Nicomama Co., Ltd. We will realize a “child-rearing society where kindness circulates” with the birth of “sincere gifts” that prevent anxiety and isolation before and after childbirth.

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Nicomama Co., Ltd.
Realizing a child-rearing society in which kindness circulates through the birth of “sincere gifts” that prevent anxiety and isolation before and after childbirth
Questioning the essence of escort-type support “Support from before childbirth with a ‘family midwife’ accompaniment Why don’t you send a sincere gift to your loved ones?”

Nicomama Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Chimasa Ezuriko, Established July 7, 2020 ) focuses on preventing anxiety and isolation before and after childbirth, with the theme of “from a culture of giving things to a culture of giving care”, a new culture of giving each other “Sincere Gifts” that are supported by midwives from before childbirth. Realize
We support April Dream, which sets April 1 as a day to send out dreams. This press release is the dream of “nicomama Co., Ltd.”
■ Background ~Issues surrounding modern child-rearing society~ Postnatal depression, suicide, and abuse caused by mental and physical disorders have become major social problems in society surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. It is said that about 1 in 10 women suffer from postpartum depression, and I get the impression that many women are anxious even if they are not diagnosed.
[Source: Administrative Evaluation Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. “Administrative evaluation and monitoring of childcare support – Focusing on prenatal and postnatal support -” January 2022]
As the number of lives that can be saved increases due to advances in medical technology, suicide is the number one cause of death during pregnancy and up to one year after childbirth. is.
[Source: Yoko Sagara. “The 5th Advisory Panel on Promotion of Comprehensive Suicide Countermeasures: Support for Pregnant Women”] One of the reasons is that there are no people or environments to rely on. Nuclear families and the dilution of local communities create an environment in which it is difficult to obtain support. Nowadays, there are many women who have no child-rearing experience, and I can imagine their feelings of not being able to send out an SOS because they don’t even know what they don’t know.
Throughout the prenatal and postnatal period, “loneliness” when there is no one you can trust to talk to, “anxiety” when your body and mind are changing, and “self-blame” when things don’t go your way. . [Image 1

■ Background ~Childbirth situation in Japan~
In Japan, 99% of the places where babies are born are hospitals and clinics. [Source: Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “1. Current state of perinatal care in Japan”]
how doctors feel
“I have a patient I care about, and I have time constraints, so I can’t take my time.”
“During the limited hospitalization period, many roles are required, such as physical and mental care, baby care, and childcare guidance.” On the other hand, how do expectant and nursing mothers who visit the hospital feel about it?
“I couldn’t ask what I wanted to hear because the teacher seemed busy.” “I have never consulted a midwife.”
“I’m worried because it will be a month until the next checkup.” The medical field is a place where lives are protected first and foremost. The corona crisis forced various restrictions and
cancellations, and she recalls that both expectant mothers and medical staff were in a difficult situation.
■ The reason for the birth of “Magokoro Gift”
In Japan, the people and environments supporting expectant and nursing mothers change each time during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, and continuity is not maintained.
The center of a pregnant woman’s life is at home and at work. Until the next prenatal checkup, there is no place where you can feel free to consult and it is easy to feel anxious. At hospitals and clinics, there are only a handful of people who leave the hospital without anxiety because they have to learn how to raise their children while recovering from childbirth because the length of stay is limited. After that, the child-rearing is said to be “raising alone”, and there is a fact that there is no one to rely on and it is easy to feel lonely.
Nicomama believes that the cause of postpartum depression, which is a social problem, is that “in the process of accepting the physical and mental changes caused by pregnancy, there is no one to trust, so the accumulation of upsets and anxieties makes it difficult to raise a child. I think that there is.
In postpartum depression, it is difficult for the person concerned to notice the symptoms and may not be able to issue an SOS. Looking back, there are many people who may have had postpartum depression at that time.
After falling ill, it becomes “follow-up care”, so it takes time to unravel the disorder and anxiety. A society that can provide “preventive care” before falling ill is necessary for the future of new prenatal and postnatal support.
[Image 2

