rinna Co., Ltd. and dott Co., Ltd. Started offering “rinna AI STUDIO”, a system development education prog ram that utilizes AI

rinna Inc.
Launched rinna AI STUDIO, a system development education program that utilizes AI
Supports not only rinna API and teaching materials, but also programming classes and system development for teaching materials
rinna Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jean “Cliff” Chen, hereinafter rinna) and its partner dott Inc. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Wataru Asai, hereinafter dott) are AI We are pleased to announce the launch of the system development education program “rinna AI STUDIO” that utilizes

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■ Background
AI technology has been evolving rapidly in recent years, and various utilization methods have been developed to meet various needs in business. rinna’s partner, dott, will provide educational programs using rinna’s API to students, organizations, and companies who want to learn system development using AI technology, which is in high demand. support the use of
rinna AI STUDIO is a service that provides class packages in the form of teaching materials and instructor dispatch using rinna’s AI generation technology API for the purpose of learning “system development using AI”. The goal is to support educational
institutions, companies, and organizations that have students and engineers so that they can play an active role in the coming AI age by having fun learning how to use AI and system development using AI. [Contents provided by rinna AI STUDIO]
・rinna API
We provide a total of 6 types of APIs. Customers who are already conducting programming classes and want to incorporate rinna technology into their classes can use the rinna API by applying for this service only.
・Teaching materials
We provide teaching materials for conducting classes using the rinna API. It is a content for practical development centering on sample code and its explanation. Custom-made teaching materials are also available upon request.
・Classes using rinna API
A lecturer will be dispatched to give a class on system development using the rinna API. Prices vary depending on online/offline, class content, and number of participants.
・Programming class
We will send a lecturer to teach the basics of programming. It is a series of lectures, and basically it is necessary to secure a total of 10 or more class hours, 90 minutes each time. However, we can flexibly respond to requests such as short-term seminars.
・System development for teaching materials
We will develop a system using rinna API. We will deliver the developed system together with the source code, so it is possible to treat the system as a teaching material.
For more information, please visit the rinna AI STUDIO official website. https://rinna.aistudio.jp/
[Comment from rinna AI STUDIO launch partner]
“Dream” Academy Lecturer Mr. Takeyama
Yokosuka Programming “Dream” Academy has collaborated with Yokosuka City to develop an environment for learning programming from elementary school students to university students in Yokosuka City. In particular, I was very interested in the development of classes that incorporated the recent AI trend, but I felt that there were problems due to the instructor’s lack of knowledge and experience in new fields. Therefore, we have introduced rinna AI STUDIO to prepare an environment where experienced instructors can teach you how to use advanced AI. We hope that students will be able to enjoy and learn more about current technology through highly satisfying and applied classes.
[Comment from Wataru Asai, Representative Director of dott Co., Ltd.] When I was in college, I had a setback in studying system development. Until then, I was starting to dislike IT, which I thought was “interesting and fun.” However, at one point, I learned how to develop a web system using the Twitter API, and I began to feel that system development, which I had felt was “difficult”, was “fun”. At the time, it was obviously not possible to create a system like Twitter, but when I learned that the data and functions could be easily used in the form of an API, I was able to enjoy system development all at once. Now, the 3rd AI boom including ChatGPT has arrived. I think that many people who were not interested in IT until now are beginning to be interested in system development through AI. Rather than suddenly learning AI development, we will help create an environment where people who are frustrated by AI learning can be reduced and they can learn advanced technology while having fun. I want to With that in mind, we started this project with the cooperation of rinna. ■ Future development
We will promote cooperation with private programming classes while promoting provision to high schools, universities, and vocational schools throughout Japan. We also plan to provide teaching materials such as AI development itself and more advanced system development. In the future, it is expected that the use and understanding of AI will become a necessary skill not only for so-called science students but also for humanities students and occupations. Along with that, rinna AI STUDIO will also prepare teaching materials for humanities students to learn how to use AI and how it works without code. [About dott Co., Ltd.]
We are a system development company with a slogan of “enjoy working” to optimize the value of engineers. We specialize in development that combines various technologies such as AI, chatbots, and cooperation with other companies’ services, mainly for WEB systems. In recent years, we have been focusing on product development by repeating R&D and prototype production with research institutes such as
[About rinna Co., Ltd.]
An AI company with a vision of “Co-creation world between humans and AI”. Our strengths are research and development of generative AI models such as text, voice, images, and videos, and data analysis using artificial intelligence. We are working with partner companies to develop and provide solutions that solve various business issues by utilizing various AI technologies that are the results of our research. In addition, we aim to create a rich world where humans and AI live together through friendly and diverse “AI characters” created based on the technology of our flagship AI “Rinna”.

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