Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Concluded a “Collaboration Agreement for Co-Creation of Next-Generation Education Using the Latest Technology”! ~Collaborative creation of an educational model to nurture the zest for life in children

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Concluded a “Collaboration Agreement for Co-Creation of
Next-Generation Education Using the Latest Technology”! ~Collaborative creation of an educational model to nurture the zest for life in children who will support the future society~

School Corporation Sato Sakae Gakuen (Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture / Chairman: Junko Tanaka, hereinafter “Sato Sakae Gakuen”) and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Saitama Branch (Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture / Branch Manager: Taigo Ichikawa, hereinafter ” NTT East Japan”) signed a partnership agreement on April 24 with the aim of co-creating a next-generation education model that nurtures the zest for living in children who will face various social issues in the future. .
Through the conclusion of this agreement, exploratory learning that cultivates the ability to solve social issues using “Sato Ei Gakuen’s educational assets” and “NTT East’s know-how and the latest technology to solve regional issues” and education through educational DX We will work together to improve the environment.
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1. Background and purpose
In order to respond to the rapidly changing society of recent years and to support the coming era, “exploratory learning” that solves problems and thinks about one’s own way of life through proactive, interactive, and deep perspectives and ways of thinking is important. playing a role.
Sato Sakae Gakuen’s children’s individuality and potential are refined and nurtured, and the school site and teachers who practice advanced and exploratory learning, educational assets such as educational know-how, and “a social innovation company that supports the future of the region” By linking NTT East’s know-how to solve regional issues and the latest technology that utilizes ICT, we will realize exploratory learning that focuses on social issues, and cooperate with a next-generation education model that nurtures the “zest for living” that supports the future. We aim to create
In addition, we will aim to realize an educational environment that nurtures “zest for living” through improvements through educational DX that make use of the assets of both schools, such as the busyness of teachers and the shift of club activities to regions.
2.Collaboration matters
(1) Inquiry-based learning to solve social issues
(2) Matters related to education that nurtures aspirations for regional development
(3) Things related to school education DX
(4) Other matters related to co-creation of “next-generation education that supports future society”
3. Collaboration agreement signing ceremony
(1) Name: Partnership agreement for co-creation of next-generation education using the latest technology
(2) Date and time: Monday, April 24, 2023, 14:00-14:45
(3) Location: Sato Sakae Gakuen Headquarters (476 Kamikomachi, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) 3rd floor conference room (4) Concluded by: Junko Tanaka, President of Sato Sakae Gakuen NTT East Executive Officer Saitama Branch Manager Taigo Ichikawa 4. Future plan
As an initiative based on this agreement, through Sleep Tech’s “Sleep Tech DX *” that visualizes the quality of sleep, to build a healthy foundation (head, mind, body) for children and cultivate the ability to maintain it in the future. Collaborative creation of learning related to sleep, “Club Activities DX” that can realize efficient teaching methods and individually optimized training based on data using sports tech, learning to explore future agriculture with the latest technology, etc. We will consider
Through collaboration that leverages the strengths of both Sato Sakae Gakuen and NTT East, we will co-create a next-generation education model that will support the future, and contribute to the promotion of regional value creation through new learning.
* “Sleep education DX” is a coined word of DX (digital transformation) that transforms “sleep education = sleep education”, which acquires knowledge about sleep and correct sleep habits, into a better one with digital technology.
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