. In October 2017, the largest renovation since opening was completed, and the beautiful and majestic location, space production to enjoy it, and hospitality. It has evolved into a “new Seagaia” that offers unprecedented “experience value” that can only be experienced at Seagaia in Miyazaki. Furthermore, we aim to be “the most ‘delicious’ resort in Japan” and continue to create new food experiences as a resort in ‘Miyazaki, a treasure trove of food’.
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