Peach John Co., Ltd. SALON by PEACH JOHN 2023 Summer Collection! A summer new work full of resort feeling is on sale!

Peach John Co., Ltd.
SALON by PEACH JOHN 2023 Summer Collection! A summer new work full of resort feeling is on sale!

SALON by PEACH JOHN of Peach John Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Manabu Kazuo) has released a new summer 2023 collection. Escape to extraordinary life! A wide range of line-up from functional bras to relaxing room wear, with plenty of lace that is unique to SALON. The collection will be released sequentially at stores and official mail order sites. A limited number of novelty campaigns have also started!
Official mail order site [Image 1

Summer new work 1. Long underbust and excellent stability! Decollete plump bust line
[Image 2

The long-awaited revival of last year’s balconette type that creates a plump decollete. Bralette type and pajamas will appear in the “Crescendo” series this summer! The bra is a balcony type that lifts the bust moderately and creates a plump decollete.
A design that lavishly uses lace with a beautiful structure of delicate and uneven flowers and leaves. The sexy accent that the front center is opened in a triangle. Room wear that is perfect for summer with a thick texture uses plenty of beautiful lace with the same sheerness as bras, giving off an elegant color and scent.
[Image 3

Crescendo Longline Russell Lace Bra
¥5,100 (Body price ¥4,637)
C-F cup UB65/70/75
Crescendo Russell Lace Bra Top
¥4,600 (Body price ¥4,182)
S, M, L
crescendo russell lace shorts
¥2,700 (Body price ¥2,455)
S, M, L
crescendo russell race song
¥3,000 (Body price ¥2,728)
S/M, M/L
Color: Black, Purple, Pink (3 colors in total)
crescendo rayon lace pajamas
¥7,600 (Body price ¥6,910)
S/M, M/L
Color: Black, pink (2 colors in total)
Summer new item 2. Recommended as a T-shirt bra! Introducing a summer bra with full lace that is typical of SALON!
[Image 4

The lace is molded to give it a clean look. Although it has a high armpit design, it uses delicate lace, so it is light and comfortable to wear and covers the armpits and back gorgeously. The lining of the cup is peach skin that feels good on the skin, and the rubber on the side belt does not touch the skin directly, making it comfortable to wear. Matching slips packed with design details on the front and back, hotel-like pajamas (heart)
[Image 5

Fabulous bra
¥5,100 (Body price ¥4,637)
C-E cup UB65/70/75
fabulous shorts
¥2,700 (Body price ¥2,455)
S, M, L
Fabulous Song
¥3,000 (Body price ¥2,728)
S/M, M/L
Fabulous Satin Slip
¥5,091 (body price ¥5,600)
S/M, M/L
Color: Navy, Bordeaux, White (3 colors in total)
fabulous shirt pajamas
¥7,600 (Body price ¥6,910)
S/M, M/L
Color: Navy, light gray (2 colors)
* Scheduled to be released on April 26
SALON immovable popular No. 1! A new summer color for the top-selling valley with a clean side!
[Image 6

[Over 110,000 total] *SALON’s top seller! Make up the cleavage with a clean side and fullness. A graceful combination of pleated mesh and exquisite eyelash leaver lace. An elegant design inspired by the classic corset. “White” is perfect for refreshing summer.
*From August 30, 2017 to March 20, 2023 Series total exceeded 110,000 copies european corsetta bra
Price: ¥6,300 (body price ¥5,728)
Size: B to F cups UB65/70/75/80 *B cups do not have UB65, *D cups only have UB80
european corsetta shorts
Price: ¥3,000 (body price ¥2,728)
S, M, L
european corsetta song
Price: ¥3,000 (body price ¥2,728)
S/M, M/L
Color: White (1 new color)
Long-awaited NEW design! A new European corsetta series that uses damask lace. The arch pattern makes the cleavage more emphasized and sexy.
[Image 7d9170-539-cc89c972b4815db9b218-6.jpg&s3=9170-539-78e00b88a54de8e13d12a1816c66dc34-3900x2729.jpg
Gorgeous design with full use of lace throughout. The cup of the bra has an arch pattern that flows from the armpit to the cleavage, which emphasizes the cleavage and makes you look sexy. For refreshing underarms and voluminous bust. Matching shorts and thongs too. european corsette bra damask lace
Price: ¥6,000 (body price ¥5,455)
Size: C-F cup, UB65/70/75
European corsetta shorts damask lace
Price: ¥3,000 (body price ¥2,728)
Size: S, M, L
european corsetta song damask lace
Price: ¥3,000 (body price ¥2,728)
S/M, M/L
Colors: Black, Mauve, Gray (three new colors)
* Scheduled to be released on May 17
SALON store limited item (heart)
[Image 8d9170-539-72f3618469d9955fdd9f-3.jpg&s3=9170-539-a58b0e16e803b3c81e21bdc7f5116393-2413x2700.jpg
SALON store limited items will appear! Light and comfortable to wear, peach-shaped pads add volume. Create a soft and rounded bust. The pads on the front side catch the sagging breasts, and the pads on the side catch the separated breasts and put them together to create a round and voluminous chest! Because it is designed by size, it creates a cleavage that matches each volume.
sensual bra
Price: ¥4,200 (body price ¥3,819)
Size: C-E cup, UB65/70/75
sensual shorts
Price: ¥2,400 (body price ¥2,182)
Size: S, M, L
sensual song
Price: ¥2,700 (body price ¥2,455)
Size: S/M, M/L
Color: Beige Black, Beige White, Red (3 colors in total)
*Scheduled to be sold exclusively at the SALON store on April 26th Novelty campaign also started
[Image 9d9170-539-b6aa471c2dfef1628d9e-0.jpg&s3=9170-539-92d97037c2b3db1fac94bcd209962559-687x453.jpg
Official mail order site & SALON store only!
If you purchase more than a certain amount of money, including SALON products*, you will receive 1 original bath towel with a brand logo from all 3 colors!
* Conditions vary depending on the sales channel.
WEB: 4/5 (Wed) 12:00~
SALON Ginza store, SALON Shinjuku store: 4/5 (Wednesday) ~
*Ends as soon as stock runs out
WEB: Purchase over 12,000 yen including tax including SALON bra SALON store: Purchase of 11,000 yen or more including tax including SALON products
* Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out even during the period. Please note.
*Novelty will be 1 point per transaction.
*Color cannot be selected.
≪When purchasing online≫ Items will be delivered together with your order on a first-come, first-served basis.
≪When purchasing at the store≫ The product will be handed to you together with the purchased product at the time of checkout. SALON by PEACH JOHN
Official mail order site Store: Ginza store, Shinjuku store
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