[Image 3

According to the government’s guidelines, the “childbirth reserve” policy will start in 2023 [Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. 2010.] However, the prenatal and postnatal business is only temporary support, and if it is determined that support is not necessary, continuous support will not be provided.
There are many challenges for national guidelines to permeate society. Rather than blaming an unrealizable social structure, we would like to build a feasible social structure that complements each other. Until now, nicomama has provided a service system that allows those who are raising children before and after childbirth to apply at the timing they want to receive consultation and care. As described above, we would like to solve the situation where only the parties who feel anxiety and loneliness are in trouble. Now that the declining birthrate is accelerating, it is necessary for all the people who surround the family to welcome a new life to express compassion and sincerity, and to change the society as a whole to a society that warmly watches over the children who will live in the future. thinking about.
[Image 4

■ A step toward our dream New service “Magokoro Gift”
We will release a new service “Magokoro Gift” in May 2023.
Magokoro Gift is a gift that gives a wish for a healthy pregnancy life, a smooth delivery, a baby gift, or a daily childcare when someone close to you becomes pregnant. By connecting mothers and children with midwives and receiving consultation and care, they can spend their prenatal and postnatal periods with peace of mind. [Image 5

-Would you like to give such a “sincere gift”-
A heartfelt gift that expresses “thank you” from a husband to a wife A sincere gift that “spreads life” from Jijibaba to sons and daughters “Thank you for today, I’ve been waiting for you” sincere gift for co-workers A sincere gift that “expresses joy” for a dear friend
A heartfelt gift that “fulfills me” to myself who nurtures life In Japan, when a baby is born, the culture of gifting “things” as a baby gift is pervasive.
Pregnant women are isolated with anxiety alone, such as “I can’t tell anyone until the stable period”, “My body is changing and my mind can’t keep up”, “Daily life doesn’t go as expected”, “I wonder how everyone is doing”. I’m here.
Before and after birth, the only difference is whether life is nurtured in the mother’s body or born in the outside world, but there is no difference in the fact that “life lives here and now.” At nicomama, we want to change the culture of being blessed after childbirth into a culture of supporting mothers and children together before childbirth.
The “feelings” of everyone who surrounds a pregnant woman will lead to the future of her unborn child.
Giving form to “thoughts” rather than “things”
That is the “Sincere Gift”.
[Image 6

