Opened Teparak Warehouse No. 2, the 9th base in Thailand.

Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.
Opened Teparak Warehouse No. 2, the 9th base in Thailand.

Our company in Thailand, HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS (THAILAND) CO., LTD., has opened “Teparak Warehouse 2” adjacent to Teparak Warehouse in Bangplee District, located about 35km southeast of Bangkok, and from May 1st. Start business.
The district is located in the middle of important logistics facilities such as Bangkok Port, Laem Chabang Port, Suvarnabhumi Airport, etc., and is a location that can meet a wide range of customer needs. This time, we will open “Teparak Warehouse No. 2” as a base following Teparak Warehouse (opened in January 2023, about 20,000 square meters) to meet the strong demand for warehouses accompanying the recovery of the manufacturing industry in Thailand, and to expand the logistics business. We aim for further expansion.
Hankyu Hanshin Express will continue to expand its network of bases in the ASEAN region and make further efforts to improve customer service. [Image 1d7468-145-623bd6c4f8496d4fa80a-0.jpg&s3=7468-145-9337696c14c17ebc0b6e82885f2ab079-600x434.jpg

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