MKY’s Limited Liability Company What “we” can do for the blue earth that will last for our children and grandc hildren! ~Sustainable workshop report~

What “we” can do for the blue earth that will last for our children and grandchildren! ~Sustainable workshop report~

In 2022, MKY’s LLC (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuyo Yasuda) has made various efforts to leave a blue earth for our children and grandchildren.
As one of the efforts, there is a sustainable workshop held at the 1st SDGs Land (Todoroki Stadium).
The 2nd SDGs Land is scheduled to be held on April 15, 2023 at the same venue. [Image 1d108790-3-08d264cfac8bee5e8147-0.jpg&s3=108790-3-3e87425442d750843de9402a74b4f077-724x1024.jpg
On June 18, 2022, at the “1st Kawasaki SDGs Land” (Todoroki Stadium), which was jointly held by Kawasaki Frontale, Fujitsu Kawasaki Factory, Kawasaki City Parks and Greenery Association, and Kawasaki City, while experiencing SDGs Many educational events were held, and MKY’s LLC held a workshop on handmade beeswax wraps that are reusable and eco-friendly.
On the day of the event, about 300 visitors were told about the importance of reducing CO2 emissions, our philosophy, and our efforts to protect the global environment. provided.
Activities at this workshop received an Encouragement Award
(Environmental Education Contribution Award) at the 11th Eco-Life Awards, which recognizes outstanding efforts that have contributed to reducing CO2 emissions, and received an award from Kawasaki City. . [Image 2d108790-3-e95ffd5fd2ec35d477a4-1.jpg&s3=108790-3-3dfe0da032c34f4d5befc7193feded5b-610x406.jpg
Since then, we will continue to provide eco-friendly products and convey the importance of ethical consumption and sustainability for the sake of the blue earth that will continue to be passed on to our children and grandchildren.
-Overview of MKY’s LLC-
■ Location: 4-21-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■ Date of establishment: February 2018
■Representative name: Representative Kazuyo Yasuda
■ Business content:
・Retail sales (Operates select shop “Ethical & SEA Atre Kawasaki Store” that offers items that are friendly to the global environment) ・ Sales support (consultation for realizing the desired future, such as realization of ideal work style, rich economic power and human relations)
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