Currently, Magokoro Gift is challenging crowdfunding for its release. -Magokoro Gift Project Special Page-
-Various voices have been received since the project started- I want my pregnant friends to smile. While I was always thinking about what I wanted to do, I learned about true heart gifts and wanted to give them.
Pregnancy is sensitive because tastes change and there are things that cannot be used. I thought it would be easy to give a sincere gift with thoughtfulness even at the time of concern.
In the midst of hesitation about giving birth gifts, I feel that being able to give care rather than things is what my postpartum friends really need.
Magokoro Gifts seem to have potential, such as preventing companies from leaving their jobs and improving the ease of working.
Even if I did my own research on the Internet, I didn’t know what to trust, but I was able to talk directly with an experienced midwife at nicomama and consulted in detail. It was a blessing.
I felt that being able to consult with someone who has been aware of the changes and characteristics of my physical condition since before childbirth was a great advantage.
It made me happy to have a wonderful gift for my dear friend as a talisman of peace of mind.
As of April 1, 2023, when the recruitment period is halfway, we have received the support of 71 people and have reached 881,000 yen [achievement rate of 29%] out of the target amount of 3 million yen. This crowdfunding is an all-or-nothing method in which the support money is fully refunded if the target amount of 3 million yen is not achieved. must be achieved.
We would like more people to support the birth of “Magokoro Gift”, so please continue to support and spread it.
-How to use the support money-
・Labor costs for midwives who provide consultation care (80%) ・Return expenses (3% + own funds)
・Consignment expenses and personnel expenses for business development and operation (own funds)
・READY FOR fee (17%)
-We will deliver such a “sincere gift”! –
1. Home Care Sincere Gift
▷ We will visit your home and fully support “your prenatal and postpartum period” near your daily life.
2. Online Consultation Sincere Gift [Maternity Accompanied Plan] [All Accompanied Plan]
▷ You can consult with Dad on your smartphone or PC from your current location. In addition to counseling, you can attend childbirth preparation classes for each family.
3. LINE Chat Consultation Sincere Gift [Chat Accompaniment Plan] ▷ If you think about it, such as during commuting or between childcare, you can consult quickly.
* Since the gift name was at the time of funding, the gift name will be changed when the service is released.
Gifts will be configured based on the existing service, so there will be no change in the content of the offer.
-It will be appreciated if you give it to someone like this! – Those who are new to pregnancy, childbirth, or raising children Those without a family to support
Those who want a fulfilling pregnancy
Those who are suffering from minor troubles
People raising children in an unfamiliar environment, such as when they move -If you use a sincere gift…-
Connect with midwives who are experts in pregnancy, birth and parenting! Neither a hospital nor a local government You can find a consultation place near your life!
You can receive continuous one-on-one care without changing the place you rely on each time!
By giving it as a gift, it will be an economic support for the user! At nicomama, midwives who provide continuous support before and after childbirth are defined as “family midwives”. We will permeate a society where each person is affirmed and respected, even if they make difficult choices.
I want more people to know that there are family midwives who can be relied on in places other than hospitals and local governments, and I want to create a society where as many families as possible can start raising children with peace of mind. .
[Image 7d65096-6-5935665e27d6fc5858ac-9.jpg&s3=65096-6-052deb3490e8d5cd9dc13ba80b1b90c6-3008x2000.jpg
Through crowdfunding, we will strive to make everyone aware of the existence of “Magokoro Gifts” and spread a new culture of giving “Magokoro Gifts” to each other with everyone’s support as a driving force.
And we will realize a child-rearing society where essential peace of mind and kindness circulate when people are connected.
That is “nicomama’s dream”.
■ What is nicomama?
The prenatal and postnatal consultation platform “ nicomama ” is a place to connect parents and midwives during pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing with midwives. It functions as a place where you can do everything you want,” and “a place to deliver peace of mind through a network of specialists,” and offers four services to meet all the needs of users.
We suggest
[Image 8d65096-6-973cc13253e526b368d4-2.jpg&s3=65096-6-1d0c0dd2755fc57d3a98375287d92192-1401x1401.jpg
■ Four services provided by nicomama
1. “Nicomama” where you can receive prenatal and postnatal escort care from your family midwife
2. “Nicomama Online” allows individual consultation with midwives via video call 3. Prenatal family class on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare “School for Pregnant Women”
Four. “Nicomama LINE Chat” that allows you to consult with midwives anytime, anywhere
In addition to being able to consult about concerns and preventive measures in everyday life, users can also receive a referral to a “family midwife” looking ahead to pregnancy and childcare in the future. You can receive continuous support for care and preparation for childbirth and child-rearing. By having a “family midwife” before giving birth, it becomes clear who to rely on after giving birth, and it leads to peace of mind. We have built a support system that can be taken over by a nationwide safety net of midwives, even if there is a move between regions such as returning home or moving.
We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.
■ Company profile
Company name: Nicomama Co., Ltd./ nicomama.Inc
Representative Chiaki Ezuriko
Established July 7, 2020
Capital 4.97 million yen
Business content
・ Family midwife business (accompanied support from prenatal to postpartum) ・ Planning and operation of various classes and events related to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare
・ Dissemination of the abilities and thoughts of experts
“April Dream” is a project run by PR TIMES that sends out dreams that companies want to come true on April 1st.
We are serious about making this dream a reality.
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