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O-Plan Co., Ltd.
Interview-Interview-First! !
Released “CAREEBLE”, a recruitment service that can reduce recruitment costs overwhelmingly!

O-Plan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Fumika Ohara) will release the recruitment service “CAREEBLE” for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. iOS and Android versions will be released later this year.
Not only does it completely reduce the costs incurred other than actually posting a job, such as the success fee for recruiting, but it also achieves an overwhelming hiring speed that other companies can not do, such as interviews in as little as two days.
Please try the new common sense of recruitment “CAREEBLE”.
[New registration URL] https://careeble.jp/
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Background of realization of overwhelming cost performance
Even if you can hire good human resources with conventional
recruitment services, recruitment costs will be higher than expected, such as paying the agent as a market rate of 10% of the annual income of the recruited person as a performance fee in addition to the posting fee. . Also, there are few services that clearly state the actual cost on the service website, and there are cases where the price is known only after making an inquiry and obtaining an estimate. In addition, even if a job is posted, companies that have spent more money on the ranking will be displayed preferentially, and there is also a fight for capital.
We visualize the cost of recruiting personnel, and we want companies to hire personnel with fair and clear accounting. We have introduced an easy-to-understand system of one interview and one ticket. Because it is a matching service, it is a completely private job offer, so there is no need to worry about the posting ranking, and we have created an environment where you can use it fairly so that there is no conflict of capital.
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[Thoughts for CAREEBLE]
I want you to experience a new way of job hunting. “CAREEBLE” is a service that was released from that thought.
I feel that the current job hunting process has many issues, both on the job seeker side and the recruiting side. There are many companies that have introduced such a selection flow, with different reasons for applying for each company, the hassle of having to prepare application documents, and anachronistic pressure interviews and multiple interviews. I feel that job seekers are often at a disadvantage in a world where asking questions about benefits and salary conditions is taboo.
Because it is interview first, we can exchange information and negotiate terms on an equal footing with companies. Through
“CAREEBLE”, we will help you to find a more flat job.
O-Plan Co., Ltd. Representative Director Fumika Ohara
About O-Plan Co., Ltd.
O-Plan was established in 2015 with the concept of “making IT more accessible”. From the founding to the present, we operate under this concept, We have grown into a company that is trusted by many customers based on our achievements.
From now on, as the second founding period, as a total IT company, We will develop various software in the world.
By embodying a wealth of ideas and commercializing them, we will further diversify our business.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Oplan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: MK Building 4F, 2-3-2 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 Representative Director: Fumika Ohara
Business: HR business, commissioned development, in-house development Established: 2015
HP: https://oplan.co.jp/
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