Over 100,000 members! March 2023 results report in numbers

Section Eight Co., Ltd.
Over 100,000 members! March 2023 results report in numbers
“THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS”, which opened in February 2023 and can only be used by a limited number of high-ranking members, has also released a March performance report.

Section Eight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takayuki Yasuda, hereinafter referred to as Section Eight) will announce the performance of THE SINGLE in March 2023 operated by Section Eight.
■ March 2023 THE SINGLE summary by numbers
Section Eight has been developing “Aisekiya” nationwide with the aim of creating encounters. We offer one-on-one shared seating for people seeking more serious encounters, complete membership system, all seats are private rooms, and we have prepared a space where you can enjoy a special time alone with peace of mind.
[Image 1d37097-172-c41cc8e891814571e5c6-6.png&s3=37097-172-2f1f1b20247c5d0eaa7822968901e580-930x454.png
In March 2023, THE SINGLE surpassed 104,059 THE SINGLE members and 352,390 people in total. (*Total number of people sharing seats: Total number from 2021 to March 2023)
[Image 2d37097-172-30f8f9c8b7165d8df8ee-5.jpg&s3=37097-172-12c71358d93dc29d5e28a996caa7fd51-1920x1080.jpg
The number of male visitors to THE SINGLE in March 2023 exceeded 4,765, and the number of female visitors exceeded 4,389. 52.1% of men and 47.9% of women visited the store, and the male-female ratio was almost the same for both men and women.
In addition, 1,357 men visited the store for the first time, 3,408 men visited the store twice or more, and 921 women visited the store for the first time, and 3,468 women visited the store twice or more. [Image 3d37097-172-111e0bdbbd7d72913196-11.jpg&s3=37097-172-2d00b741bbad8d668868c22772d2133a-3900x1226.jpg
Also, if you look closely at the ages of the men and women who visited the store, you can see that a wide range of age groups are visiting the store.
[Image 4d37097-172-ca71b83913adb54a8c33-1.jpg&s3=37097-172-3e96cb5f7f4974fd763adeeefcd8ad03-1920x1080.jpg
In March 2023, THE SINGLE averaged 4.1 men and 5.1 women.
[Image 5d37097-172-b3e92341bf5cd2ea3fe4-0.jpg&s3=37097-172-5aef76c7b852a54a73bb01c67c39b242-2229x521.jpg
The average review score for THE SINGLE in March 2023 was 3.23 for men and 3.42 for women.
[Image 6d37097-172-706dbfa953a870121691-4.jpg&s3=37097-172-a598789bd7e55c1adf5b604ab61b2589-2210x1418.jpg
In March 2023, THE SINGLE’s member rank ratio was 1.4% for men, 1.4% for DIAMOND members, 8.3% for PLATINA members, 34.3% for PREMIA members, and 53.7% for GOLD members. Among women, 5.6% were DIAMOND members, 4.1% were PLATINA members, 38.2% were PREMIA members, and 52.1% were GOLD members.
By the way, did you know that the news that “children are ‘luxury items'” is a hot topic? For economic reasons, many young people are giving up on marriage and childbirth because they are worried about whether they will be happy even if they have children.
Factors that are accelerating the declining birthrate include, firstly, the tendency to marry later and not to marry before childbirth and childcare, and secondly, concerns about future employment and income.
In addition, the other day, the government began considering raising social insurance premiums in order to secure financial resources for countermeasures against the declining birthrate. It is said that the plan to add it is strong. This is essentially the same as raising taxes, and there are concerns that it will make it even more difficult for singles to get married.
THE SINGLE, a one-on-one izakaya restaurant run by Aisekiya, a pioneer in the industry that established the new genre of izakaya, has surpassed 100,000 members and has now surpassed 104,059.
Although the world is uncertain about the future, THE SINGLE will strive to create new encounters for men and women who are registered as members and are looking for encounters. We will contribute to society.
[Image 7d37097-172-58a2ca6810d2d333b1b5-7.png&s3=37097-172-b310d625f3cf9a222079940066e8bdeb-763x544.png
THE SINGLE introduces a mutual evaluation system in the app, so that after sharing a table, you can improve the quality of the table by evaluating each other.
From June 21, 2022, we will introduce a mutual evaluation system and a membership ranking system based on the number of times we share a table, and on January 5, 2023, we will significantly update the membership ranking system, and the conventional three ranks of GOLD / PLATINA / DIAMOND. PREMIA has been added to the membership ranks that were previously, and there are now four ranks:
Among them, in 2022, THE SINGLE has held special events according to member ranks, based on the voices of members who said, “I want a meeting place only for PLATINA/DIAMOND members, who are the top two ranks.” As we held the event, we received many favorable comments from participants saying that it was a more wonderful encounter than usual because it was only a high rank, and the matching rate was also very high.
[Image 8d37097-172-e6fba013cffa8874d74d-8.png&s3=37097-172-30c557fb78769be5eb47d9d5c1b678d1-802x505.png
“THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS” opened on Thursday, February 9, 2023 from such customer feedback.
About a month after opening, in March 2023, THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS had a male-female ratio of 51.0% for males and 49.0% for females. It’s been a lot of results.
