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“SHIN-ON” wrapped in 360-degree hot water is now on general sale Futuristic shower that warms the body, introduced on TV

From April 24, 2023 (Monday), NITTO CERA Co., Ltd. will launch a U-shaped shower head “SHIN-ON” that will wrap your body in hot water 360 degrees and warm you to the core as if you were soaking in a bathtub. will be on general sale at the SHIN-ON official online store. “SHIN-ON” is a shower head with a unique and unusual design that was sold through crowdfunding in March last year. It solves the problem of “it’s not enough to warm up with just a shower, but it’s troublesome to fill the bathtub with hot water”, and provides a richer and more comfortable bath time. Thanks to the support of many people, we were able to achieve our planned three-month sales target of 200 units in about one month. Since then, based on user feedback, we have continued to make improvements with the aim of creating a more sophisticated design and a more user-friendly product, leading to this general release. It has already been introduced on TV and many other media, and is attracting attention as a futuristic shower that warms the body.
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Features of the futuristic shower “SHIN-ON” that warms the body
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● The body is warmer than when using a hand shower, and the warmth lasts even after taking a bath.
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Under the same conditions, 11 employees were bathed for 5 minutes at a water temperature of 42°C and a flow rate of 7.1 L/min in order to understand the change in body surface temperature when using SHIN-ON and when using a hand shower. , Thermography of changes in body surface temperature from before bathing to 10 minutes after bathing showed that when SHIN-ON was used, the entire upper body warmed up immediately, and the body surface temperature was kept high and the warmth lasted. I understand that you are. In addition, when we measured changes in core body temperature (sublingual temperature), core body temperature continued to rise after bathing when using SHIN-ON than when using hand shower, and core body temperature decreased 15 minutes after the start of bathing. It was difficult to maintain, and it was confirmed that the warmth was maintained even after the passage of time. Furthermore, in order to obtain subjective data from users who actually used the SHIN-ON and hand shower, we conducted a questionnaire to quantify the thermal sensation before and after bathing. It turned out that ON people felt warmer than the constant hand shower from immediately after bathing to 15 minutes after bathing. Also, with the hand shower, there were always more “cold” answers than the median “neither”, whereas with SHIN-ON, many answers were always “warm” after bathing.
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● A straight stream of water around the neck and shoulders provides pleasant stimulation, while a large mist warms the chest and abdomen. [Image 5

In addition to being able to warm a wide area of ​​the body at once by jetting water from the front, back, left, and right, “SHIN-ON” pursues a comfortable bathing experience. As a result of repeated trial production, we have designed a design that provides comfortable stimulation with a straight water flow around the neck and shoulders, and a large mist that warms the chest and abdomen, realizing a comfortable bathing experience and a long-lasting warmth. increase. ● The amount of hot water used is at the same level as a hot water-saving shower [Image 6

The amount of hot water to be worried about is the same level as when bathing in a water-saving shower. In addition, you can take a bath with less water than filling the bathtub with hot water, which leads to saving water and hot water (energy saving).
The amount of hot water to be worried about is the same level as when bathing in a water-saving shower. In addition, you can take a bath with less water than filling the bathtub with hot water, which leads to saving water and hot water (energy saving).
● Easy to install even in rental housing with DIY
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The necessary parts are delivered as a set. It can be easily installed by one person without the need for plumbing work. It can also be installed in rental housing that requires restoration to its original state*. The position of the shower can be installed in your favorite position with a magnet holder, and it can also be used with an existing hand shower. After use, the shower head part can be rotated and stored, so it does not get in the way.
* Can be installed in a unit bath where a magnet can be attached to the wall. Installation may not be possible depending on the type of faucet and bathroom environment.
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“SHIN-ON” was selected as one of the “Good Design Best 100”, which selects 100 items that have received particularly high praise at the “Good Design Award 2022” sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
● Improved design and usability based on user feedback
In preparation for official sales, based on feedback from crowdfunding supporters, we not only refined the appearance, but also made improvements in terms of usability and cleaning.
Design: A sophisticated shape that looks beautiful from any angle. It has a smooth and gentle curved surface that envelops people, and has a modest and light design that harmonizes with the bathroom space. In addition, the shape has been improved to fit easily on the wall when stored.
Convenience: In addition to eliminating protrusions that hit people during use, the U-shaped shower head has been changed to a general mounting structure so that it can be easily removed from the magnet holder. In addition, a finger hook is provided on the magnet holder. Cleanability: The curved surface has a continuous smooth shape, and the unevenness has been eliminated so that it is difficult to get dirty and easy to clean.
-Development story-
Due to the corona crisis, we are spending more time at home and our lifestyles are becoming more diverse. It is precisely because of such times that we began to think that we would like to increase the amount of comfortable and happy time in our daily lives. We aimed for a new bathing style that allows you to easily and comfortably enjoy the feeling of a warm bath even in the shower.
The development started with making a handmade shower prototype by drilling a hole in a plastic hoop purchased at a home center and connecting a rubber hose. The initial prototype was far from complete, but based on the user’s voice, repeated trial and error,
questionnaires and interviews, and listening carefully to problems related to bathing and living, etc., and improved it. went. As a result, we were able to realize a design that is close to people and the earth by providing a simple and smart solution that everyone can enjoy, and by using eco-friendly and water-saving specifications. And we were able to evolve the device, which started from a handmade prototype, to the point of winning the Good Design Award. As you can see from the hot bath evidence data, we aim for a new and new way to warm your body and mind. -ON” was born.
“SHIN-ON” product specifications
・ Product name: SHIN-ON
・ Product number: SH1-011
・Size: Width 400mm x Depth 448mm x Height 141mm *excluding hoses and branch plugs
・ Weight: U-shaped shower head: 290g, magnet holder: 310g
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