Press release The creator support platform “Fantia” has surpassed 10 million total users! From April 4th , “Everyone can get it! Tora Coin Present Campaign” will be held!

Toranoana Co., Ltd.
The creator support platform “Fantia” has surpassed [10 million total users]! From April 4th, “Everyone can get it! Tora Coin Present Campaign” will be held!

The creator support platform “Fantia” (hereinafter referred to as “Fantia”), a group brand of Toranoana Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Toranoana”), will have a total of 10 million registered users on April 3, 2023 (Monday). I broke through people. To commemorate this, from April 4, 2023 (Tuesday), we will publish a special page that looks back on our history and hold a commemorative campaign. [Image 1

(C) Fantia
Fantia is a “creator support platform” that provides creators active in each genre with a place to freely present their works and further creative activities. The total transaction value in FY2022 is 12.1 billion yen, which is 170% compared to the previous year, and the cumulative number of fan clubs has reached 410,000, which is also 205% compared to the previous year.
In commemoration of Fantia’s [cumulative number of registered users exceeding 10 million], a commemorative campaign will be held from April 4 (Tuesday) to express our gratitude to everyone who has been patronizing us on a daily basis. rice field.
During the period, everyone who newly registers and logs into Fantia will receive 99 Tora Coins, and 10 people will be selected by lottery to receive 10,000 Tora Coins. In addition, a special page will be released where you can look back on the history of Fantia for about seven years.
Please take this opportunity to participate in the creator support platform “Fantia”.
●Over 10 million registered Fantia users!
[Transition until the cumulative number of registered users exceeds 10 million] Fantia started service in May 2016.
It was May 2020 to exceed 1 million people, August 2021 to exceed 5 million people, and April 2023 to exceed 10 million people.
Since the service started, the number of registered users has increased steadily, and in 2023, the number of registered users, including creators, will finally exceed 10 million.
In addition, one in four people are women, making it a place where creators and contents of various genres play an active role. [Image 2

*As of April 2023
[The number of overseas users increased by about 500% in two years] The current gender ratio of users is 70% male and 30% female, and the volume zone is comprised of 70% of the total, with people aged 18 to 34, and is gaining support from relatively young people.
In addition, the number of registered users from overseas is increasing, and there are accesses from [156 countries and regions around the world].
As of 2023, are overseas users, and it can be said that it is being recognized as a place for diverse communication between fans and creators that is not limited to Japan. For details, please refer to the following special page “Fantia’s history so far, looking back on numbers”.
[Image 3

■ Commemorative campaign overview
1. Everyone can get it! Tora Coin Present Campaign
→ During the period, all customers who have registered as new members or logged in will receive a 99 yen “Tora Coin” that can be used only for Fantia.
[Image 4

2. 10 new registrants will receive 10,000 Tora Coins by lottery →During the period, 10 people who have newly registered as members will be given a “Tora Coin” worth 10,000 yen, which can be used only for Fantia.
Implementation period: April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) 00:00 to April 26 (Wednesday) 23:59


★ What is “Tora Coin”?
[Image 5

(C) Toranoana
It is [chargeable WEB money] that can be used as 1 yen = 1 coin at “Toranoana Mail Order” or “Fantia”.
Tora Coin Shop
★ First, register as a user for free. Fantia new registration is here!
■ Copyright notation
(C) Fantia
(C) Toranoana

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