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“Reviving a beauty school into an office building” Fukuzumi starts a building revitalization business that makes use of its history

Fukuzumi Co., Ltd.
“Reviving a beauty school into an office building” Fukuzumi starts a building revitalization business that makes use of its history While responding to social changes and needs such as infection control and SDGs, valuing the history of the building and the thoughts of the owner and comprehensively increasing the value of the property is the true “revival”.

Fukuzumi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, real estate industry / President: Takao Kawano) has carried out a building restoration business with the keyword of “passing on history”. A 20-year-old beauty vocational school in the Tenjin district will be renovated on a large scale and will begin operating as an office building, Prio Fukuoka Building, in March 2023.
[Image 1d115536-1-b456972a537e18a7f666-0.jpg&s3=115536-1-baf1beeea4a27e370048d056b15035a5-1357x905.jpg
From “Scrap & Build” to “Building Evolution”
We changed the concept from the conventional “scrap and build type” to “evolution of the building” and proceeded with the renovation. While minimizing dismantling and leaving the frame as much as possible, we have evolved into a one-plate office with no pillars that can flexibly respond to the needs of tenants.
In addition, in addition to energy saving by switching all lighting to LEDs, we have introduced non-contact type elevators, use building materials that do not emit harmful substances, and strengthened the indoor ventilation capacity from 20 m3 to 30 m3 per hour. was reborn as an excellent building.
[Image 2d115536-1-17c6d8f9710d32005177-1.jpg&s3=115536-1-82d9e238bdab36ff81b8d9d348e8b287-1362x908.jpg
One-plate office with no pillars, LED lighting throughout the building, air conditioning with enhanced ventilation functions Based on the keyword “Continuing the history of the building” In addition to functional renovations and upgrades, we also wanted to pass on the history of the building with care, so we renewed the curvilinear appearance of the hair, which was installed as a symbol when the beauty school was newly built. It is inherited by the building. Fukuzumi wants to carry on the history of the building from the time it was built, and to proceed with the renovation that incorporates the thoughts of the owner at the time of construction and the thoughts of the building.

[Image 3d115536-1-d03d89e6d08957945298-2.jpg&s3=115536-1-1ec2c30bdb2bd0fd6e73d5294b9395f5-3900x2452.jpg
Appearance inspired by flowing “hair”
Efforts toward “SDGs” utilizing building revitalization
In revitalizing the building, in addition to renovating it into a building that can be used safely and securely by residents for a long period of time, we have also realized the recycling of waste materials such as scraps generated during construction, creating an
environmentally friendly building. rice field.
In addition, barrier-free design and multi-purpose toilets are installed in various places to create a work environment where people with disabilities can work without inconvenience, and bicycle parking spaces are also installed to encourage smart move commuting. [Image 4d115536-1-8cd0d61574b75fe540db-3.jpg&s3=115536-1-cbe68642171bc74952758297463cad43-744x992.jpg
Multi-purpose toilets placed in various places
(Comment from Takao Kono, CEO Fukuzumi)
In the city center of Fukuoka City, “Tenjin Big Bang” and “Hakata Connected” are progressing, in which large buildings are rebuilt while enjoying floor area ratio bonuses, but small and medium-sized buildings outside the area and those that have passed the age We believe that the renovation of large-scale buildings is a valuable real estate revitalization method for the city. In addition to the functional, design, and profit aspects, we believe that true revitalization involves valuing the history of the existing building and the feelings of the owner towards the building, and
comprehensively increasing the value of the property. .
“Prio Fukuoka Building” is a renovation based on the history of the former beauty school, with the implication of embodying Fukuzumi’s philosophy of “building revitalization”.
With the goal of becoming a three-star comprehensive real estate company, Fukuzumi will continue to propose solutions and value creation that are one rank above the rest from the customer’s perspective.
Company Profile
Company name: Fukuzumi Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 6th floor, Prio Tenjin Building, 2-4-15 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Representative: Takao Kawano
Date of establishment: March 1975
Description of business: Comprehensive real estate business
For inquiries to Fukuzumi
E-mail: TEL: 092-712-0245 Management Planning Department

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