Money Partners Information on cashback campaign for limit orders

money partners
Information on cashback campaign implementation for limit orders
 Money Partners Co., Ltd. (President: Hideharu Fukushima,
Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been conducting a cashback campaign for new transactions in Partners FX currency pairs since April 3rd.
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For limit orders, all 10 currency pairs are eligible for cashback for 24 hours! -overview-
Partners FX during the cashback period [USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, Turkish lira/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, New Zealand/JPY, South African/JPY, Mexican peso/ We are conducting a campaign to cash back up to 1 million yen for each limit order and streaming order for the total new transaction volume in “Yen”.
[Image 2d17182-351-95d00a0d71d88f12df8a-1.png&s3=17182-351-8e92ed5a85f666701eb46bd72d3ffecd-700x839.png
Limit-type orders: In addition to limit and stop-loss orders, this includes OCO orders, IF-DONE orders, IF-OCO orders, continuous pre-order orders, and settlement orders placed using the simultaneous settlement order function.
Streaming Orders: In addition to Streaming Orders and AS Streaming Orders, this includes various bulk settlement orders, all settlement orders, trailing orders, time-limited orders, automatic trading orders, asset control, and loss cuts.
Period: April 3, 2023 (Monday) 7:00 to April 29, 2023 (Saturday) 5:50 Target: All customers who have an account with us
* Those who are eligible for the “new account opening campaign” cannot participate in this campaign.
Please check the details from the following page * Excluding maintenance time
*Partners FXnano transactions are not eligible for cashback. *The condition for cashback is that the total transaction volume for cashback is 500,000 currency or more in total new transaction volume. *The cashback amount will be calculated for each currency pair.

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