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Poop that becomes an asset? “Pure gold luck” is on sale at the EC site! !

RAIN Co., Ltd.
Poop that becomes an asset? “Pure gold luck” is on sale at the EC site! ! “Asset value + playfulness” presented by JUNGOLD, a pure gold brand
RAIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Masamichi Ishikawa), which is challenging new ideas of pure gold with asset value under the theme of “exciting experience with pure gold”, made with 99.9% pure gold. “Pure gold luck” started for a limited time on April 4th (Tuesday). Lineup is 0.3g, 1g, price from 9800 yen
Maybe it’s God’s work…
[Video 3:] Product details
[Golden luck] 99.9% purity gold “pure gold” lucky charm
Release period: April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) ~ April 15, 2023 (Saturday) *Products will be shipped on May 15th
Product LP:
[Image 1

I took my luck seriously.
[The power of new ideas “gold” and “luck”] Luck is a talisman made of 99.9% pure gold “pure gold”, so your luck with money is MAX? [Image 2

[As a lucky charm, as a feeling of gratitude] Experience with pure gold. [Image 3

[Fortune of pure gold that becomes an asset] Experience having assets while having fun
[Image 4

It is widely known to the world that pure gold itself is an asset, partly due to the large price rise in the last few years. One of the attractions of this product is that the material will not fade and the asset value will continue to rise even after years, decades, or even hundreds of years.
[Fortunes of pure gold, seriously considered ridiculously]
[Image 5

“Banana Luck”
[Image 6

Among the stools that we take for granted every day, the “banana shape” is the most ideal shape because it contains many good bacteria and represents a very good state of health. Pure gold banana luck has the meaning of “thank you for your daily health” in addition to “beautiful silhouette”.
“rolling luck”
[Image 7

childhood hero? And speaking of poop, this is the standard shape. When I was a child, I used “pure gold”, which has a high asset value, to express what I often said and wrote in pictures. The winding luck of pure gold is packed with “memories of childhood” and “absurdity”. “Lucky Coin”
[Image 8

lucky video 2
[Video 4:]

【Product introduction】
“Pure Gold Good Luck Amulet”
Material: Pure gold (K24)
Banana Luck:
(Small) Approx. 0.3g Width approx. 6.5mm x Thickness approx. 2mm ¥9,800~ (Large) Approx. 1g Width approx. 10mm x Thickness approx. 3mm 19,800 yen ~ Winding luck:
(Small) Approx. 0.3g Width approx. 4mm x Thickness approx. 3mm ¥9,800~ (Large) Approx. 1g Width approx. 6mm x Thickness approx. 4mm ¥19,800~ Coin Luck:
(Small) Approx. 0.3g Width approx. 6mm x Thickness approx. 1mm ¥9,800~ (Large) Approx. 1g Width approx. 8mm x Thickness approx. 1.5mm ¥19,800~ put it in your wallet
[Image 10

[Image 12

[Attractiveness of pure gold considered by JUNGOLD]
1. “Asset value” Needless to say, the main player in market trading, as a safe asset
2. “Golden color and beauty” Gold that shines bright yellow is different from other gold
3. Due to the heavy weight of the “real presence”, the difference is noticeable when you hold it
4. “History” Admiration for gold that has continued since BC 5. “Fortune” 99.9% purity, max fortune?
6. “Wearing” Some items are worn as jewelry
7. “Sustainable materials for the future” Ease of processing that does not corrode is eternal value
[About the ongoing Makuake project]
[Image 13

◆ “Pure” than the real thing [Golden seal of the king of the Han committee] First appearance in “pure gold” that can be purchased from 1g! ! From 19,800 yen.
Started on March 26th on the support purchase site Makuake.
[Image 14
[About past Makuake projects]
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[About related official sites]
Official online shop:
GOLDay (pure gold subscription):
Instagram: jungold2020
Twitter: @jungold2020
[Custom-made pure gold business for corporations]
[Natural diamond Meijewelry]
Instagram: meijewelry_tokyo
[About RAIN Co., Ltd.]
Founded in 2015, mainly for the purpose of recycling jewelry. Since our founding, we have been mainly engaged in the wholesale operation of diamonds, gold, and platinum, and since 2018, we have been focusing on manufacturing. In particular, we started “JUNGOLD”, which specializes in manufacturing pure gold. Our pure gold products and jewelry have been supported by more than 50 projects and more than 80 million yen, mainly from the support purchase service Makukake and corporate OEM. Also, from 2023, the pure gold subscription service will start in earnest.
【Company Profile】
Company name: RAIN Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-11-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 3rd floor of Kigusada Building Representative: Masamichi Ishikawa
Established: December 4, 2015
Business: Jewelery manufacturing, wholesale, retail
* The following is special information limited to media personnel. Please refrain from disclosing information on personal SNS etc. [Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Rain Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Masamichi Ishikawa
Phone: 080-1257-2626 Email address: FAX: 03-5830-3400

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