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Opened Japan Outdoor Film Academy

Backyard Co., Ltd.
Opened Japan Outdoor Film Academy
Cultivate human resources aiming for regional revitalization at outdoor movie events

OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN (Backyard Co., Ltd., Racol Co., Ltd.), which has been revitalizing local areas through outdoor movie events based on the concept of “moving anywhere in Japan into a theater”, has organized outdoor movie events for the purpose of spreading and developing outdoor movies. We will open the “Japan Outdoor Film Academy” to train producers.
We support April Dream, which sets April 1 as a day to send out dreams. This press release is the dream of OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN. [Image 1

OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN has held outdoor movie events such as outdoor screenings and drive-in theaters in various places throughout Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Amami Oshima in the south. I have supported the creation
[Image 2

Chofu City, Tokyo
[Image 3

Oarai City, Ibaraki Prefecture
[Image 4

Bibai City, Hokkaido
Outdoor movie events, which make effective use of local spaces and offer a special outdoor movie experience, can be expected not only to promote the area and attract customers, but also to raise the civic pride of the citizens. .
The “Japan Outdoor Film Academy”, which will open this time, will develop event producers who will launch and manage such outdoor film events from scratch.
At the academy, you can systematically learn how to create an event, from how to plan an outdoor movie event in collaboration with the community, how to advertise, how to prepare for the day, and how to manage the event. It is also possible to learn about specialized techniques such as film production, screen installation methods, and image projection methods.
OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN trains producers of outdoor movie events nationwide through the academy, aiming to realize a society where outdoor movie theaters exist on a daily basis in any region. [About OUTDOOR THEATER JAPAN]
Professional group of outdoor movies. Total planning and production of outdoor movie events and drive-in theater events. In addition to helping companies and organizations PR and attracting customers through the entertainment of movies, we are also focusing on regional revitalization through efforts to “deliver movie theaters to cities without movie theaters”.
Produces outdoor movie events in various places throughout Japan, such as Hokkaido in the north and Amami Oshima in the south.
[Image 5

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[About the operating company]
Backyard Co., Ltd.
A company that supports people who support society. Events, PR, promotion, creative, manufacturing, etc… A production company that accompanies all projects from scratch.
LACOL Co., Ltd.
Under the slogan of “Drafting local attractions,” various regional revitalization activities have been carried out.
We aim to realize a society that revitalizes Japan from rural areas, such as advertising business and communication strategy.
“April Dream” is a project run by PR TIMES that sends out dreams that companies want to come true on April 1st. We are serious about making this dream a reality.

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