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Outdoor/indoor passive sensor PIR-T35N(BL) Takenaka Engineering’s outdoor/indoor passive sensor. iTrade started handling. Convenient payment method.

Security House Co., Ltd.
[Outdoor/indoor passive sensor PIR-T35N(BL)] Takenaka Engineering’s outdoor/indoor passive sensor. iTrade started handling. Convenient payment method.
It is a passive sensor for outdoor and indoor use.

Passive sensor for outdoor and indoor use that greatly reduces false alarms and malfunctions with its unique triple mirror system and signal processing system
Three colors to choose from to match the design of the building [Image

-Triple mirrors that make up a unique area
Built-in 3 sets of optical system units in the sensor.
It is a new type of passive sensor equipped with a twin-type element (newly developed) for each.
The area consisting of 3 sets of optical units greatly reduces false alarms and malfunctions due to a unique arrangement design.
In addition, due to the design like an outdoor light and the structure where the area adjustment (mirror movement) is performed inside, It is difficult to guess the direction of the area from the
appearance, and it has excellent security.
●Reduces malfunctions caused by small animals
Since an independent detector is used for each mirror, signal processing reduces malfunctions caused by small animals such as cats. Also, by using the pet mode (3D warning type only), you will be able to cancel even a medium-sized dog (about 50 cm tall).
It can be operated even where pets are kept.
Furthermore, by attaching a bird stopper to the top surface, it is difficult for birds to stop, and unexpected malfunctions are greatly reduced.
● Supports mounting heights of 2.0 to 6.0m!
Since it can be installed at a height where people cannot easily touch it, tampering with the sensor can be prevented.
In addition, by using the high-density mode, it can be installed at a height of up to 6m.
(Cancellation of small animals is disabled in high density mode) High-density area using triple mirror method
A high-density warning area with no gaps allows for continuous warning. In addition, by moving the internal mirror, it is possible to adjust the warning distance and warning direction,
It is also possible to set the optimal area using the aiming function. It can also handle intrusions along walls. (When the detection function along the wall is enabled)
– Comes with area mask sheet
If there is a malfunction factor in the set caution area, by using the attached area mask sheet,
Targeted areas can be disabled.
(The warning area can be visually confirmed by the aiming function.) ● Safe, secure, friendly design
・Built-in tamper function
・Compliant with RoHS Directive
・Equipped with aiming function
・Built-in self-diagnosis function
・Equipped with memory function
・Area angle adjustment function
Three-dimensional alert type: horizontal ±45°, vertical 17°
Surface guard type: horizontal ±90°, vertical 17°
・Equipped with an output (a contact) that can be used for camera monitoring systems, threatening equipment interlocking, lighting/air conditioning interlocking, voice guidance, etc.
●Strengthen countermeasures against lightning
Conforms to CE standard EN61000-4-5.
In order to reduce the damage caused by induced lightning, the surge resistance performance has been enhanced, so you can use it outdoors with confidence.
* We do not guarantee failures or malfunctions due to lightning strikes. Product page:
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