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Nikkei CNBC Co., Ltd. Looking back on market trends from January to April 2023 with commentary videos on the m arket and economic channel Nikkei CNBC! “Golden Week VOD Free Open Festival” held

Nikkei CNBC Inc.
Looking back on the market trends from January to April 2023 in the commentary video of Nikkei CNBC, a channel specializing in the market and economy! “Golden Week VOD Free Open Festival” held
Commentary videos such as Warren Buffett and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy released for free

Nikkei CNBC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Genichi Takenouchi, hereinafter “Nikkei CNBC”) will be held from April 29 (holiday, Saturday) to May 7 (Sunday), 2023. , We will release carefully selected market commentary videos for free as “Golden Week 2023 VOD Free Opening Festival”.
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Special page ⇒ [Free video lineup]
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■ Warren Buffett Related Videos
Mr. Buffett said in an interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on April 11 (Tuesday) that he was “considering additional investments in Japanese stocks.”
We will release a video that analyzes the investment trends and portfolio of Mr. Buffett, who is called the “God of Investment.” ーClick here for the free videoー
○ First release! God’s Portfolio
– Cast – Nikkei CNBC Shoichi Tanaka
○ Berkshire’s Investment Trends and Buffett’s “Letter to Shareholders” URL ⇒
-Performance-Bito Financial Service Mr. Mineo Bito
■ Prospects and Commentary on New Governor Ueda of the Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda, who was entrusted with the baton by Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda, who served as Governor of the Bank of Japan for two terms and 10 years. How does the new Bank of Japan aim to break away from its unusual monetary easing policy?
ーClick here for the free videoー
○ Read Ueda’s new system What will happen to the Bank of Japan? What to do with the Japanese economy?
-Performers- Mr. Tetsuya Inoue from Nomura Research Institute, Mr. Kazumasa Oguro from Hosei University, Mr. Izuru Kato from Totan Research
○ Will the Bank of Japan change its policy in the second half of FY2023? URL ⇒
-Cast-Financial Research Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano
■Market commentary by Mr. Hidenao Miyajima, “Wandering Strategist” A free video of Mr. Hidenao Miyajima of Parnassus Investment Strategies, who is familiar with the popular corner of Nikkei CNBC’s “Hiru Express”, “Wandering Strategist Miyajima ga Kill!”
ーClick here for the free videoー
○ URL for long-term investors looking at post-systemic risk ⇒
-Cast-Mr. Hidenao Miyajima, Parnassus Investment Strategies
○ “No landing” in both the US and China is speculative and minority, reality is strict URL ⇒ -Cast-Mr. Hidenao Miyajima, Parnassus Investment Strategies
■ Mr. Tatsunori Kawai, chief strategist at au Kabucom Securities, teaches the secrets of understanding corporate financial results Nikkei CNBC “Kawai Seminar” started in April 2020. To commemorate the 100th broadcast, Tatsunori Kawai, chief strategist at au Kabucom Securities, will release a free video that explains corporate financial results in an easy-to-understand manner.
ーClick here for the free videoー
○Kawai Seminar 100 -Special Lecture 1 “Mystery of deciphering corporate financial statements – Toranomaki -” URL ⇒
-Appearance-au Kabucom Securities Mr. Tatsunori Kawai
○ Kawai Seminar 99 “PBR Reform!!?” URL ⇒
-Appearance-au Kabucom Securities Mr. Tatsunori Kawai
■ Nikkei CNBC Spring new corner “Knowledge of stock selection” to know the brands that need attention
Nikkei CNBC has started a new section on the theme of “stock commentary” this spring. Let’s check the hot stocks and themes for May and June, when corporate financial results announcements and general shareholders’ meetings continue.
ーClick here for the free videoー
○ [Tips for selecting stocks] The theme for the new fiscal year is “recovery,” “recovery,” and “accelerating economic resumption” URL ⇒
-Cast-Economic Journalist Hideki Wajima
○ [Bits of knowledge on stock selection] Quantum computer URL that will finally be put to practical use ⇒
-Cast-Economic Journalist Hideki Wajima
■ Market insiders comment on key keywords that will appear frequently in 2023! Strategists and experts will release free videos explaining the keywords that attracted attention in the market from January to April 2023, such as ChatGPT and AT1 bonds, focusing on their impact on business and the market.
ーClick here for the free videoー
○ Business impact URL of ChatGPT ⇒ -Performers-Danushka Boregala, Professor, University of Liverpool, Tetsuichi Tokusue, Chairman of the Board, Cognite
○ The root URL of the disaster left by the decision to “zero AT1 bonds” ⇒
-Cast-Mana Nakara, BNP Paribas Securities
Please check the official website for details of each video. Golden Week 2023 VOD Free Open Festival Overview
12 carefully selected VOD videos can be viewed for free only during the period. *Not all archived (VOD) videos are free. Please note. ◆Free time: April 29 (holiday, Saturday) to May 7 (Sunday) 23:59 ◆Free viewing method: You can check the details from the banner posted on the Nikkei CNBC or Nikkei CNBC online official website. Special page ⇒
[About Nikkei CNBC]
Nikkei CNBC is a channel specializing in the market and economics that was launched in October 1999 by Nikkei Inc. and CNBC, an affiliate of NBC, one of the four major networks in the United States. We provide prompt and accurate economic and market information 24 hours a day, non-stop for the increasingly borderless global economy. Starting with Japan, it disseminates information on the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has earned a high reputation as Japan’s strongest channel specializing in markets and economics. New Internet information distribution service “Nikkei CNBC online” On April 1, 2023, live performances will be held for those who want to “seriously” work on investment and asset management. We started offering “Nikkei CNBC online (former name: Nikkei Channel Markets)”, a fee-based Internet service with unlimited viewing of video content such as on-demand.
[Image 8d28693-34-3cc7302225cb7c89f27c-1.jpg&s3=28693-34-12df11eb0340f723aa306b1cb04204d9-1200x628.jpg
Click here for details: About “Nikkei CNBC online” dedicated viewing app
We have released a special viewing application for “Nikkei Channel Markets” that was particularly requested at the start of the service. Convenience has been greatly improved, such as being able to easily log in with just one tap from a smartphone.・ Overview App name: Nikkei CNBC online Remarks: Registration for “Nikkei CNBC online” is required to use.・How to download ◆App Store ◆Google Play
Details about this release:

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