In addition, the average number of people sharing seats for THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS in March 2023 was 2.7 for men and 2.8 for women.
According to a female user who visited THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS in March 2023, “Since there are only high-ranking members, there are no people who come here with excitement, so there is not much difference in love between each other. This time, I met a wonderful person at THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS, so I want to do my best to make progress.” Also, since there are many people in THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS who are serious about romance, we know from interviews that it is easy to proceed to the next step (date) if they think it is good for each other.
By the way, it is difficult to choose a partner systematically in the conventional shared-seat business format, and even if you can convey your wishes to some extent, it is not always the case, and there are individual differences in satisfaction. There were many.
At THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS, based on the interview based on the chart, we do not guide 100% of customers who do not match, so we have introduced a system where you can share a table with the consent of both parties, which is more accurate matching. can be provided. “THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS” Official Website: https://high-class.single-aiseki.com/ *Details are confidential, so media members should contact the public relations department.
Kondo: k.kondo@section-8.jp
■From Aiseki Labo Director Sakamoto
The matching app market has become saturated, and more and more people are getting tired of matching apps.
Quantity over quality? Quality over quantity? This argument is quite difficult, but I think that many people who are tired of matching apps are people who value the number of encounters rather than quality. Matching apps actually look at many people’s profiles, compare them, choose from them, wait for a match, repeat messages, decide on a date… and sort out a huge amount of information. You have to choose your opponent by yourself. As a result, the number of people who say, “I’m tired of dating apps = I’m tired of dating,” continues to grow. On the other hand, if you are looking for quality over quantity, you will find it difficult to meet the right people, and at the end of the day, you will be told that the hurdles are high.
In that sense, I think THE SINGLE HIGH-CLASS will ensure a certain level of quantity and quality, and will cover areas that have been out of reach until now.
■Director Profile
[Image 9d37097-172-e81e26a6689b8525d10f-9.jpg&s3=37097-172-5a67ebc96f108a0c07fe42e0024a7052-2048x1365.jpg
Shiori Sakamoto
Born November 23, 1991. After graduating from university, he joined a travel agency and was in charge of educational trips for students. The love consultation was well received by the students, and the next day, he was nominated as an unprecedented tour conductor, causing a stir in the company. After that, he was in charge of public relations at multiple companies, regardless of whether they were major companies or startups. Currently, he is in charge of public relations, personnel affairs, content production, and secretary of joint parties. After posting on SNS, he is also involved in the planning of an Aisekiya and a certain matching app. Currently visiting 47 countries. The owner of the track record that gave birth to 5 couples in a month.
What is Aiseki LABO?
In 2019, “Romance Comprehensive Data Bank” “Aisekiya LABO” was launched as a pioneer in the industry that established a new genre of “Aiseki Izakaya”. And this time, from “Aisekiya LABO” to “Aiseki LABO”, research on love, matchmaking, and dating through various data on encounters and romance, regular interviews with unmarried men and women, and surveys of various types of sharing business. We are doing In addition, through comments from Aisekiya’s on-site staff, who are experts in encounter production, and Sakamoto, the director of Aiseki LABO, we also clarify and disseminate insights that cannot be seen in numbers.
Section Eight has been developing “Aisekiya” nationwide with the aim of creating encounters.
In recent years, the consumption of singles who enjoy being alone has increased, and the number of people who have experienced solo activities has risen to 86.4% (*). “THE SINGLE” will provide one-on-one shared seating for people who are looking for a more serious encounter in order to meet the demand for solo activities. We have prepared a space where you can enjoy a special time alone with peace of mind, with a complete membership system and all seats in private rooms.
(*) Source: https://www.excite.co.jp/news/article/E1341404898238/ Company Profile
Company name: SECTION EIGHT CO., LTD
Location: 3rd floor, Barbizon22, 5-8-11 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Main business: Restaurant management, planning, consulting, franchise business, event planning and production
Date of establishment: June 20, 2008
Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Takayuki Yasuda, President and Representative Director HP: https://section-8.jp/

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